NY Police Report Bomb to Frame Activist as Terrorist


Richard Moore

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NY Police Report Bomb to Frame Activist as Terrorist

"By the time the government finds out, you'll be in the hole thirty days" 9/11 
Truther is Told By Officer Who Admits to False Accusation of Having a Bomb

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two persons identifying themselves as New York police officers interrupted a 
9/11 Truth demonstration on a public sidewalk in front of the new WTC 7 Building
to intimidate free speech, stating "Larry [Silverstein] doesn't want to hear 
it," before accusing We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski of having a bomb and 
that his cell phone was "a gun."

The officer was apparently responding to refusals to stop filming their faces as
police attempted to impede free speech on behalf of Larry Silverstein, making 
slanderous and knowingly false accusations including:

"I think he's got a bomb in his bag. Saw wires coming out. Think he's got a bomb
in there."

The police officer carried on during the encounter, saying "A terrorist act-- I 
guess they go away for about 30 days."

Rudkowski tells him he is not a terrorist and that he is an American citizen. 
The officer responds, "You're right. But by the time the government figures it 
out, you'll be in the hole for 30 days."


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