Peter Chamberlin: Message To The Future


Richard Moore

Message To The Future

By Peter Chamberlin

16 March, 2009

This is written for you, the survivors. Two or three years ago, I decided to write this message to you. My only intentions were to find the best solutions to the nightmare visions and ease the suffering billions of souls who were scheduled to pay the final price of a world system based on greed. There is no sense in having a nightmare vision of the future that you know is real if it cannot be shared with others today, in real time. Warning of an impending massive fatal mental illness as a timely prescription for avoidance is an act of futility, in a population inured of life and deaf and blind to any signs of greater “Life.”

I write to the future because it is you in the future who can see the terrible price levied against the human race and the planet itself by this evil cabal of ultra-wealthy men who have taken upon themselves to establish their mastery over the entire world. My purpose in writing you is to place in your hands the explanation for the devastation of your lives and to remove any doubts that you might have that the ones who did this to you and yours might be trying to save the species, or that it might have been a gigantic series of accidents. The old order, and all that was secured by it, were systematically destroyed, in order to stage the greatest robbery in history.

In some ways, not that much has changed; the same power elite still owns a controlling interest in most of the earth’s resources. The wealthiest few own a slightly larger percentage of these resources than they did before the war and the great collapse, only now, their hands have been untied from previous legislation and popular opposition so that they might freely remove large numbers of “useless eaters” from their balance sheets. I suspect that the time is not far-off when they too shall face their own day of reckoning, and by God’s hands or those of man, the mighty shall be brought low.

Right now, under the guise of the “common good,” they are reorganizing the world into a more easily managed configuration, to facilitate the flow of wealth towards the center, which they alone occupy. Pretending all the while to be laboring to “revive” the collapsed financial institutions which they have laid waste, the new global order is secretly being given life. Under the new order, the economic powers have risen above governments, subduing all the nations under pyramidal schemes of “financial aid” and largesse. The collapse of the world into the waiting hands of the power elite was not a natural event, part of the evolutionary process; it was a carefully contrived event.

We see the problem clearly, men of ultimate means, have sought to protect their prosperity by looking into the future through whatever means available, even by attempted occult means. Through deliberation and oracle consultation, they truly sought to see the future, so as to avoid economic pitfalls and to take advantage of all available opportunities.

These wise and delusional men concluded that the human race will self-destruct without outside intervention. The exploding human population will surely consume itself or destroy the planet in their quest to consume and to procreate. In mankind’s best interests, the wise men concluded that they had to save mankind from himself (since God wasn’t going to do it). From there it was a small step to the realization that if they were the only ones intelligent enough to see that the majority was too dumb to survive its own excesses, then they must be superior humans. Just like the mythological “fallen race” theories cited from the earliest human history, these men saw themselves as replacement gods.

The obsessed “superior” humans took it upon themselves to design a grand plan to save the human race from itself. A small segment of this elite group of forward-looking “superior” humans wasn’t convinced that mankind would self-destruct, so they were determined to do everything within their power to make sure that we did. An even smaller group of this malevolent group, the wealthiest most powerful leaders, knew to the depths of their souls that the prophecy of desolation would come and that all of it was simply part of the ancient evil plan. These were the true believers in the power of darkness. They are the heart of the cabal, above all the secret societies which their predecessors have created to breathe life into the plan that is as old as mankind itself.

What they had seen was not a fixed, inevitable outcome for the human race, even though growth in population and technology will inevitably combine into an explosive mixture conducive to wanton destruction. The plan is to systematically stimulate this explosive mix, keeping it moments from detonation at all times, to produce a sufficient catalyst for change. By skirting along the edge of total destruction, while fully utilizing the subliminal powers of modern media to convey the message that we are headed for certain destruction, the men who play with fire could carry-out their brainwashing program based on a strategy of tension.

The elites are convinced that they can maintain control over the people long enough to carry-out their mind-splitting psyop through their behavioral sciences of crisis management and conflict resolution. Society could be slow-cooked in this way until there was a communal desire for release, at a time of the master manipulators’ choosing.

For centuries initiates have known the planned future (See:Albert PikeH. G. Wells). The wealthiest few have maintained and facilitated their grip on power over man by methodically gaining and exploiting the deepest scientific understanding of human nature within reach. For centuries they have known that man could be driven by his needs and his fears and be drawn by his desires. This taught the evil plotters that humankind could be conditioned by the proper application of this knowledge forcing mankind into accepting a new economic arrangement that was even less favorable to them than the present system (which is hopelessly skewed towards the rich).

Possession of this knowledge reinforced the idea of personal superiority among the elite, giving sway to even more extreme and outlandish abuses of their fellow man. A doctrine of the “superman” developed among the elite, who saw themselves as the “New Man.” If they alone could foresee and plan for the great realignment of the earth then surely they were the new man, destined to be overseers of their inferiors. They considered themselves to be evolutionary steps beyond man, the first “post-humans.”

The self-appointed overseers took to their task with a voracious appetite for increased profits and a desire to see the filthy masses of “humans” convinced of their own status as mere cattle to the more advanced economic wizards. Scientists, doctors and intellectuals were recruited by the thousands to serve the master class, each of them enamored of the adoration showered upon them in gratitude for their willing service to the growing empire. The financiers endowed foundations, libraries, hospitals and universities, where these geniuses could develop their knowledge of pharmacology and the behavioral sciences to devise the most certain methods for bending the minds and the wills of the subjugated species. The more that they gave the more they embraced the idea that their crusade for greater profit was an evolutionary advancement of the species.

