Norway: were police involved un massacre?


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Norway: Berwick in Constant Contact with Police During Massacre

Berwick’s Massacre Reenactment Takes on “Picnic Atmosphere”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Frightening inconsistencies in the Norway massacre continue.  Other suspects arrested have disappeared, as though they never existed, the cover story of the world’s largest car bomb is equally suspect and now, Andrew Berwick, using the Anglicized name he chose for himself, stars in an amazing video that clearly shows the sympathetic attitude of Norwegian police for this terrorist and mass murderer.
Berwick, a Freemason lodge member, along with the police and counter-terrorism forces, tours the scene of his crimes as though on holiday.
Berwick, dressed as a police officer during his crimes, allowed to own an assault rifle though a “terror suspect,” talked to police continually during the slaughter, calls that sh0uld have been recorded, calls that seem, some at least, to have been curiously forgotten or misplaced.  Considering the strange implications of the dialog between Berwick and police that is reported, what was withheld?
Berwick was more like a sportscaster doing a ‘play by play’ than a killer fearful of the wrath of law enforcement.  His “walkthrough” with police, covers not just his murders but his bizarre calls to police, initially requesting to be picked up so he could stop the killing.  It seemed as though he had enough, as dialog below reveals.
Berwick played out his routine to police, alternately shooting, calling and talking to police, then assuring those hiding he was a police officer there to help them, killing them and then calling police again for another chat.  No fictional TV series has ever come close to approaching the horror of that day.
A translation of a Norwegian news source, furnished below, brings to the forefront several interesting questions.  Primary among these is the substance of the phone calls, estimated between 8 and 10, that Berwick made to police, specifically to the counter-terrorism unit, while he was busy killing.  One statement Berwick made to police, in particular, is suspicious:

“Breivik. Commander. Organized in the anticommunist resistance movement against Islamization. The operation is completed and will surrender to the Delta. “

This ”not so cryptic” message from Berwick, claiming to be a ranking member of police or counter-terrorism forces, a message never intended for accidental public distribution, could either be signs of paranoid delusion or a widespread sinister plot.  The video above may contain hidden clues, body language or gestures.
This call, as “Commander Breivik,” was made 27 minutes after his first call to police, at 18:26.  His first call was at 17:59 when conflicting reports indicate that Berwick offered to surrender, though some, perhaps very few, had been shot at that time.
Another frightening admission:

One minute after the massacre was over, Anders Behring Breivik was arrested by the Delta squad.

As translated text below will indicate, Berwick seemed to have detailed knowledge that the counter-terrorism police would not have their helicopters available.  Not only that, he seemed to have exacting knowledge on when police could be expected to arrive.  In fact, he personally coordinated his own capture.
Further, there are contradictory references and statements indicating that Delta forces, Norway’s counter-terrorism units, were close at hand and may well have responded much sooner were it not for a long series of odd coincidences, breaches of protocol, oversights and, frankly, lame excuses.
Ostensibly, Berwick has been sold as the savior of the “white race” and Christian supremacy, particularly among his supporters among the American “neocon” community, may fit into a very different pattern, one pushed by globalist groups looking to cover their tracks, debt scandals, currency crashes, Murdoch espionage, with orchestrated civil disorder many believe will soon sweep the United States as it has Britain. (Translated from Norwegian)

Nearly half an hour before he was arrested, called the mass murderer the police and asked to be transferred to Delta force to surrender.

That he was not – and Anders Behring Breivik continued killing raid on what he describes as the “autopilot”.

The time was 17.59, it was gone 35 minutes from the first distress message came in from Utøya. On the mainland by Utøya were two officials from the Northern Buskerud police arrived. Delta squad from Oslo was ten minutes away.

Then the phone rang at the police operations center in northern Buskerud Police District:

“A Norwegian-speaking man says that he will surrender to police,” said the police log.

The conversation should then have been responded to.  Breivik claimed he would “capitulate.”

Defense Geir Lippe City told VG that Anders Behring Breivik (32), this version of what happened when he called in the first call:

– He says that he presented with full name and that he “wanted to capitulate.” He asked to be transferred to Delta (Counter-Terrorism), but then he got an answer he did not understand. Then he prayed that someone with decision authority would call back, says Lippe City.

