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Let's Reclaim Our Rights
By Gunther Ostermann
27 November, 2007

Missed Opportunities? Conspiracy? Vested interests? Or just plain stupidity?

What are human beings fundamental birthrights? We need to know- and claim it, 
especially for the disenfranchised and future generations, who cannot speak for 

Many people are concerned about injustice, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, 
drug addicts, healthcare, crime, war, terrorism, globalization, species 
extinction, natural resource depletion, pollution, climate change, and many 
other miseries that are destroying our beautiful planet.

The late scientist Buckminster Fuller researched those problems and came to the 
following conclusion, in his book CRITICAL PATH in 1982. ³It is now possible to 
give every man, woman and child a standard of living comparable to that of a 
modern-day billionaire. This is not an opinion or a hope-it is an engineering 
demonstrable factŠWorld Game makes it eminently clear that we have four billion 
billionaires aboard our planet, as accounted by REAL WEALTH, which fact is 
obscured from public knowledge by the exclusively conceived and operated 
money-game and its monopolized credit system accountingŠWe find all the 
no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their 1980s jobs in their cars 
and buses, spending billions of dollars¹ worth of petroleum to get to their no 
wealth-producing jobs. It doesn¹t take a computer to tell you that it will save 
both Earth and humanity billions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay
at home.²

This statement can be verified by the US research organization Technocracy, 
which stated some 70 years ago that, if we would operate our society in an 
intelligent manner, with the ŒEnergy Certificate¹, instead of money, than these 
could be our benefitsŠThe first 25 years of anybody¹s life could be devoted to 
schooling and job training, suiting a person¹s aptitude and ability, with no 
financial burden to student and familyŠA working age from 25 to 45 with perhaps 
a quarter the present working hours and then retirement with full purchasing 
power and privilegesŠEquality of men and womenŠFull medical and dental care for 
lifeŠNo more debts of any kind to anybodyŠAn orderly planned society obviates 
competition, advertisement and shoddy products to assure continuous sales and 
service. The whole fear industry could be transformed to render useful 
serviceŠThe present reason for economic crimes, alcohol and drug abuse would be 
goneŠNo more need for anybody to prostitute themselves. And no more wars!

Imagine what it could be like now, 70 years later, if this would have been 
promoted like an automobile commercial?

The late psychoanalyst, social theorist, and humanitarian Erich Fromm confirms 
what Fuller and Technocracy disclosed in his book THE SANE SOCIETY, with many 
examples. In view of the previously verifiable statements, it should be obvious 
that the people in education, business, and politics missed a fantastic 
opportunity to create, for the first time in history, a just and sustainable 

Sadly, there is nobody in ŒWho is Who¹ who will talk about such possibilities 

Shall we call it Missed Opportunities? Conspiracy? Or vested interests, as too 
many people are financially too comfortable to talk about it? But in view of our
escalating problems, it is STUPIDITY if we carry on as usual.

Anybody who professes to be concerned about Global Warming and global justice 
should live and lead by example with a new Global Ethic ³ Do not expect others 
to live with less than what you¹re willing to live with.²

We should always remember; we come with nothing, and leave just the same. And 
for over one hundred thousand people the departure date is today.

On January 6.1992 I saw a glimmer of hope in Time Magazine, when Ted Turner 
announced that ³he is not going to rest until all the worlds problems have been 
solved. Homelessness, Aids etc.² And he further stated ³If we don¹t make the 
right choice after we have all the information, then we don¹t deserve to live.² 
Well, as history shows, Ted never delivered. Nobody since has stepped up to the 
plate. Guess it¹s up to all of us.

Our consumption oriented ³Having² society should be encouraged to explore the 
concept of ³BEING², a philosophy articulated by one of the greatest Jewish 
thinkers, the late Erich Fromm, in his books. Quote: ²If life¹s tendency to 
grow, to be lived, is thwarted, the energy thus blocked undergoes a process of 
change and is transformed into life- destructive energy. Destructiveness is the 
outcome of unlived life. Evil constitutes the crippling of human beings power. 
Criminals (and terrorists) are made not born.²

The late scientist Ashley Montagu, is both frank and explicit in his book ³ The 
humanization of man²

³Evil is not inherent in human nature, it is learnedŠAggressiveness is taught, 
as are all forms of violence which human beings exhibit.²

Why don¹t we apply such wisdom in society and the world, instead of clogging up 
the prisons and destroying our world in endless wars and wasteful competitions? 
In view of such powerful and verifiable statements, by these humanitarians, all 
members of past and present governments should be held morally, and some 
criminally. responsible, and that includes CEO¹s as well.

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