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Richard Moore

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Obama’s Master is Monsanto

Six months ago, Islam Siddiqui was a pesticide lobbyist
for Monsanto.

This past week, the Obama Administration took
another step in fulfilling our nation’s destiny
to become the new United States of Monsantoland.

Monsanto’s own Islam Siddiqui has been confirmed as
the new Czar at USDA. Siddiqui ascends to the position
of the United State’s Chief Agricultural Negotiator.

This presidential appointment follows Obama’s appointment
of Michael Taylor, ex-Monsanto King & Spalding attorney,
to an extremely powerful post at FDA.

Five months ago (November 5, 2009), Notmilk wrote:

Terrified New World

“Yes, and civilization is sterilization.”
– Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)

Two years ago before the 2008 Presidential
election, Islam Siddiqui donated $1,300
to “Barack Obama’s Victory Fund” and $1,000
to Barack Obama’s “Obama for America” fund.

Last week Islam Siddiqui was the Vice President
of science and regulatory affairs at CropLife,
a biotechnology trade group which lobbies
members of congress so that genetically
engineered crops, chemical pesticides,
chemical herbicides, and chemical fertilizers
receive “favored product treatment” by those
federal agencies empowered to protect the
health and safety of American consumers.

This week, Islam Siddiqui was nominated
to head the post of the United State’s
Chief Agricultural Negotiator.

A few years ago, Roger Beachy was a professor
of plant science and biotechnology at
Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
Monsanto’s corporate home is in St. Louis.

Dr. Beachy soon went to work for Monsanto
and his research led to the development of
Monsanto’s first genetically modified food
crop, a variety of tomato that was genetically
engineered to be resistant to viral diseases.

Last week Roger Beachy was the Director of
Monsanto’s nonprofit research group, Danford
Plant Science.

This week, Roger Beachy was named the Director
of the United States Department of Agriculture’s
National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).
As Director of this new sub-agency, Beachy will
oversee a $500 million budget to promote
genetically engineered foods.

Beachy and Siddiqui are just two more Monsanto-
connected men who have insidiously been placed
into positions in which they wield enormous
regulatory power in the Obama administration.

On February 17, 2009, I warned that Monsanto’s
powerful ex-attorney would be appointed to a
key position in the Obama Administration. See:

Five months later (July 8, 2009) Taylor was
appointed to a newly created key position at
FDA which was not subject to congressional
oversight or review.

When it comes to biotechnology, Obama is immune
from media scrutiny so the key appointments
continue. America has now become financially,
morally, and spiritually bankrupt. I weep for
the future of our children.

“What man has joined, nature is
powerless to put asunder.”
– Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)

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