Migration: the final details…


Richard Moore


If you are receiving this message from riseup, you will see this line 
in the headers above:
        Reply-To: •••@••.•••

In that case, you are subscribed to the primary cyberjournal list and 
all is well.

* re: •••@••.••• -
Unfortunately, some people are unable to receive messages from 
riseup.net. Rumor has it, for example, that AOL blocks messages from 
riseup.net under certain circumstances. For that reason, I've decided 
to keep <•••@••.•••> as a 'mirror list'. That is, 
all cyberjournal postings will go out over both riseup.net and 
google.com. You can subscribe to either and get the same postings, 
and have the same ability to respond. If you are on riseup, and want 
to get off google, send a message to:

* re: •••@••.••• -
This yahoo list, on the other hand, will not be receiving 
cyberjournal postings. Instead, that list has been turned into an 
open discussion forum, where any subscriber can post -- no 
moderation. There are currently over 100 subscribers there, so we 
could get some lively discussions. Many of those folks will probably 
leave if the traffic gets heavy, but we could be left with an 
interesting core group. If you want to join the discussion forum, 
send a message to:
If you want to escape, send a message to:

* re: •••@••.••• -
Riseup is still in the process of setting up this list. It will be 
the primary newslog list, and when it's set up I'll move everyone 
there who is on •••@••.•••.  I'll also be sending out 
newslog on two mirror channels: <•••@••.•••>, and 
<•••@••.•••>. The subscribe addresses are:

If anyone is confused, or hates sending commands to servers, let me 
know and I'll sort you out. Be clear. For example, don't say "I 
prefer Google", say "Put me on Google and take me off of Yahoo", or 

all the best,