Obama administration suspends limits on mercury in vaccines


Richard Moore


Limits to administration of mercury voided.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  This is highly predictable but reckless since mercury is a KNOWN neurotoxin andH1N1 “pandemic” is only postulated.  If you get vaccinated, ascertain the lot number of the vaccine and have your doctor sign this form

From the Washington State Department of Health – notice 9-24-09

Mercury limits law temporarily suspended
Secretary of Health Mary Selecky has temporarily suspended Washington’s limit on the amount of mercury (thimerosal) in H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine allowed for pregnant women and children younger than three years old. The six-month suspension is effective September 23, 2009 through March 23, 2010 and applies only to H1N1 vaccines. It does not apply to seasonal flu vaccine.

As a precaution, Washington state law limits the amount of mercury that can be in vaccines for pregnant women and children under three. The secretary of health can suspend the law when there is a shortage of vaccine or during a disease outbreak  both criteria apply to the H1N1 vaccine. Some H1N1 vaccine will be mercury-free, but it may not be available at all times and there may be limited amounts. This could stop children younger than three and pregnant women who want the vaccine from getting it. H1N1 vaccination will be voluntary. Pregnant women and children under three are two of the priority groups to get H1N1 vaccine first because they are at high risk for serious complications if they’re infected with H1N1 (swine flu) virus.

Notification requirements
It is important to note that when the mercury limits are suspended, the law requires that certain groups be told they are getting a vaccine containing more mercury than is usually permitted. This notification requirement applies to pregnant or lactating women and parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 getting the vaccine. There is no single notification method required; the Department of Health has developed a sample notification form to help you with this. There is also a chart that you can use providing guidance on screening patients to determine who needs to be notified. The notification form and other information on the temporary suspension of the mercury limits for H1N1 vaccine are available online (http://www.doh.wa.gov/cfh/immunize/providers/h1n1-thimerosal.htm).

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