Nova Scotia: military aircraft in large nos


Richard Moore

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Subject:  More news  -  military aircraft in large nos. reported over 
Nova Scotia today

A member of Wolfville's peace vigil group  reported this today !

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This morning as I left to go to Halifax for business about 9:15 AM, I
noticed high flying aircraft with long trails of exhaust spanning
several miles.  1 or 2 then 3 in a constant flight pattern with
constant increasing numbers.  My memory flashed back to the days just
before the Iraq war started when a similar concentration occurred. 
When I started my return back home at 11:15 the numbers in the sky
were groups of military aircraft f 8 to 15 with 20 minute spacing
between groups When I got to Wolfville the number of groups was down
to about 5.  At 3:30 as I finished washing my car the last 3 panes

Assuming I missed  about 1 to 1 1/2 hours while in halifax that is an
estimated 75 flights moving from NW to SE across our province 

I think local and other peace groups should be alerted for possible
demonstrations.  Their cargo and destination can only be grief for a
number of countries  as we know based on recent threats to Iran,
Iraq and Afghan locations.

Watching it left me with a chill and bad feeling.
Lets hope they are going over to bring back the troops.

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