Paul Craig Roberts: US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon


Richard Moore

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Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 14:02:24 -0400
Subject: US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon
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July 24, 2006

US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon
by Paul Craig Roberts

[Paul Craig Roberts served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan 

There never was any doubt of the Bush regime's complicity in Israel's naked 
aggression against the Lebanese civilian population. Bush has protected Israel 
from world condemnation. Bush has blocked those who attempted to bring a stop to
Israel's bombing of residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure, and 
now Bush rushes more bombs for Israel to drop on Lebanon.

On July 22, the New York Times revealed the full extent of the Bush regime's 
participation in the heinous war crimes being inflicted on the Lebanese people:

"The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to 
Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air
campaign. The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with 
relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said."

Obviously, Bush and his government do not think Israel has yet murdered enough 
Lebanese. Bush denounces Syria and Iran for allegedly arming Hezbollah, while he
rushes more deadly weapons to Israel.

The entire world is appalled at the Bush regime's support for Israel's policy of
expanding its borders through naked aggression.

Every Arab and Muslim now knows that the U.S. is Israel's enabler. Arab hopes 
are dead that the U.S. will pressure Israel to behave more humanely toward 
people not armed with American fighter planes, tanks, and high explosives.

America's complicity in Israel's war crimes is more than America's UK lapdog can
stand. According to the French news service, AFP, "The United States is starting
to look isolated in its refusal to rein in Israel's attacks on Lebanon with key 
ally Britain criticizing the wholesale killing of Lebanese civilians and 
widespread destruction."

AFP reports that Britain's deputy foreign minister Kim Howells "questioned 
Israel's military tactics and slammed Israel's killing of 'so many children and 
so many people. If Israel is chasing Hezbollah, then go for Hezbollah. You don't
go for the entire Lebanese nation.'"

But is Israel after Hezbollah, or is Israel after the real estate that comprises
southern Lebanon?

Right-wing Israelis say Israel needs southern Lebanon as a buffer against 
Hezbollah. If Israel were to succeed in driving Hezbollah out of southern 
Lebanon, Israel would then want a buffer for southern Lebanon, where Israeli 
settlements would quickly spring up, and after that buffer, another, just as 
Israel has gobbled up Palestine.

The American people need to understand what everyone else in the world 
understands: The Bush regime is empowering the Israeli state to push out its 
borders by stealing land from other people.

This Israeli policy is the source of the Middle East conflict.

It is ignorant and immoral to blame the conflict on Hamas and Hezbollah. These 
organizations were created by Israeli aggression. Lacking American jet fighters,
tanks, ordinance, and resupply, these organizations resort to terror, which is 
the only weapon that they have. Otherwise, the world would pay no attention as 
Arabs are ground under by Israeli expansion.

The fault is America's more than Israel's. The American government and the 
brainwashed American public are the source of the conflict. If America did not 
enable Israeli aggression, Israel would have to behave responsibly and endeavor 
to coexist with its neighbors.

Israel is an artificial state created in Arab lands by European colonial powers 
after World War II. Instead of working to win acceptance and overcoming Arab 
hostility to Europe shipping off "the Jewish problem" to the Middle East, Israel
has antagonized its Middle East neighbors. Israel can play the bully-boy role 
because the U.S. acts as Israel's big brother. With its policy of fang and claw,
Israel endangers its own right to exist.

Many distinguished Israelis came to this conclusion long before I did. I am only
repeating what can be read in more eloquent writings of distinguished Israelis.

Israel's greatest friends are its own peace movement and those few in America 
who dare to criticize Israel's self-destructive policies. It is not anti-Semitic
to hold Israel to the same standards as other civilized countries or to report 
facts instead of Israeli propaganda.

Israel's greatest enemies are the American neoconservatives, who hold the power 
in the Bush regime. What we are witnessing in the Middle East is the unfolding 
of the neocon plan to destroy all vestiges of Arab/Muslim independence and to 
remove all opposition to Israel's agenda. Can 5 million Israelis, even when 
backed by the United States, forever suppress hundreds of millions of humiliated
Muslims stewing in their humiliation?

This is a recipe for perpetual conflict and the eventual destruction of Israel.

Neocons believe that deception of the American public is a legitimate way for 
them to achieve their plan. Bush's so-called "war on terror" is the cloak for 
neocon deception.

Bush's war is not on terror. Bush's war is on Muslim states not ruled by 
American puppets.


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without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the 
included information for research and educational purposes.

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