Obama would start WWIII from Crimea – 2008 political analyst forecast


Richard Moore

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The hypocritical US critique of Russia re/ Crimea is excessive even by US standards. I’m afraid it smells very much like the kind of propaganda that is typically employed in the lead-up to war.


In 2008 a number of political analysts claimed Barack Obama would initiate the third world war with Crimea as the starting point. “Under the new president Barack Obama, Crimea will be facing the armed conflict scenario, which, under Obama, is a lot more likely than under McCain,” Russian political analyst Andrey Okara predicted during a round table in Kiev in 2008. This became clear when Obama’s team was announced. These people come from Wall-street and their job is to create so-called “controlled chaos technologies”.


According to Okara, Ukraine, and Crimea in particular, was targeted by the controlled chaos group after Georgia.
“This is the perfect time bomb for a potential armed conflict to spark a world war and this scenario, unfortunately. looks closer than one might want,” the political analyst claims.
Another political analyst, from the Institute for Russia studies, Andrey Blinov, claims that Russia has no interest in encouraging the conflict.
US ambitions toward Crimea were backed up by the charter on strategic cooperation signed in December 2008, which provided American recognition of Ukraine’s sovereignty, its integration into NATO, increasing American presence in Crimea and other forms of cooperation. Though the then US ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, assured that the charter does not imply using military force, he still added that should the borders be violated,  further steps would be discussed.
The charter also underlines the fact that the two countries’ are interested in a strong, independent and democratic Ukraine which should have integration with European structures as its priority.
The charter also provided for an increased American presence in Crimea but with consular properties.
The document envisages the possible support of Kiev in confrontation with Moscow regarding the Black Sea Fleet withdrawal.
There has always been some speculation about Ukraine being under Barack Obama’s close scrutiny as President. According to a 2008 forecast by political analyst, Sergey Taran, “At first, the Ukrainians might be off Obama’s agenda, as he would be too occupied by his internal problems. But in the perspective, Obama will reinstate US influence in Europe with a gradual increase of attention toward Ukraine which might counterbalance Russia in the region”.
Ukraine remains the constraining tool for the US against Russia, according to Ukrainian political analyst, Andrey Ermolaev. He also says that, for the US, Ukraine has been and will be a tool for the US to be used in a very cynical way.