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New Report, Footage Surfaces On Mass Graves Of US Soldiers By
Bruce Kennedy, JUS 

In August, reports began surfacing about incidents of dead
American bodies being dumped into the Diali River by US
helicopters in the early morning hours. Fishermen on the Diali
river area , a small river originates in Iran and ends at
Deglah, 60 kilometer east of Baghdad, were the first to notice
the American practice of dumping bodies wrapped in black
plastic bags from helicopters at dawn time into the river.
Some of the bodies, still wrapped in plastic bags, were caught
in their fishing nets.

Over the next few weeks more bodies were found in other
locations including Al-Tharthar in Sammara and Wadi Hairan in
Al-Ratibah. The bodies have been collected and buried in the
general areas of those locations.

A new report has now surfaced on the Arabic website, accompanied by some footage, which provides an
in-depth analysis of the discovery of the bodies. The writer
of the five page report (in Arabic) goes into great detail
details about locations and how the bodies were dumped in
rivers and remote desert locations. The author claims to have
talked to two American female soldiers and an American
communications officer who reluctantly confirmed the finding
but said that most of these bodies were mercenaries who were
promised high paying job and in some case US citizenship.

The narrator on the film clip indicates that the bodies were
taken from the mass graves to an undisclosed grave and they
will be handed over to Red Crescent, Red Cross or any
organization that promises to get the truth out.

Both the narrator and the author of the report give evidence
which they conclude are the reasons why the Americans would
dispose of dead soldiers in this fashion, specifically to hide
casualties especially in an election year and that because
many of the bodies were badly burned, such as occurs in
explosions, the Americans would fear a of public backlash if
this kind of carnage resulted.

The narrator on the film presents some convincing reasons why
it is believed these bodies are Americans, besides the fact
that some were seen being dropped from US helicopters by the
fisherman, namely The bodies are tall, unlike Iraqis or many
other Middle Eastern nationalities. The bodies were wrapped in
the type of plastic bags used only by Americans. Their
complexions when the bodies are not completely burned and
could be inspected are mostly white. Their teeth are well
maintained unlike those of individuals in poorer countries
like Iraq.

The author of the text document claims that interviews with
some soldiers and officers who refused to give their names
confirmed the identity of soldiers and the validity of the
findings, in addition to the Iraqi fishermen who witnessed the
dumping of bodies into the river by copters in the early hours
of the morning over a long period of time.

JUS translators are currently underway translating this
lengthy document which we will make available in its entirety
when the work is complete. In between time, you can view the
footage by pasting the following link into your browser.

WARNING!!!! Graphic Content Advisory. Do not proceed if you
are sensitive to graphic content.

If this report can be independently verified, the Americans
have another big problem on their hands.

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