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May 2007 Update from T H A T A W A Y. O R G  -  Home of the National Coalition 
for Dialogue & Deliberation

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Hi, everyone!

As usual, there's a lot going on that I'd like you to know about...  the venue 
is set for our 2008 conference (Austin, TX!); we are involved in conferences 
that are coming up in the next couple of months in Florida, New York, and even 
Bali; we've negotiated even more discounts to high-quality trainings for NCDD 
members who pay the optional membership fee; and we're working on a project to 
collect success stories from practitioners and organizations across the D&D 

And as we do every month, we share our blog headlines at the end of this message
to encourage you to visit thataway.org more frequently in order to stay on top 
of what's happening in this rapidly-growing field.

Here are the details...

1.  Save the Date - Fourth NCDD Conference Set for October 3-5, 2008 in Austin, 

I'm excited to be able to announce this a full year and a half before the 
conference, so I can catch those of you whose schedules start filling up a year 
in advance!  Please add this to your calendars, as it is bound to be a fabulous 

If you've never been to an NCDD conference before, take a look at our 5-minute 
video with highlights from the 2006 San Francisco conference 
(http://wms3.streamhoster.com/faq/clients/ncdd/ncddpromo.wmv). And scan the cool
and very diverse posts from conference participants on our 2006 conference blog 
(http://thataway.org/events/blog1.php). They blogged about the plenaries, about 
specific workshops, about the arts at the conference, and even about the food 
(and posted pictures and even some video clips). Another way to get a feel for 
our conferences is to look over the 553 photos conference participants posted at
Flickr from the 2006 gathering (www.flickr.com/search/?q=ncdd2006). Fun stuff!

2.  Upcoming Conferences We're Co-Sponsoring

- The 2007 Conference of ACR's Environment and Public Policy Section -

We encourage you to attend the 2007 conference of the Association for Conflict 
Resolution's very active EPP Section, which will be held at Florida Atlantic 
University's Jupiter John D. MacArthur Campus in Jupiter, Florida. The 
conference starts in the early afternoon on Thursday, June 7 and ends at noon on
Saturday, June 9, 2007. NCDD is recognized as a Sponsor of this conference, and 
members of NCDD receive the same discount as ACR members ($275 for the full 
conference or $150 for one day). Note that the student rate is only $90, so 
students are strongly encouraged to participate. Try to register before May 
31st, when rates increase. Go to www.mediate.com/acrepp/pg25.cfm for 
registration forms, the full conference program and other materials.

And three conferences we've announced before that we hope to see you at...

a.  Why Dialogue: and when and how and where? - June 15-16 in New York City

b.  Awakening Global Action: Leadership, Indigenous Wisdom & Dialogue for a 
Transforming World - July 31 through August 7 in Ubud, Bali

c.  2007 Canadian Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation - November 12-14 in

Vancouver, British Columbia (registration is now open - register before June

30 for the early rate of $375 Canadian!)

3.  Discounts on Top-Notch Trainings for Paid NCDD Members

NCDD members who pay the full membership fee can take advantage of discounted 
rates for the following trainings offered by our partners. Go to 
http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=785 for more details on these and other 
discounted trainings, or to http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=838 for 
instructions on joining as a paid member.

a.  The Center for Wise Democracy's Dynamic Facilitation Training (May 21-May 23
in Portland, Oregon; September 25-27 in Port Townsend, Washington; and December 
4-7 in Frankfurt, Germany).  Dynamic Facilitation is an energy-based way of 
facilitating where people address difficult issues creatively and 
collaboratively, achieving breakthrough results. It creates a process of talking
and thinking that builds mutual respect, trust and the sense of community. NCDD 
members receive a 20% discount on DF trainings which, for nonprofits, are 
regularly $795 for 3-day trainings and $995 for 4-day trainings.

