Mossad’s Terror Squad Assassinating Iraqi Scientists


Richard Moore

Mossad’s Terror Squad Assassinating Iraqi Scientists
October 31, 2012
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi sources revealed on Wednesday that a Mossad terror squad has infiltrated into Iraq to assassinate the country’s scientists.
“The Mossad team which includes 30 to 40 members with Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqi nationalities is led by a person named al-Bir who bears a Lebanese/Palestinian nationality,” an informed source told the Iraqi UR News Agency on Wednesday.
According to the source, the hideout of the terrorist group is located behind a church in Salman Fayeq street in Baghdad. The members of the terror squad have killed over 1,000 Iraqi scientists in Baghdad and other cities so far and still have a blacklist to go ahead.
In 2011, reports revealed that US Department of Defense (Pentagon) and US forces in Iraq have collaborated with the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, to assassinate over 550 scientists and academic figures after the occupation of Iraq in April 2003.
“Mossad in collaboration with American forces in Iraq killed 350 Iraqi nuclear scientists and 200 university professors in Iraq from 2003 to 2008,” International Reality, a Jordanian daily, said quoting a special security report prepared by US State Department in 2008 and delivered to President George W. Bush at the time.

“Israeli commandos had been operating on Iraqi territory since the occupation of Iraq, the focus of their activities being the assassination of Iraqi scientists and intellectuals. The Zionists resorted to the large-scale assassination campaign after the failure of American efforts that started immediately after the American occupation of Iraq, aimed at attracting a number of Iraqi scientists to cooperate and go to work in the United States,” the report said in November 2011.

“Some Iraqi scientists were forced to work in American research centers; however, the majority of them refused to cooperate in certain fields and fled the US to other countries,” the report noted.

The Pentagon agreed with the suggestion of Mossad, which believed that the best way to get rid of those scientists was to physically eliminate them.
The American security service provided Israel with complete biographies on the Iraqi scientists and academics to facilitate killing them, the report said, adding that the Mossad campaign targeting Iraqi scientists is still underway.