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Richard Moore

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Israel¹s Shameful attack on Gaza

³We are sure that Israel is using a new chemical or radioactive weapon in their 
operationŠWhen we try to X-ray dead bodies, we find no trace of shrapnel that 
hit the person killed.² Dr. al-Saqqa, Shifa hospital, Gaza; following the 
examination of the ³completely burnt² bodies of dead Palestinians killed in 
Israeli air raid.

Question: How many editorials or op-ed columns have appeared in American 
newspapers defending the rights of Palestinian civilians to live in peace 
without the constant threat of being invaded or shelled by the world¹s forth 
largest military?


How many editorials or op-ed columnists have defended the Geneva Conventions or 
international laws against collective punishment, the willful destruction of 
critical infrastructure, or military maneuvers that deliberately put civilians 
in imminent danger?


Then how many editorials or op-ed columnists have presented the recent flurry of
events (including the capture of Israeli soldier Galid Shalit) in the broader 
context of Israel¹s ongoing boycott of food and medical supplies, as well as the
50 or so Palestinian civilians who have been killed in Israel¹s regular 
incitements in the occupied territories?


The account of Palestinian suffering and victim-hood rarely finds its way into 
the mainstream press, but in the present case, it has been completely ignored. 
In fact, none of the media provide any context for the current invasion at all. 
Israel¹s blockade of food and lethal provocations have been going on for months,
and yet, the accounts from Gaza would have the reader believe that history began
on the day that the Israeli soldier was captured.

Sure, if the reader wants a balanced perspective, he can go to the internet and 
choose from the many articles which provide the Israeli or Palestinian 
perspective of events, but the mainstream media?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

The bias has grown into such an impenetrable cloud of pro-Israeli rubbish that 
it¹s laughable. In fact, its more likely to stumble across the random article 
lambasting Bush or Cheney than anything remotely critical of Israel.

There¹s no debate about the facts of Israel¹s brutal siege of Gaza. The only 
thing in dispute is the way those facts are skewed in the American media. Pick 
up the New York Times and you would swear it was edited by Ariel Sharon. There¹s
not even an attempt at evenhandedness; just the foolish ruminations of scribes 
who think they can spin war crimes into hard-hitting journalism.

Israel has been pummeling Gaza for months; intentionally starving the 
beleaguered occupants while lobbing 6,000 artillery shells into populated areas.
Isn¹t that front page news?

Meanwhile, another 50 civilians have been bumped-off in gangland-style hits 
("Targeted assassinations") authorized by the Knesset¹s newest Mafia Don, Ehud 
Olmert. Olmert has put the carnage and destruction into high-gear eliciting 
criticism from his very own daughter who protested in front of her father¹s home
with signs that said, ³Stop the Killing² among other things.

The Israelis have developed ³sound machines² that emit ear-piercing explosions 
that have been deployed in Gaza City to shatter windows, cause miscarriages, and
send children into deep trauma. It is a ³terror device² pure and simple; it has 
no other function except to produce massive fear and anxiety. It is the latest 
weapon in the prodigious arsenal of the ³world¹s most moral army² (Olmert quote)

So why can¹t we get the real scoop about Israel¹s depredations in the 
territories or, at the very least, an occasional article providing a differing 
point of view? Is that too much to ask?

Simply put, anyone who believes this nonsense about ³the poor abducted soldier² 
who fell prey to Hamas terrorists is a fool. The soldier is part of an illegal 
occupation which has been condemned in countless UN resolutions and which makes 
him a legitimate target in the struggle for national liberation. Since his 
capture, he has received medical attention and, my guess is, he probably hasn¹t 
been tortured or abused at all. (which certainly would not be the case if he was
captured by Israeli or American forces)

So, who¹re the terrorists here anyway?

Newly elected Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has been calling for calm and 
restraint throughout the entire 14 day ordeal. In fact, Haniyeh has made 
repeated appeals to the militants to release the soldier unharmed even while 
³Olmert the barbarian² was rampaging through Gaza blowing up roads, electric 
power plants, water lines, and, yes, even schools.

Schools, for God¹s sakes. That¹s just flat nuts!

If Israel had any sense they¹d dump Olmert the madman and appoint Haniyeh as 
Prime Minister. So far, he¹s the only one who has emerged from this mess looking
like a reasonable fellow. (Note: Israel continues to threaten his life.)

Anyway, don¹t expect objectivity from the American ³free press². I had to search
through the Arab media just to find out that the UN was sending a fact-finding 
mission to Gaza to report on ³Israel¹s grave rights violations². Don¹t you think
that the American people would like to know that little tidbit?

Or, that UN special-rapporteur, John Dugard is headed off to Gaza to investigate
the Israeli military¹s ³disproportionate use of force against civilians². Dugard
said, ³It is clear that Israel is in violation of the most fundamental norms of 
humanitarian law and human rights.²

His comments have not appeared in any American newspaper.

Wouldn¹t the American people want to know how far removed their government is 
from the prevailing opinion of other countries?

Sure they would, but don¹t expect the media to tell them.

The American public has no idea the effect this invasion has had on the Muslim 
world; the mass demonstrations in Amman, Cairo, Tehran, Doha etc. They haven¹t 
heard the anger ring-out at the United Nations or the world leaders who are sick
and tired of the US defending Israel¹s heavy-handed tactics.

The average American has no idea that Israel is keeping over 9,000 prisoners 
locked up without charges and that over 400 of them are woman and children.

What the hell are they doing with children anyway? It¹s an outrage.

It¹s pretty clear that Israel would never get away with its crimes against 
humanity if it didn¹t have a trustworthy friend in the American media. The 
streetwalking western press gave Bush a free pass on his Iraqi bloodbath; now 
they¹re abetting Israel in its terror-crusade in Gaza.

It¹s shameful.

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