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Richard Moore

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Mohawk Nation News: The Devil’s Strategy, Abu Ghraib to Akwesasne
by Iako’ha:kowa of Sharbot Lake
Haudenosaunee Territory
Mohawk Nation News
June 21, 2008. The leather gloved goons who beat two Mohawk grandmothers at Cornwall Border Crossing in Akwesasne on Saturday, June 14 looked like “special agents” trained in the macabre arts of psychological warfare and state brutality. They didn’t appear to be “rogue” officers. They were dressed in fully equipped black fascist uniforms with Kevlar Vests. Their actions were not random. These “operatives” were functioning at all times under the direction of an officer who was talking to someone who was on a cell phone. He directed the attack to try to humiliate, demoralize and kill anyone who would speak out against mistreatment. These state agents can attack Indigenous grandmothers practically on their own doorsteps. Katenies was minutes away from home when four gloved agents dragged her out of the car, handcuffed her and smashed her face into the pavement. Many horrified witnesses, including children, watched in shocked disbelief.
The CBSA (Canadian Border Security Agency) goons used a strategy known as PRC (population and resource control) methods devised by the U.S. Their “out-of-control” behavior was well rehearsed and contrived to confuse, destroy and terminate. “Low level psychological warfare” is interspersed with doses of high tech violence on target groups like the Mohawks first because they think we’re helpless. Later, it will be the homeless, welfare, pensioners and then leached out to the general population.
The attack on Kahentinetha and Katenies was like an out-of-control feeding frenzy of sharks. It’s known as “swarming”. They knew what they were doing, from the numbers of heavy-set porkies who attacked the two dignified Mohawk grandmothers, to the constant loud, bellowing verbal abuse to the blatant public display of brutality. Video cameras filmed the entire sequence, like the U.S. military and mercenary records of prisoner abuse taken at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Bagram in Afghanistan. The PRC manual describes some of the carefully developed tactics of the fascists. [See wikileaks). The mainstream media is in collusion with the fascists by their silence. So far they have not informed the public about the outrageous criminal attack on these two women. There is nothing on the “public record” about the alleged incident according to the Cornwall Standard Freeholder about this June 14th attack. If they destroyed the evidence, witnesses know more about what happened than the officers that were there.
The Canadian Border Security Agency CBSA has no record of this attack on June 14th. On Saturday, June 21, the Ontario Provincial Police OPP Corporate Communications Commander, Angie Howe, denied they had anything to do with the attack, saying the communiqué posted last week accusing OPP of involvement, “creates difficulties for the OPP in maintaining positive relationships with Ontario’s First Nations communities.” Especially those phony Algonquins that have been created by the government.The U.S. Department of Defense “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces” manual describes 3 types of insurgency. The third category “Traditional Insurgency” describes Indigenous resistance:
… as Onkwehoneh people who have been engaged in centuries old resistance and struggle to regain full sovereignty and territory are being treated as “insurgents” by swarms of colonial invaders. The colonial government spins the Indigenous Peoples as “dangerous criminals”. 911 is the excuse for the constant harassment and surveillance of border crossings in Mohawk communities. Page 72 of the manual gives them the right to suspend habeas corpus. They can kidnap and disappear us without notice or right, never to be seen again. Canadian Secret Services can try to force a confession, no matter how bizarre.
“PRC measures can also include curfews, blackouts, travel restrictions, and restricted residential areas such as protected villages or resettlement areas”, like Indigenous communities, refugee camps, detention centers, prisons and FEMA Camps that can hold millions of people. They maintain “Registration and pass systems and control of resources and critical supplies such as weapons, food, and fuel.” We are given no recourse.
When our people defend our land, the military police use: “Checkpoints, searches, roadblocks; surveillance, censorship, and press control; and restriction of activity that applies to selected groups [like Indigenous people, labor unions, political groups and the like).” To set us up, we are being classed us as members of “organized crime” and fake charges are filed against us to create a lot of assumptions. As soon as one resists or questions, a profile is created consisting of their background, make of car, family and associations. Each file is flagged “red”, “green” or “yellow” [are elder women “pink”?] according to level of priority. If one adheres to the tenets of the Great Law of Peace, they are automatically classed as “high risk” or “extreme”.
Restrictions, searches, surveillance and censorship are being toned up. The US military has provided trainers and advisors for these tactics at their School of the Americas in Fort Benning Georgia, where “death squads” are trained.
