NATO’s death squads responsible for Houla massacre: Analyst


Richard Moore

NATO’s death squads responsible for Houla massacre: Analyst

A prominent political analyst says that NATO-backed armed gangs have been behind the recent killing of civilians in the Syrian town of Houla.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Webster Tarpley to further discuss the issue. 

What follows is a rough transcript of the interview. 

Press TV: Dr. Tarpley, the statements coming from the Western sources of the Houla massacre seem to be a mixture of realities and speculations, I mean we have the UN human rights office saying that during the massacre the government was shelling the neighborhood. 

I mean how could the military have been shelling the place if it had its own forces on the ground there? 

Tarpley: I think you find that the Western accounts are coherent with the major NATO war provocation. All honest observers know that the fundamental problem in Syria is the presence of NATO’s death squads that have been brought in, in large numbers, armed, fomented by the NATO states and this has now taken on a certain momentum of its own. 

This is not the first time that the NATO people have tried to get a large scale massacre that they could try to inflame public opinion with. 

However I would say, three on the ground eyewitness reports that I verify myself. First one comes from fides, fides is an Italian-roman Catholic missionary news service, and they point to the fact that what the reality of the Houla massacre is that these fighters, right extremists, al-Qaeda or Salafi, whatever they were; came in and started targeting the Armenian Christians and the roman Catholics, the Franciscans and some others. This is one package. 

Then we have a Belgian website with an author called …..klemantes, which describes in detail, how it was done that the hospital in Houla was burnt down and the people that had been taking refuge in it were systematically massacred from up-close by the death squads not by the government. 

Then we have the Russian journalist operating in Syria, Anhar Kochneva. You can look at some of the word that she has put on the Internet. 

When you have actual eyewitnesses speaking in Arabic and it is translated into Russian but there is also a text which you can translate into English if you want to or some other languages, which is similarly the same thing. 

They say that they are being oppressed by these death squads in effect and that they are angry with Kofi Annan and with Qatar for enabling them. 

So if you put it all together.., there is yet a further element which is there has been an attempt, it is gruesome and it is macabre, but to procure cadavers. 

The NATO side, the death squads they sponsor have been attempting to build up a stock of cadavers that they could then use in this way. 

The model for this of course is what Himmler, Heydrich and Geibil did at the Gleiwitz video station in Germany on the Polish border to provoke war with the Poland in August-September 1939. 

This is exactly the same method that is now being used by NATO in Syria. 

Press TV: Who would benefit from killing women and innocent children in Syria? 

Tarpley: Well, the goal of this, is to build up war hysteria in world public opinion and this has succeeded to some extent because of the controlled, brainwashing Western media, the kinds of stories that have been put out are all one-sided, all quite fantastic. 

Then it goes together with the idea of course that now these 12 NATO countries and others have kicked out the Syrian diplomatic representatives. So there is an attempt to build up a certain momentum. 

The Russian delegation going into the UN meeting on Sunday afternoon was already skeptical that you could not, somehow the NATO’s story does not add up. In other words it can not be artillery and tanks on the one hand and everybody killed from up close on the other. 

That contradiction was obvious from the very beginning and obviously we need Russia to hang tough to remain on this and not to cave in under this immense pressure. 

But the idea is either regime change immediately or war and then regime change. And as that Gleiwitz-Polish example suggests, this is the kind of thing that gets you want you ….a war. 

The …of war could come. It is quite obvious. We now have operation Eager Lion 2012. You have got 12,000 troops from 17 countries in Jordan, mainly US, Jordanian and some other NATO. This drill could immediately go live. It could immediately cross the Syrian borders, so to speak, and start a war since the elements, the spear heads, of such a war have already been assembled on the territory of Jordan. 

So we are literally on the brink of a very large regional war. 

Press TV: Turkey has hosted a group of opposition groups ahead of an expected resignation of Burhan Ghalioun, the head of the so-called Syrian National Council. 

I mean, what do you think was the aim and achievement of this meeting? 

Tarpley: Well, Turkey up to now has not taken the plunge. The pressure coming from NATO on Turkey of course is that they have got to launch an attack. 

That would be national suicide for Turkey, because it would guarantee an uprising of the Kurds and this would tear apart the post-Ataturk Turkish state. 

So that would be a very, very bad choice but we are constantly getting reports that Erdogan is looking at, invoking NATO article four. There is no basis for this and of course the so-called Syrian National Council is a gaggle of adventurers. 

It is a gaggle of profiteers and rent seekers and adventurers who are trying to get money from various Western countries, so that they can continue to live the high life in these hotels and the fact that just after 51 percent of the Syrian people voted for an actual election, which was open; it was not a one party election at all, a couple of weeks after that election being successful, the Syrian National Council fell apart just about completely with this guy, Ghalioun, resigning, I think that says a lot. 

NATO is politically defeated but they only entered to that is to try to escalate it militarily and for that they got to use these provocations which again are just a kind of thing that we saw coming from the Nazis under the verge of the World War II.