Obama & food safety: shudder


Richard Moore


March 8, 2009 at 11:33:17

Monsanto’s Michael Taylor is BAAAAACC…KKK … this time to control “Food Safety” from the White House

by Linn Cohen-Cole


Michael Taylor, perhaps stowed away in Hillary Clinton’s trunk as a nostalgic reminder of the good ole days when Bill put him in charge of the FDA and he approved rBGH, has reentered government along with her. He slipped onto Obama’s transition team somehow (just how?) and is now hoping to slip into an office … in the White House.  

What would he do there, he who subjected this country and many others to the increased risk of breast cancer (7 times greater risk), prostate and colon cancer because of what he did to milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream with rBGH as well as to all the foods that rely on milk solids and other parts of milk?  Why, over see “food safety.”

Food Democracy Now wants people to “[w]rite Secretary Vilsack (•••@••.••• ) and tell him to stand strong on food safety.”  

But isn’t that the same Vilsack who has no record on food safety, a strong record of support for Monsanto and genetic engineering, and oversaw a huge increase in CAFOs in Iowa and the loss of thousands of small farmers?  How is he supposed to “stand strong” on something he has never stood on before and actually supports the opposite of?  And he’s Monsanto’s boy and the guy who dreamed up the Monsanto laws that preemptively remove democracy from communities wishing to control what is planted on them or how farms are used.

They go on to say “We need a food safety system with some teeth – one that is independent of corporate interests,” yet, mysteriously, they have not even mentioned or yet opposed the bogus “food safety” bills that Monsanto, Cargill, Tysons, and giant surveillance companies want which are designed to destroy our farmers and give control of the US food supply and control of US farmland to multinationals.

Deborah Bryceson of Oxford UK calls it “de-peasantization” – the phasing out of traditional family farms to make fertile farmland available for intensive capital accumulation using factory farming.”

Third world countries were the original target, now it is our turn.  

Food Democracy Now wants people to write Secretary Vilsack and ask him to reconsider these decisions” but they don’t seem to have the picture yet:  There is a huge plan in place for Monsanto to take over control of all food in the US.  Vilsack was potentially put in at the USDA to help.

Putting Michael Taylor back in charge of food is likely the deal that Obama struck to get her to stop her incessant “running” – let the Clinton’s Monsanto connections back into government with her, this time with monstrously centralized power.  This centralization of the FDA and USDA into a “Food Safety” department was one of Hillary Clinton’s major platforms while standing at her side was her campaign strategist and long term advisor, Mark Penn, CEO of Burson-Marsteller, a major (and reviled) PR firm for Monsanto.
It appears that Food Democracy Now is being played by Vilsack and as they focus on him and what he does, good or bad, they accidentally distract the whole organic community from the most massive danger we have ever faced – a take over of our food supply through those bogus “food safety” bills.  I believe the timing on Merrigan’s appointment was chosen to distract progressives until the bills have been shoved through, and then, additionally to throw people off-guard, Vilsack goes and makes a PC speech on civil rights.  
Burson-Marsteller is not one of the largest PR firms in the world for being inept at staging things – right now they are likely helping to direct everyone’s attention away from the bills.  And, to keep people busy, meanwhile, the USDA is going through the motions of asking for comments on NAIS which they have no intention to listening to (though our filing comments is incredibly important because we’ll have numbers to indicate how much this matters.  
So, use this link and comment repeatedly .  Your comment will go to the USDA as well as Congress and newspapers.  Get all your friends and family to, as well.
Meanwhile, they are doing their best to keep people busy with democratic exercises which they intend to be exercises in futility.  We need to use those exercises, not to expect their action, but to tabulate their injustice.

Meanwhile the real show is going on down the street, where Monsanto is taking massive control over all farms through the falsely named “food safety” bills, introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband, Stanley Greenburg got rich from working for Clinton and Monsanto.  And the agriculture committee is loaded with people who have gotten large donations from … who else? … Monsanto.

Connecting the dots is not hard.  The same laws in the EU have already wiped out 60% of Polish farmers, and that is only so far.  HACCP, also (like NAIS and “best farming practices” which are also included) was an international harmonization of laws that Monsanto wanted – another Clinton’s gift also billed as “food safety.”  In Kansas alone HACCP wiped out 72 small local meat processors who’d hadn’t had any problems, and vastly lowered the number of inspections to the point where we have over 70 million food borne illnesses a year now.

Fool us once, shame on you (Clintons and Monsanto).  But here comes a really huge “twice” – and by the same folks.

The left has been completely taken unawares and except for frantic efforts now to wake them up, they have been busy either being happy about Merrigan, or looking forward to an organic White House garden, or trying to figure Obama’s budget for agriculture – entirely unaware the “food safety” bills will destroy literally everything they have been working on and dreaming of and entirely ignorant of the bills’ content, scope, intent and horror.
Those bills are Monsanto triumphing over “organic.”
It will be taking control over every farm in the country, eliminating as many possible farmers in the process as they can, with Michael Taylor, their lawyer, running the whole thing from the White House.

Meanwhile, the media, despite being constantly written to and begged, has not done a single story on this.

With Michael Taylor looking to head food safety from the White House, the penny should finally drop for everyone.  
Even that appointment may be timed to throw attention away from the bills themselves and to set people scrambling to stop it.  But if people don’t want Michael Taylor in charge of a centralized “Food Safety” department, they only need kill the department itself.  Kill the bills.
The sustainable agriculture, local farmer, organic farming, community garden, environmental, anti-GMO, anti-pesticide, anti-data banking, anti-NAFTA, anti-CAFTA, anti-GATT, anti-CODEX, anti-globalization, pro-alternative health, pro-natural healing, pro-constitutional rights, pro-farming rights, pro-health rights, pro-religious freedom, pro-freedom of speech, pro-property rights, pro-American business, pro-saving this country, pro-family groups, need to wake up fast and join farmers who have been doing their damnedest to say things were beyond rotten and they were about to be eliminated.  
Don’t reach Vilsack (though be sure to comment  at the USDA, Congress and your newpapers on NAIS and those bills) – reach Rosa DeLauro .  She introduced HR 875 – the biggest of the Monsanto bills.  Her husband, Stanley Greenburg, got rich working for Clinton and Monsanto.  
She has betrayed every man, woman, and child in the country by introducing a bill that will turn our lives over to Monsanto.  She has made a mockery of any feminist position she has ever espoused in support of women and children.  
At what point does working for Monsanto become toxic to whomever does it?  Do these people’s careers ever collapse from such a betrayal of their country?  
Washington Office.  Phone: 202-225-3661. Fax: 202-225-4890 
Connecticut Office.  Phone: (203) 562-3718. Fax: (203) 772-2260 
The sponsors need to withdraw their support entirely and they very well might if they know they stepped in it.  Remember that everyone has been faked out and most of these sponsors would have been as well.  In addition, there are a lot of women on this list who will likely believe they are standing up for children and families against unsafe food so are being used as easy marks here.  
This is a very carefully and well planned attack on our food supply, using progressives to make it happen, and pulling along the progressive community with them.  
Here are the list of sponsors.  Let them know they are being used and the bills are being pushed by Monsanto (and the Dirt Pack of big meat packers) and point out that Monsanto’s Michael Taylor, who gave us rBGH, is back and wants to run this centralized lie of “food safety” from the White House.

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