Mike Adams: Economic Destruction – Step One of A Global Banking Power Grab


Richard Moore

Over the last few months, I’ve kept in touch with some extremely well-connected individuals who have been cluing me in on what’s really happening behind the scenes in the world of global finance. For obvious reasons, these people shall go unnamed, but what they’re now telling me is that the economic meltdown is merely a means to an end. It is being done deliberately, they say, at the very highest levels to achieve a well-planned outcome. What outcome is that? Global rule over all banking, of course.


Financial Update: Why the Economic Destruction of America May Be Step One of A Global Banking Power Grab

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor 

(CounterThink) The financial events that have taken place in the U.S. and around the world over the last few months are, in many ways, no surprise. In a September, 2008 financial seminar (http://www.truthpublishing.com/Heal…), I publicly predicted the majority of the big trends you’re seeing unfold right now: The wave of commercial bankruptcies, the second round of bailout money, the dangerous creation of new money by the Fed and a continued weakening of both the housing market and the stock market.

These are all playing out like clockwork, driving the U.S. toward financial collapse that now seems irreversible. There is one new element in all this, however, that has emerged in the last month or so, and I’d like to share that with you in this article.

Over the last few months, I’ve kept in touch with some extremely well-connected individuals who have been cluing me in on what’s really happening behind the scenes in the world of global finance. For obvious reasons, these people shall go unnamed, but what they’re now telling me is that the economic meltdown is merely a means to an end. It is being done deliberately, they say, at the very highest levels to achieve a well-planned outcome. What outcome is that? Global rule over all banking, of course.

How to take over the world’s finances

Imagine an international Federal Reserve that creates and controls the money supply for the entire world. The centralization of financial power into the hands of the few would be unprecedented. What power the Fed wields over the United States today, a “global Fed” could soon wield across the entire world.

Achieving such a power grab, however, is no small task. Nations will not voluntarily surrender power over their currencies…

Unless there is a crisis!

In a crisis scenario, nations will give up practically anything — freedoms, finances, and yes, even their own currencies if it means avoiding certain economic disaster. If there’s one thing that the world has learned from 9/11, it’s that the best way to grab power from the People is to either engineer a disaster or piggyback on one that occurs on its own. When faced with the fear of annihilation, the People of any nation will not merely surrender their freedoms and finances, they will beg to turn them over to any apparent “authority” who promises a solution.

(For those who follow David Icke, this is described by him as the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” approach to mass manipulation.)

From this, then, it is rather obvious that the best way to grab control over world currencies and establish one global “Fed” money authority is to engineer a global financial disaster that threatens the stability of the entire global banking system. As stability collapses and life savings are lost, it’s only a matter of time before the riots begin and blood really starts running in the streets.

It is in this moment that the global elite will appear on television screens, as if delivered by God himself, promising an end to all the suffering if only the leading nations of the world will agree to surrender their own currencies and adopt a new, global currency operated by the new “International Fed” (which won’t actually be called that, mind you).

The battle for the future of America is under way right now

With all this in mind, we are faced with a rather sobering scenario. Even though there are many people within the U.S. power structure who are no doubt attempting to save the U.S. economy and prevent outright collapse, there are almost certainly far more powerful people involved in this game who have as their agenda the creation of a global currency controller. And the rise of that institution necessitates the economic downfall of nations like the U.S. and the U.K., to name just two.

So there’s a tug of war going on: Some people are trying to save America, and others are actively working to destroy it and eliminate the existing Federal Reserve altogether, defaulting to a single, global “Fed” organization. It’s important to note that regardless of which side of this battle we’re talking about,none of these power elite are looking out for YOU, the People. This is all just a high-level territorial chess match in which you and I are the lowly pawns.

Destroying a nation in order to rule it

What’s interesting in all this is that if you believe this particular explanation, it means there are elite power brokers in this world who are so arrogant and greedy that they will actively risk the destruction of an entire nation’s economy just to take control over its financial resources in the long run.

If all this sounds familiar, that’s because this is exactly how military warfare works, too: The aggressor invades a country, bombs it to rubble, then takes control over it in order to capture and control the long-term economic benefits and resources produced by that country. (Iraq, anyone?) It’s also exactly what drove Hitler’s mechanized army eastward into Soviet territory in World War II. The battle at Stalingrad was not merely a Soviet victory over German military units, it was the end of Germany’s last desperate attempt to expropriate the lucrative oil fields needed to keep its war machine running.