They developed and applied scientific techniques for manipulating human consciousness that amounted to full-spectrum warfare, directed against all systems of power and against all individuals. Normal human associations that society had constructed for itself over the centuries had to be disrupted, so that a new totalitarian system of control could be substituted at the center of all human interactions. The world of the fascist “new man” had to be brought into being. All of our greatest artists and intellectual writers had been describing this new predetermined future in detail, for many years; they were giving life to an image and implanting it into our imaginations. From podium to pulpit, hired guns for the empire pounded it into our skulls that “survival = control,” the human race could only “survive” if we surrendered total control of our lives over to the ever-expanding center.

The fascist center has expanded the war against the human race by focusing their attacks upon our children. The educational system became a battleground for introducing divisive “progressive” ideas into young minds. Transcendentalism and Hegelian dialectics represented new fronts in the war against freemen, now recognized as a war against thought itself. After this incendiary attack upon morality and truth, opposites became easily transposed over known realities, creating widespread doubt in established belief, particularly religious beliefs. Through our own confiscated money they have financed a school system that is focused entirely on dumbing-down every one of our children (except for those “gifted” ones absorbed into the system), through the concerted system of “public education” devised by the thoroughly evil man John Dewey.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave the conspirators what they had always wanted:

“Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

The dark overlords could now open or close the money tap at will, leaving everyone who had any dealings with America or its banks vulnerable to outright extortion. Through the power of the purse, economic shockwaves were generated over the earth, leading us directly into the First World War and the ensuing Great Depression.

With the election of FDR and his New Deal social programs, a sizeable portion of bank funds were placed beyond the bankers’ reach, an unacceptable situation where Roosevelt actively righted some of the great wrongs that the great Robber Barons were busily committing. This led the plotters to attempt an actual coup by approaching war hero Gen. Smedley Butler to raise a private army for the purpose. World War II brought an end to the depression and ushered-in a new age of patriotism that made it much more difficult to get away with any actions deemed unpatriotic.

This led the super-capitalists to take an openly benevolent approach to misleading the people, through the creation of a multitude of “humanitarian” foundations to study society’s problems. Unsurprisingly, one of their first “discoveries” was the “population explosion.” Discovered by accident, while researching why devastating wars had produced accelerating birthrates amidst all the gloom and desolation left in the wake of modern warfare, analysts identified the “baby boom” produced at the end of the great war. The results of their calculations and modeling projections provided them with tangible proof that the boom would trigger a human catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

Armed with this revelation, the world’s elite went forth to convince the world that every nation had to reduce its birthrate, in order to avert the coming inevitable cosmic tragedy. Their warnings and recommendations fell on deaf ears; the world’s population continued to skyrocket. With the certain knowledge that the cattle-like “human race” would never voluntarily do the wise or correct thing, even to guarantee its own survival, the masters of our world set-out to increase the world’s death-rate. Suddenly new exotic diseases and multiple regional wars began to break-out all over the globe. Sectarian and class-fueled conflicts became common, especially in strategic resource rich areas of the planet.

But all of that was not enough to satisfy the masters of death, millions more had to die. It became necessary or logical for them to create a universal enemy, to unite mankind in dedication to a state of permanent total war. Through large transfers of cash, governments all over the world were persuaded to secretly wage war against their own citizens. The “war of terror” became the acceptable euphemism to describe this process of government staging terrorist attacks against its own citizenry. The alias “al Qaida” was given to the network of intelligence agencies responsible for dispensing the terror. In every nation government agents bombed, shot and kidnapped their own citizens (in the CIA’s case, attacked inside other nations as well) to make examples of them, in the process of terrorizing the people of the nations into surrendering their own freedom for the hope of survival.

After many years of this kind of physical abuse, the final phase of the takeover has gotten underway in the Middle East and in the ongoing economic collapse. This is the mechanism whereby all assets are moved into the overseer’s hands. As predicted, the vast majority people are screaming to save them by saving their banks. The people are willingly giving their assent to the use of their savings, they will also willingly give their permission for the government to take the final, supremely ultimate steps of waging total global war to eradicate the unseen, nonexistent enemy. We are being rushed to our own destruction and most of us will be happy that the government “made the effort!”

This is the pre-collapse world envisioned by the elitist bankers and the other “supermen” for so very long now. This is the world that must be resisted when it rears its ugly head against you and your families. This is the future that no one is willing to fight against now, before it becomes a finished fact. This is the world envisioned for so long by the evil “post-humans” and now, before the fact, by a mere handful of scholars and counter-researchers. Before communications had developed enough for modern researchers to find the hidden truths about our overseers, only Prophets who had received wisdom from a superior unknown source had understood the depth of the evil that dwelled within the hearts of some men.

No normal human could conceive of such a monstrous evil; this is our only excuse.

So this is the message I leave to you in the future, surrounded on all sides by the most venomous evil this earth has ever known. Take hope in understanding that both Jesus Christ and Mohammed (Peace Unto Them Both) foresaw your time of struggle. Both of them foretold of a greater life and a greater earth that would emerge from this epoch, after the time of resistance end is brought to an end.

Protect your families, whatever it takes! Resist the new order in every conceivable way. Just remember why you resist and the price of continued surrender. Look around at what our surrender has cost you.

God be with you.