Neoliberalism : Aid agencies make earthquake plea


Richard Moore

Neoliberalism is about abandoning people. As Marie 
Antoinette allegedly put it, "Let them eat cake".

What's happening with disaster relief is an example.

Rather than governments or the UN taking the lead in
such relief, it is shunted off to volunteer organizations. 
Such organizations don't have the planes, helicopters, and
other heavy equipment that are needed to do an effective job
in such endeavors.



Aid agencies make earthquake plea 

Aid agencies have set out what people in Scotland can do to
help those affected by the South Asia earthquake.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in Scotland held a
media conference in Glasgow to outline the nature of the

It launched an emergency phone line on 0870 6060900 for

Meanwhile, the organisers of the Asian Earthquake Appeal in
Glasgow said they expected Tuesday to be their busiest day.

More than £50,000  was donated to the Glasgow the Caring City
charity, which is working with a number of Pakistani causes to
buy supplies for the affected areas, without any advertising.

It predicted that the number of calls to its hotline would
soar after the number was released on Monday.

Glasgow the Caring City 0800 6126612 
Islamic Relief 0141 423 3929 
Sciaf 0800 0279005 
Foreign Office information line 0207 008 1500 

People can also make donations to its appeal in banks, quoting
Royal Bank of Scotland account number 00716965, or by sending
cheques to the Glasgow the Caring City Asian Earthquake Appeal
at 119 Carmunnock Road, Glasgow, G44 5UW.

Islamic Relief, one of the charities to benefit, said it had
been overwhelmed by generous donations from people of all
communities living in Glasgow.

Its Scotland area manager, Habib Malik, and River City actress
Lorraine Mcintosh were among those attending the DEC media
conference on Tuesday.

Mr Malik said: "Half of the Asian community living in Scotland
are from these areas that have been affected.

'Scottish generosity'

"I am getting calls all the time from people in Scotland who
are looking for their loved ones.

"I have seen the Scottish generosity and it is recognised
throughout Europe.

"Pakistan, India and Kashmir and Britain all have a history
together and we are a family."

Ms Mcintosh said she had been watching the pictures on
television and felt as though she wanted to turn away from the

But she added: "You cannot afford to turn away. The best we
can do is give money.

"We can all give something, we have to support each other,
especially in Scotland, especially in Glasgow, which has links
with that part of the world."

Peter Chirnside, chair of the DEC in Scotland, said there was
no target figure for the appeal but the group had plans for
all money pledged, which would go directly to where it was
most needed.

Scottish aid agency Sciaf has pledged £100,000 to help
communities hit by the disaster, which is thought to have
killed at least 20,000 people.

Teams from the International Rescue Corps at Grangemouth and
Grampian Fire and Rescue are among those providing assistance
in the quake zone.

Story from BBC NEWS: 

Published: 2005/10/11 12:18:17 GMT 


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