Meria Heller show: free during August


Richard Moore

From: "Meria" <•••@••.•••>

Subject: Press release - please forward to all your groups, news lists, etc

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:07:03 -0700

In honor of entering her 7th year on the net, the webcast "The Meria Heller 
Show" at <> will be FREE the entire month of 

Every live show will be aired the same day for 24 hours at the free show link on
site <>

If you have never heard the show, feel free to check it out daily after 11am 
Pacific at the free show link.

With over 2,000 excellent shows in the archives, this is Meria's way of thanking
those who have supported the show for years on end, and to welcome new 

Check out the roster beginning tomorrow for the month:

July 31 Meria With the Weekend News August 1 Matthew Horton Woodson - 
<>Congressional Candidate, Oklahoma City August 2 
Robert Gaylon Ross "<>The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the 
People" continues August 3 Will Thomas "Chemtrails Confirmed" August 7 Meria 
With the Weekend News August 8 Gwen Olsen - 
<>Confession of an RX Drug Pusher August 9 Judy Jones -
<>Bones of the Homeless August 10 Ronnie 
Cummins - <>Organic Consumers Association August
14 Meria With the Weekend News August 15 Carl Sheeler - 
<>Candidate US Senator, Rhode Island August 16 Richard 
Grove - 911 Whistleblower August 17 Ron Schalow 
"<>Bullshit Artist" August 21 Meria 
With the Weekend News August 22 Karen Coshof 
"<>The Great Warming" August 23 Peter Kawaja - 
Depleted Uranium, Gulf War Syndrome August 24 Robia Huber - Gandhi August 28 
Meria takes a day off - enjoy the archives August 29 
<>Swami Beyondananda August 30 Michael Horn - 
<>They Fly - Predictions August 31 Meria with the News

7th year and going strong! Tune in and find out what you've been missing - real 
news, great interviews 24/7!

Happy 7th year to the Meria Heller Show!


"The Inventor of Internet Reality Radio , Meria is the best weapon of Mass 
Instruction we have" - Greg Palast

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution 
inevitable"-John F. Kennedy

Remember, Under the new Patriot Act and the new spying by our "leaders"

 no mail is safe. Welcome to the "new world".

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