No French troops unless Hezbollah disarmed


Richard Moore

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French refuse to send troops in IN peace mission without Lebanese assurance that
Hizbollah will be disarmed - Hizbollah refuses

Media Release
Aug. 16, 2006

Hizbollah refuses to disarm and French are not sending troops in without 
Hizbollah disarming.

French officials on Tuesday insisted Paris would resist leading a bolstered 
international force in southern Lebanon without Lebanese government assurances 
that Hizbollah, the militant Shia group, would be disarmed.

Paris¹ requirements were spelled out on the eve of Wednesday¹s visit by Philippe
Douste-Blazy, French foreign minister, to Beirut ­ a visit likely to prove 
pivotal in deciding the fate of the multinational UN force proposed to police 
the fragile ceasefire between Hizbollah and Israel.

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