Obama bows and scrapes before Israel


Richard Moore

Obama Affirms ‘Unbreakable’ US-Israel Ties

aletho | April 20, 2010 at 8:09 am | Categories: Aletho News | URL: http://wp.me/pIUmC-2dd
Al-Manar TV – 20/04/2010

President Barack Obama said Monday on the 62nd declaration of the Zionist entity on the Palestinian land that the United States shares an “unbreakable bond” with Israel and he was confident the relationship “will only be strengthened” into the future.

Despite tensions between Obama and the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US leader stressed that he looks “forward to continuing our efforts with Israel to achieve comprehensive peace and security in the region, including a two-state solution.”

Obama said in a statement released by the White House that “we once again honor the extraordinary achievements of the people of Israel, and their deep and abiding friendship with the American people.”

On Sunday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States “will not waver in protecting Israel’s security and promoting Israel’s future,” while noting while the Jewish state is “confronting some of the greatest challenges in its history, but its promise and potential have never been greater.”

Clinton also pointed out that in 1948 it took President Harry Truman just 11 minutes to recognize the state of Israel. “And ever since, the United States has stood with you in solidarity.”


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