b.  Managing a Future Search Training (June 3-6, 2007 in Bryn Mawr, 
Pennsylvania). Sandra Janoff & Marvin Weisbord are holding the only 2007 
"Managing a Future Search" training in the U.S. this June - and they are 
offering paid NCDD members a huge 30% discount! Future Search trains managers, 
facilitators and leaders to quickly turn dreams into action plans and reality. 
Participants will learn the theory, philosophy, techniques, and minimum 
conditions for success that have helped leaders to bridge cultural boundaries 
the world over. The regular registration rate is $1,450, so NCDD members who 
have paid their registration fee can register at $1015.

c.  The Center for Strategic Facilitation's Group Facilitation Methods Course 
(June 5-6, 2007 in South Bay, CA; August 2-3, 2007 in San Francisco, CA; October
10-11, 2007 in Oakland, CA; or December 6-7, 2007 in Oakland). Whether you are 
just beginning your journey as a facilitative leader or you have decades of 
facilitation experience, this course will deepen your understanding of 
facilitative leadership and introduce three powerful methods. Group Facilitation
Methods (GFM) is the Center's core course. Paid NCDD members receive a 20% 
discount off of the full registration fee of $545 (the adjusted fee is $436).

d. PCP's The Power of Dialogue (POD): Constructive Conversations on Divisive 
Issues (June 7-9 in Cambridge, Massachusetts; July 26-28 in Seattle, Washington;
and September 30-October 5 at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York). The 
Public Conversations Project offers some of the best trainings on dialogue, 
period, and paid NCDD members receive a 15% discount on this and all of PCP's 
other public trainings. Click the link above to see when and where all of their 
upcoming trainings (on the Art of Interviewing, Inquiry as Intervention, etc.) 
are taking place.

e.  IAP2 Certificate Course in Public Participation (June 11-15, September 17-21
and December 3-7 in Alexandria, Virginia). The Perspectives Group is one of the 
nation's leading firms in the application of public participation programs, and 
trainer Doug Sarno regularly offers the 5-day IAP2 Certificate Course in Public 
Participation. The certificate program consists of a series of three courses 
over five days. These courses allow public participation professionals to master
the basics of how to design and deliver a public participation program and 
enhance their existing skills. Upon completion of all courses, students will be 
awarded a Certificate in Public Participation from IAP2. NCDD members are 
eligible for a 15% discount on these registration rates ($1339 instead of $1575 
total for all three courses).

f.  National Charrette Institute's Public Meeting Facilitator Certificate 
Training (June 18-20 in Portland, Oregon). This course teaches the basics of 
public meeting facilitation, developed from the framework of NCI Dynamic 
Planning. The comprehensive charrette manager must know how to handle the most 
volatile public meetings. In just two days you will gain the lessons learned 
from some of the toughest charrettes and learn how so many potential problems 
can be defused by knowing how to properly set up and facilitate public meetings.
You will finally be able to relax while conducting a large meeting, knowing that
you have the most effective tools and preventions in place. The regular 
registration rate is $695, but paid NCDD members receive a 10% discount 

g.  Leadership Strategies' The Effective Facilitator Course (a bunch of 
different dates and locations beginning July 30 - August 2 in Atlanta, Georgia).
Learn how to motivate a group, build consensus, manage dysfunction, maintain 
focus, generate ownership and inspire to action. Directed by Michael Wilkinson, 
Leadership Strategies, Inc. is well-known for their high-quality facilitation 
trainings and certificate program. 10% discount for NCDD members. Public 4-day 
classes are $1895 ($1705.50 for paid NCDD members). 3-day training courses are 
$1495 ($1345.50 for NCDD members).

h.  Dalar International Consultancy's Working with Open Space Technology 
(September 5-8, 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina). Learn how to facilitate Open 
Space Technology (OST) meetings in this highly experiential 4-day workshop and 
lead meetings that produce the results that you are after. Teams will emerge, 
communication will improve, and staff morale and staff health will improve 
through the use of OST and all of this will affect your bottom line. Paid NCDD 
members receive a 25% discount off of the full registration fee of $700 (the 
adjusted fee is $525). Click the link above for details on the four other 
discounted trainings Dalar International Consultancy is offering.

