Moussaoui stands by 9/11 attacks


Richard Moore

Moussaoui stands by 9/11 attacks

     Al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui says he has "no regret, no 
remorse" for the attacks on 11 September 2001 in the US that killed 
nearly 3,000 people.
     When asked by a lawyer whether he would be prepared to kill 
Americans, he said: "Anytime, anywhere."
     Earlier, he turned on his court-appointed lawyers, accusing them 
of "criminal non-assistance".
     He was testifying before jurors who are deciding whether he 
should be executed for his role in the 9/11 attacks.
     Defence lawyers say Moussaoui's life should be spared because of 
his limited role in the attacks, evidence of mental illness, and 
because his execution would only fulfil his dream of martyrdom.
'Head of the snake'
     Moussaoui took the stand against his lawyers' advice on the 
opening day of their defence.
     He gave a lengthy explanation about why he hates Americans, and 
criticised US support for Israel.

     You are American, you are Jewish... You showed clearly to me that 
you didn't have my best interests at heart
Zacarias Moussaoui

     "You are the head of the snake for me. If we want to destroy the 
Jewish state of Palestine, we have to destroy you first," he told the 
     He turned to the Koran for evidence he said backed up his claims 
that Muslims are called to fight for supremacy for Allah.
"We have to be the superpower, we have to be above you," he said.
'Trust in God'
     During the morning session, he accused his lawyers of having a 
"vested interest in keeping this case in your hands, above my 
interest to save my life".
     He complained they had failed to obtain a trial venue further 
away from the Pentagon, one of the areas affected by the attacks, or 
give him a Muslim lawyer.

I don't want to die
Voice on Flight 93 recording

     "I wanted to have somebody in court who I trust," he said, 
speaking calmly and politely.
     Asked by defence lawyer Gerald Zerkin if he thought he was 
helping his case when he testified earlier that he had planned to 
pilot a plane into the White House, he replied:
     "I was putting my trust in God, so from an Islamic point of view, yes."
     The defence clearly wants to portray its reluctant client as 
paranoid and unstable, says the BBC's Jane Little at the court in 
Alexandria, Virginia.
     He was repeatedly asked whether he thought his own lawyers wanted 
to kill him.
     "I will say that I believe you have, in the last four years, been 
doing what I will call more precisely 'criminal non-assistance'," he 
told them.
     "You are American, you are Jewish... You showed clearly to me 
that you didn't have my best interests at heart."
     He also denied he was seeking the death penalty for himself 
despite papers filed in court which record him as saying that "the 
greatest jihad in Islam is to speak the truth and be executed for it".
Lies in prison
     Earlier, the al-Qaeda plotter could be heard shouting "Victory 
for Moussaoui! God curse you all!" in the courtroom.
     The defence tried to counter prosecution arguments that he would 
remain a danger if kept alive in prison by producing testimony from a 
former prison officer.
     James Aiken said Moussaoui would gradually deteriorate if 
sentenced to life in prison.
     Moussaoui, a French citizen of Moroccan descent, is the only 
person convicted in the US in connection with the 11 September 
     The jury deciding his fate has already declared him eligible for 
the death penalty.
     Although he was in jail in Minnesota at the time of the attacks, 
jurors ruled that lies told by Moussaoui to federal agents kept them 
from identifying and stopping some of the hijackers.

American Airlines Flight 11: Boston-Los Angeles (AA 11)
0759 Flight takes off
0814 Last routine radio communication; likely takeover
0846 Fighter jets scrambled to find aircraft
0846 Flight crashes into 1 World Trade Center (north tower)

United Airlines Flight 175: Boston-Los Angeles (UA 175)
0814 Flight takes off
0842 Last radio communication
0842-0846 Likely takeover by hijackers
0903 Flight crashes into 2 World Trade Center (south tower)

American Airlines Flight 77: Washington DC-Los Angeles (AA 77)
0820 Flight takes off
0851 Last routine radio communication
0851-0854 Likely takeover by hijackers
0854 Flight makes unauthorised turn to south
0937 Flight crashes into Pentagon

United Airlines Flight 93: Newark-San Francisco (UA 93)
0842 Flight takes off
0927 Last routine radio communication
0928 Likely takeover by hijackers
0957 Passenger revolt begins
1003 Flight crashes into field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/04/13 21:35:31 GMT


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