Obrador threatens to form resistance government


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Loser of Mexican election threatens to form resistance government
Aug 28, 2006, 11:31 GMT

Mexico City - Mexico's leftist presidential candidate said he will form a 
resistance government if election authorities acknowledge his conservative 
opponent as the winner of last month's election.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has charged that the election was rigged, made 
the announcement at a rally of his supporters Sunday at Mexico City's Zocalo 
plaza, a day before the Federal Electoral Tribunal was due to release the 
results of a partial recount of the ballots in the July 2 election, which Lopez 
Obrador lost to Felipe Calderon by a margin of 0.58 per cent.

The leader of the Mexican left and a former mayor of Mexico City called on his 
supporters to meet in a National Democratic Convention on September 16 if he 
fails to be declared the president-elect to decide what form their resistance 
movement should take.

Lopez Obrador of the Party of the Democratic Revolution has contested the 
results ever since the election, calling out his supporters to demonstrations 
that have numbered more than 1 million people and to erect barricades and tent 
cities in the capital.

As a result, the tribunal ordered the recount of votes at 11,839 polling places,
or about 9 per cent of the total, but rejected Lopez Obrador's request for a 
full recount. Calderon of the ruling National Action Party said he won the vote 
fair and square.

The Electoral Tribunal has until Thursday to resolve all appeals and must 
designate a president-elect by September 6 for the inauguration in December.

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