4.  Send Us Your D&D Success Stories!

We all know the power that stories hold to inspire people and help them 
understand complicated concepts (among other things). Many of us have talked 
about how we need to do a better job sharing our stories in this field, so that 
more people can understand why dialogue and deliberation are so important - and 
so desperately needed today.

Please think about what stories you can tell about your work in this field. I'm 
working with Matt Leighninger (Director of the Deliberative Democracy 
Consortium) to collect stories for an exciting new project we're involved in 
called the November 5th Coalition. I'm also collecting stories and case studies 
for the NCDD website and the DDC website, and I'd like to know what stories can 
be told in NCDD publications that are on the horizon.

The November 5th Coalition (www.novemberfifth.org) is a new collaborative 
initiative dedicated to using the 2008 presidential election as an opportunity 
to foster deliberation about how we can collectively mobilize the energies and 
talents of ordinary citizens to address our challenges. We believe the campaign 
can be a watershed, where citizens reclaim their standing as partners of a 
government that is truly "of, by, and for the people." The Coalition is named 
for the day after the election, when we hope a new chapter in our civic work 
begins - a partnership between voters and elected officials.

Read more about what we're looking for at http://thataway.org/index.php/?p=843, 
or email me stories/reports/case studies you've already prepared at 

5. Headlines from the News & Perspectives Blog

Here are the headlines for the 40 blog posts that have gone up since the April 
10th update. Go to www.thataway.org to read the full posts, and email me at 
•••@••.••• with announcements for the blog.

And if you wish you would have seen some of these announcements as soon as they 
were posted, sign up to receive the posts in your email inbox (no more than one 
a day) by entering your email address into our left sidebar box titled "Receive 
Blog Posts Via Email."

- Case Foundation Seeking "Citizen Reviewers" for New Grants Program
- Middle East Fellowship Organizing Summer Delegation to Syria
- New Book on "Democratic Dilemmas" Outlines Two Divergent Cases
- NCDD Members Offered 30% Discount for June Future Search Training

- Pew Partnership Seeking Participants for New Dropout Prevention Wiki

- Info Call on Wednesday for Fielding's D&D Certificate Program
- IJP2 Seeking Expressions of Interest for Editorial Board
- Register for Hope for Peace Day!
- AmericaSpeaks Seeking Research Director for Democracy Lab
- AAC&U Announces Civic Learning Conference
- CDR Associates Seeking Progam Manager

- Women's Foundation of California Seeks Applicants for Women's Policy

- Fellowship for Future Indian Leaders Accepting Applications
- Send Us Your D&D Stories!
- Registration Open for ACR Environment & Public Policy Conference

- Alcoa Foundation Seeks Conservation and Sustainability Practitioner Fellowship

- Experiential Lab Workshop Coming Up in San Francisco
- World Cafe Launches New Website

- Spaces Still Available for Free Community Facilitation Training in Pasadena, 

- IODA Canada Opens Regsitration for 2007 Conference
- CRN Canada Calls for 2008 Conference Proposals

- Third Wave Foundation Offers United States Social Forum Scholarships

- Future Search Workshop Announced for June

- Middlebury College Announces Fellowship Program in Environmental Journalism

- Peace Tiles Project Offering Two New Workshops
- Peace Conference Coming Up in May
- New Book on Public Engagement
- New UK Report on Future of Democracy
- Arsalyn's 2007 Conference Focuses on Deliberation
- NVC Training Set For May in Florida
- Sign Up Now for Summer Social Justice Mediation Training
- Job Opening at U. of Denver Center for Community Engagement
- New Models for Leadership Conference Brings U.N. to Worcester
- Global Democracy Group Announces Software Give Away Program

- "Secrets of Facilitation" Free Virtual Workshop Coming Up April 16 & 17

- WJCF Community Facilitation Training Set for May

- Entries Invited for Youth Prize for Excellence in International Education

- Civic Life International Frames Community Race Relations in Nationwide

Dialogue Project.
- Atlanta's Carter Library Holding Public Voice Event


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