New book: Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar: Beacon of Hope for Suffering Humanity


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Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar: Beacon of Hope for Suffering Humanity

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Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar: Beacon of Hope for Suffering Humanity [Paperback]

Garda Ghista (Author)

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The book constitutes a brief introduction to the economic paradigm called PROUT, an acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory, as well as a brief introduction to its founder, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921-1990). PROUT is considered by the author to be a solution to 80 percent of human suffering, as that suffering is caused primariliy by faulty economic structures wherein there is economic centralization, i.e., where economic power rests in the hands of a few wealthy elite, be they corporate CEOs or party bureacrats. In contrast, PROUT advocates for economic decentralization, where economic power rests with the local people, where each community, village and town controls its own local economy, where maximum emphasis is placed on developing local, ecologically and economically sustainable communities having their own ample water supplies, growing their own agricultural produce, developing their own agri- and agrico-industries, and with resulting revenue building their own educational system, medcal clinics and hospital, and especially low-cost homes for the deeply impoverished human beings. The cooperative business model forms the bedrock of the PROUT paradigm, with the goal being to run all companies as cooperatives and to eventually create a cooperative commonwealth, a vast network of cooperatives interlinking and networking with one another so as to create something akin to utopia on earth, with people working in their own cooperatively owned banks and schools, living in their own cooperative housing, growing their own cooperatively owned agricultural produce and developing more and more cooperatively managed agrico-industries. With cooperatives as the bedrock, PROUT becomes a win-win situation. The solutions to the present economic chaos around the world are simple. The book presents those solutions in straightforward, easy to grasp language, and is addressed to all those people who comprise ‘suffering humanity’ so that they can learn of this new economic alternative which can become the panacea for the poor – the alternative called PROUT.  The book also presents the remarkable – nay astounding – personality of the man who founded the PROUT paradigm – Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.

From the Back Cover

Who was this propounder of the Prout economic model, which is panacea for the poor around the world, and whose principles he created only to alleviate the unbounded agonies, humiliations and sufferings of human beings everywhere? Some were beginning to whisper that Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar was a man of unprecedented love, compassion, magnanimity and uncompromising morality such as the world had never seen. Shrii Sarkar was founder of the simple yet simultaneously vast and possibly complex paradigm called Prout, which stands for Progressive Utilization Theory. Its basic theme is progressive utilization and rational distribution of the earth’s natural resources. It is not so complicated. The earth has plenty of resources to feed and nurture the entire human population of seven billion. And yet, a handful of greedy men hoard 90 percent of those resources for themselves alone. For this very reason, we have enormous human suffering pervading every corner of the earth. Prout is the socio-economic-political side of Shrii Sarkar’s total philosophy that mingles multiple concepts of spiritual, economic, political, social and cultural liberation. It is a critical aspect of his entire ideology, because in order to create a heaven on earth for the people of the earth, we need to first remove the great social ills besetting our planet. We also need to obliterate the existing economic paradigms which wreak havoc around the world with their hidden doctrines of intentionally increasing impoverization and ensuing massive suffering and starvation. Thus, Prout remains an absolute necessity to mitigate and then remove the sufferings of humanity and to pave the way for a golden dawn on earth.

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