Pakistan Blocking Major Fuel Route to NATO


Richard Moore

Corporate Media Refuses to Report Pakistan’s Blocking Major Fuel Route to NATO
September 6, 2008
For the corporate media, the fact Pakistan has blocked a major fuel supply route for occupation forces in Afghanistan is a story not worthy of mention. Pakistan blocked the route after the U.S. once again violated Pakistan’s national sovereignty and killed more innocents in Pakistani territory.
Do a Google News search on “Pakistan fuel supply” and marvel at the result — a paltry return, mostly from new sources in Pakistan, India, Australia, and the Long War Journal in Medford, Massachusetts.
In the United States, this is a non-story.
“Sources said the federal government did not cite any reason for the move, but the decision was apparently taken in the wake of the US ground and missile attacks in North and South Waziristan tribal regions,” reports Dawn. “The US-led forces have intensified assaults in the tribal region over the past few days and five attacks, including the ground assault in Angoor Adda, have been launched, killing over 50 people, including foreign and local militants and civilians… The Torkham highway, linking Peshawar with Kabul and northern parts of Afghanistan and Central Asian states, is a major supply route for the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in the war-ravaged country.”
It looks like Pakistan is playing hardball with the neocons, at least in the short term.
So will the neocons bomb Islamabad next?