He says Breivik has explained that no one called back.

Mass murderer should have continued their terrible journey on the island. He explained that in the next 28 minutes encountered two groups of Utøya-delegates that he shot, and that he also fired shots  across the water.

At 18.26 he rang the police again and reported that he was ready to surrender.

One minute after the massacre was over, Anders Behring Breivik was arrested by the Delta squad.

Tried several times

According to Police Chief Magne Rustad at Hønefoss sheriff’s office was the telephone number dialed from Breivik not registered to him. He does not want to say who it belonged to.

– TOOK A PHONE: Breivik has said that he found a phone that he used to call the police from Utøya. Photo: Helge Mikalsen

In questioning Breivik explained that he took a phone he found in the kiosk on the island shortly after the massacre began. This is the phone he claims to have called with.

Defense Geir Lippe City says Breivik was ready to surrender at the first call at 17:59.

If he had received confirmation that the capitulation was received, he was finished with the (sic) he said.

At that time there were significant problems with the mobile network due to overloading, and the phone line into the operations center was red hot because of the hundreds of calls from victims and their families.

– Why would Breivik surrender to the police?

– He testified that he felt he had done NOK. He had taken many NOK life that it would be NOK press coverage, so that manifesto he would be dispersed, said Lippe City.

Breivik also believed that the police at this time would be on the road. (Editor’s note:  How did he know they would not use helicopters though several were spotted overhead by locals using boats to rescue victims?)

– He had made calculations about when he thought it would be natural that the police would show up, said the defender.  (How could he know?)

In questioning Breivik explained that he called the police operations center far more times than the two times he came through. He believes the total of ten calls.

– But there may be eight, and there may be 12 He says he came through twice, says Lippe City.

Continued massacre

Breivik explained that when he was put on to Delta Force after he came through the emergency center in Nordre Buskerud at 17.59, when he then stopped a short time in the woods.

There, he thought about what he should do next.

– He testified that he considered two things: one was to take his own life, the other was to continue, says attorney

– Why did not he take his own life?

– To commit suicide is against what he believes. He would fight for their cause. He will change Europe, and he thought it was more likely to do it alive than dead. It is difficult to comment on this issue further because this is about his perception of reality, says Lippe City.

Instead of correcting the gun on himself, continued Breivik massacre.

– He says he went on automatic pilot, said Lippe City.

“Breivik. Commander. ”

VG has previously discussed Breivik’s second and last phone call to the police. It was recorded at 18.26, one minute after the emergency squad landed on Utøya. Breivik said the following:

“Breivik. Commander. Organized in the anticommunist resistance movement against Islamization. The operation is completed and will surrender to the Delta. “

This conversation ended with the Southern Buskerud Police District.

Defense Geir Lippe City has requested access to audit logs of phone calls to clarify what happened during the dramatic minutes.

– It’s not about finding a scapegoat, but for me as a defender it is important to turn every stone to find out whether it is something that can affect the criminal circumstances surrounding his actions.

– It is also of vital importance to society that we get an answer on how these dispatch centers work in crisis situations and whether they are designed for emergencies like this, says Lippe City.

– Tried to call back

Chief of Staff Magne Rust in Nordre Buskerud Police District has not heard the audio logs of the conversation, but has talked with the operator took the opposite.

– It was a very brief conversation that was broken after a few seconds. It was attempted to call back, but the phone was switched off.

– Attempted operator to call back multiple times?

– SWINGS NOT EVERYTHING: Chief of Staff Magne Rust In Northern Buskerud Police said the operator who received the call Breivik not remember everything that happened.

Rust said that the number Breivik calling from is not registered to him. He does not want to say who it belonged to.

– Could not have done more

– Breivik argues that he introduced himself by full name. Did he do it?

– It was so hectic that the operator does not dare to say exactly what was said.

– Was there anything else the police could do?

– No, not beyond what was done. It was attempted to get information out of that, but the conversation was broken very quickly without the person answered the questions.

– Join the conversation reported on the Delta force at the time was minutes away from the land side?

– No, it was not signed on to the Delta, but the intelligence staff who had been appointed in the police district.

– What did they do?

– An attempt was made to find out who this person was, and they examined the number, but they did not get anywhere until he was arrested.