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Another Suspicious Suicide at the State Department

Wayne Madsen | September 27 2005

Another suicide covered up at the State Department. State
Department insiders are reporting another suicide of a State
Department employee involved with Middle East policy. Although
WMR is still trying to obtain the name of the deceased
official, we can report that she worked in the Press and
Public Diplomacy Branch of the State Department's Near East
and South Asia Bureau.

On November 7, 2003, State Department Bureau of Intelligence
and Research chief Iraqi analyst John J. Kokal was reported to
have committed suicide by jumping head first to his death from
the secured roof of the State Department's headquarters. A few
weeks later, a former CIA official, Dr. Gus Weiss, an opponent
of the Iraq war, reportedly jumped to his death from the
Watergate complex, just a few blocks from the State

Both Kokal and the recent State Department suicide were later
reported by senior department officials to be despondent over
"personal" issues. However, in both cases, the State
Department instituted an information blockade on details
surrounding the deaths.

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