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Subject: "TWIN" Comet 8P/Tuttle Set to Appear just after Christmas
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Comet '8P/Tuttle' Making Its Presence
Just After Christmas

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

A second comet comes into the picture. If there is any truth to what has been 
published stating Hopi prophecy speaks of a "twin" comet, this may be the one. 
Both comet 17P/Holmes and 8P/Tuttle will be riding the skies within naked eye, 
or simple binocular view at the same time. I again say this part of Hopi 
prophecy came from a source which has yet to be confirmed or collaborated.

Comet 8P/Tuttle is a Halley-type comet in a 13.6-year orbit, passing just 
outside of Earth's orbit. It will make its appearance on January 2nd just after 
the 2008 New Year celebrations. 8P/Tuttle is likely to be one of the brighter 
objects for visual observers in 2008. It could be a binocular or even naked eye 
object at the beginning of the New Year as it makes a close pass of the Earth at
0.25 AU.

0.25 AU = 23,238,951 (miles) or 37,399,467 (kilometers). This would be 
considered an NEO (near earth object)

It begins the year in Pisces, but is rapidly heading south and UK observers will
lose it after the third week of January. Southern Hemisphere observers should be
able to follow it for another three months.

This has all of the makings of a very nice 'apparition' (sudden showing for 
comets). Since its discovery in 1790, this comet has made five particularly 
close approaches to Earth, with the best being the discovery apparition itself, 
when it passed 0.37 AU from our planet.

This comet is the parent of the Ursid meteor shower, which reaches maximum on 
December 22. Rates are typically near 15, although outbursts of about 100 per 
hour occurred in 1945 and 1986, while an unexpected increase of 30 per hour came
in 1973.

It has been said this event, along with the birth of the white buffalo calf, is 
the sign ushering in the "Purification". Note: Just as with Mayan prophecy of 
2012, this does not mean the end of life ---- it means the 'end of life as we 
know it'. The end of one way, and the beginning of another.

To get a full understanding of what has transpired, and what is yet to come, 
read the articles below.

**Chief Arvol Looking Horse Announcement on November 14th of the birth of a 
white buffalo calf.


**Part I - Could Comet 17P/Holmes be the 'Blue Kachina' of Hopi Prophecy?


**Part II - The Nine Signs of Hopi Prophecy and Something About a Twin

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