The point is that, throughout history, power-hungry madmen have always demonstrated a willingness to destroy practically anything (families, cities, nations) in order to get what they wanted. The United States isn’t innocent on this front, either: Read your history on the Dresden bombings to see a dark chapter of U.S. history involving outright genocide on the part of the allies (http://www.rense.com/general19/flam…).

Warfare, of course, can take many forms. The traditional “bombs and bullets” form of warfare is simply the most easily recognizable form of taking over a country. It is by no means the most efficient form. From an economic perspective, it is far more intelligent to take over a nation while leaving its physical infrastructure intact so that all the slave workers can get back to work as quickly as possible after the war, producing new gains for the new controllers.

By one interpretation of world events, America now seems to be in the midst of an economic war that may actually be attempting to crush America’s currency and economy in the hopes that the nation will surrender both to a new global financial authority. The “New World Bank” would be the benefactor of all this.

What does it mean for you?

My predictions along these lines have been consistent: Reduce your spending, get out of debt and convert your soon-to-be-worthless dollars into something real that can out-last any currency collapse.

Some of those “real” things include land, gold, storable food and even your own personal education. A great many people have also chosen to purchase and store firearms, which are likely to become extremely valuable in an Obama gun confiscation scenario. For the record, although I’m not a gun advocate by any means, there is no doubt in my mind that gun confiscation only results in the GOOD guys turning in their guns while the BAD guys keep theirs. In virtually every case around the world, gun confiscation essentially translates into a massive de-arming of the population and an unleashing of either armed criminals or armed criminal governments. In any gun confiscation scenario, those who still have their firearms will find them becoming instantly valuable.

On the dollar front, there is little doubt in my mind that a collapse (or abandonment) of the U.S. currency is inevitable. The most likely scenario emerging right now is that once the economic crisis gets so bad in the U.S. that people are rioting in the streets, Obama will cave in to a new world bank authority and, in doing so, abandon the U.S. dollar.

If this unfolds, it means the U.S. dollar will be “traded in” for a new world currency of some sort, and in that exchange, U.S. dollar holders will maddeningly discover (surprise!) that they have lost anywhere from 60 percent to 90 percent of their purchasing power. This is the evil genius of the whole plan: Sure, you can trade in all your dollars, but for how much spending power? The answer, of course, is whatever they want to pay you. Because if all you hold are dollars, you don’t have much choice in the matter, do you?

That’s why diversifying out of the dollar right now is so important for anyone who doesn’t want to lose most of their savings. I’ve covered numerous strategies for this in my course Health Ranger LIVE: Health Preparedness and Financial Protection (http://www.truthpublishing.com/Heal…).

It’s worth noting that an ounce of gold buys you the same goods and services today that it bought fifty years ago. Gold always holds its value, no matter what happens to paper currencies.

Who can you really believe in all this?

As you ponder all this information, keep in mind that historically, in every economic downturn, there have always been politicians and economists who pronounced the end of the downturn practically every week as the markets churned lower and lower. Nobody involved in the financial system (banks, lawmakers, Presidents, etc.) can actually admit the truth for fear of causing runaway financial panic.

Hence the fact that the Federal Reserve outright refuses to name which banks it has funded with bailout money. The very mention of a bank on such a list would likely cause an overnight collapse of the bank itself, so the Fed remains silent in its secrecy. (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?…)

The fragility of this whole system should clue you in on just how bad things really are. When the system is so close to cracking that the Fed doesn’t even dare name which banks it is helping, that’s probably a big, red warning sign that it’s time to exit that system and move your resources to something more stable.

The bottom line? Don’t believe any of the typical authorities on this issue. They all have a stake in keeping the People in the dark while they maneuver their own financial chess pieces around in total secrecy. The only way to not be financially harmed by all this is to make sure you’re not left holding a bag of worthless green paper when the U.S. Treasury merry-go-round music comes to a stop.

And that day is coming sooner that I previously thought. A year ago, I thought the U.S. dollar might survive another decade or two. But now, after watching the Bush bailout followed by the similarly insane Obama bailout, I believe the U.S. dollar will be either declared worthless or abandoned well inside of ten years, and perhaps as early as three. Only time will tell, of course, and there are a lot of variations that could delay or even reverse all this in the short-term, but in the long-term there’s no denying the fate of the world’s largest debtor nation: America will eventually be forced to abandon its currency, which is much the same as declaring national bankruptcy.

Don’t get caught in this financial trap, friends. Trade your dollars for something real while you still can. And if you have the chance to do so, establish your own income stream that cannot be taken away from you. Job losses will continue to mount, and entire industries could come tumbling down before this is all over. We are not out of this yet. Not even close.