Cyberspace is a major battlefield. Emails and web sites are under attack. Propaganda is being distributed to the masses to create confusion and bickering and generally misinformation. We are being categorized as those who have conscious awareness, those who are partly awake and those who are the “sheep”.
Last Saturday evening, while Kahentinetha lay in a Cornwall hospital and Katenies was somewhere being held incommunicado, phony Algonquin Robert ,”There’s-nothing-Indian-about-him” Lovelace was being honored at a Bruce Cockburn benefit concert in Kingston. Being feted by colonial agencies leads us to suspect that Lovelace is an “operative” for the state. Lovelace is the poster-boy for the fraudulent Algonquin land claim to Haudenosaunee Territory south of the Ottawa River. MNN has been exposing this Canada-Ontario-corporate fraud. Frontenac Ventures says they have a right to drill for uranium at the Robertsville Mine. It looks like they made a deal with the fake “Indians” that were created by the government. Equipment and police surveillance has been stepped up. Cathie “Who-came-out-of-nowhere” Duchene claims to be a Mohawk descendant of Francis Sharbot for whom Sharbot Lake is named. One day before the attack on Kahentinetha and Katenies, Cathie issued a press release throwing her full support behind the OPP, Chief Randy Cota and the renegade Ardoch Algonquins and Robert Lovelace. They are lined up with Harold Perry, Doreen Davis, Larry McDermott, the Bradours and those settlers who blindly support uranium mining and the military buildup on Haudenosaunee Territory. Cathy stays a stone’s throw from the OPP Sharbot Lake cop shop. Another deadly Special Forces strategy is “infiltration” of communities. Agents gather information about individual activities and disseminate demoralizing and false information to cause suspicion and bickering. This method was developed to a finite level by Josef Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister for Adolph Hitler. Since the COINTELPROgram of the 70’s in the U.S. against AIM, Black Panthers and anti war activists, many people have become aware of DISINFORMATION campaigns that can destroy people. In the program infiltrators are put up next to the cop shop as if they are in “witness protection”.They know how to get “turncoats” to train the military and police to work against their own people, including band chiefs who get paid by Indian Affairs. The Sharbot Lake ‘pseudo” community and “pseudo” protest against uranium mining were set up to gain credibility within the community they are infiltrating. This is the “doppelganger” or look-alike strategy.Today as soon as we are arrested we are being handed over to the RCMP, CSIS, SQ, CBSA, OPP and the new “Provincial Organized Crime Enforcement Team” POCET, which was set up June 25th. We are flagged beforehand because they are working jointly. We are being treated as “criminals” without any rights, assumed to be guilty by association [with them]. Each claims jurisdiction, but none have it legally. They say they are going after “organized crime” and to help combat drug and gun smuggling from the U.S. at Ontario’s borders. They are all swinging their night sticks claiming to have a bigger “asp” than the others. To us, the integrated enforcement teams [cops, correctional services, parole officers, social services, informants, courts and the myriad of controls] are a fine example of “organized crime” as they readily breach peoples’ rights, freedoms and lives. The Indian Act “little helpers” are illegally ordered by Canada to sign on the dotted line to hand over Haudenosaunee jurisdiction to colonial agencies. The operatives try to control the agenda, like Phil Fontaine having a “Day of Protest” while working hand in glove with the cops. They try to create anger and outrage all across Onowaregeh. The government-military-industrial-academic-media machinery was hoping to provoke us so they can kill us once and for all? Is that their plan? They attack the women to make the men angry and take risks. Fortunately our men are disciplined according to the philosophy of the Great Law of Peace. We will prevail. A supporter commented on the THIRD assassination attempt since 1990 on Kahentinetha Horn, “You know, she has the luck of the Irish!”Fighting this border issue will cost money. MNN has none. Canada can dip into the pockets of 30 million people and all indigenous resources. We need counsel that will not be intimidated by this display of power. The establishment is apparently hiring top law firms to fight the Mohawks. Your financial help is needed. If you could send donations to the MNN legal defense fund, it would be greatly appreciated: MNN, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0.
Iakoha’ko:waSharbot Lake, Haudenosaunee Territory
Iakoha’ko:wa is a Mohawk grandmother and writer living at Sharbot Lake in Haudenosaunee Territory. Her articles appear on MNN. She is a free person and does not claim to be spokesperson for anyone. These reports must ultimately stand on their own merit.
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