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"On the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, the
Roman Catholic Church has elected a member of the Hitler Youth
and the German military during World War II to serve as Pope.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's safe to assume that we have
just lost cabin pressure."

"God's Rottweiler" chosen as new Pope

Pope John Paul I vs. George W. Bush (John Paul IIopposed the
Iraq war and reportedly thought Bush allowed 9/11 to happen)

was Pope John Paul I poisoned in 1978 for wanting to change
Vatican policies on contraception and investigating the
corrupt Vatican Bank?


 Tuesday, April 19, 2005
White smoke, dark skies

So Opus Dei has its Pope, and St Malachy of Armagh is either
right again, or just lucky. Like I've said before about the
curse of living in interesting times, at least they're
interesting. ....

It's true, Ratzinger was a Hitler Youth, but I find better
reasons to regard him as a discouraging choice. Membership was
compulsory after 1941, so his joining wasn't even a "youthful
indiscretion" on the order of Robert Byrd's flirtation with
the KKK, let alone an act worthy of Kurt Waldheim. The boy was
forced to join the Hitler Youth, but no one made the man
support Opus Dei. ....

It's my observation that the worst abuses in the Church, even
its Luciferian excesses, have been perpetrated under the cloak
of conservativism. John Paul II and his "enforcer," Cardinal
Ratzinger, targeted liberation theology and the progressive
strains of Catholicism, while their coddled "conservative"
clergy continued, largely unchecked, in the molestation, rape
and ritual abuse of young children. While Ratzinger has
condemned gay relationships as "deviant and evil," he has been
an enabler of sexual abuse, by "accusing the media of
exaggerating the extent of paedophilia in the American

That this man is now Pope, and the secret society Opus Dei his
legionaires, I wonder whether our already interesting times
are about to become unbearably fascinating.


Tuesday, April 19

 Popewatch: Here Comes the 'Enforcer'!

The smoke was white, and so is the winner: Contrary to weeks
of speculation, the princes of the Catholic Church didn't pick
an African or Latin American to head their billion-plus
congregants. Nor did they choose a moderate, as some pope
watchers had suggested. Instead, on only their second day of
voting, the cardinals selected Joseph Ratzinger to be the next
pontiff. ...

Regarding the grave sin of abortion or euthanasia, when a
person's formal cooperation becomes manifest-understood, in
the case of a Catholic politician, as his consistently
campaigning and voting for permissive abortion and euthanasia
laws-his Pastor should meet with him, instructing him about
the Church's teaching, informing him that he is not to present
himself for Holy Communion until he brings to an end the
objective situation of sin, and warning him that he will
otherwise be denied the Eucharist. Well, that's harsh, but at
least the Church is consistent on the killing thing: It's bad,
be it a fetus, a brain-damaged invalid, a convicted killer or
an enemy in war. Right?

Wrong. "Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as
abortion and euthanasia," Ratzinger wrote. "For example, if a
Catholic were to be at odds with the Holy Father on the
application of capital punishment or on the decision to wage
war, he would not for that reason be considered unworthy to
present himself to receive Holy Communion."

He continued: "There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion
even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death
penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and


New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

 Tue Apr 19, 6:20 PM ET
German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican theologian who
was elected Pope Benedict XVI, intervened in the 2004 US
election campaign ordering bishops to deny communion to
abortion rights supporters including presidential candidate
John Kerry.


The New Pope is a Disaster for the World and for the Jews

Since the days in which he served in the Nazi army in Germany,
to his role as the leader of the forces that suppressed the
liberatory aspects of Vatican II and purged the most creative
leaders of the Catholic Church, Joseph Ratzinger has
distinguished himself as a man who disrespects other religions
and sides with the most repressive elements in the Catholic
world. Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the world's largest
circulation progressive Jewish magazine, TIKKUN, and rabbi of
Beyt Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisco, took the unusual step
of criticizing the choice made by the Catholic Church for its
new Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Lerner was careful to
make clear that he was NOT speaking as leader of The Tikkun
Community, the interfaith organization whch he co-chairs,
which has NOT taken a stand on these issues, but only as
editor of TIKKUN magazine.

"Since the days in which he served in the Nazi army in Germany
to his role as the leader of the forces that suppressed the
liberatory aspects of Vatican II and purged or silenced the
Church of its most creative leadership (including German
Catholic theologians Eugene Drewermann and Hans Kung,
Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff, and several prominent
American Catholic thinkers), to the present moment in which he
is recognized as the leader most identified with the forces of
reaction and suppression of dissent within the Church,
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has distinguished himself as a man
who can be counted on to side with the most anti-humane and
repressive forces, in opposition to those who seek to give
primacy to a world of peace and justice, " said Rabbi Lerner.

"Although normally Jews would welcome any choice of leadership
by our sister religion, we have particular reason to comment
on this choice.

"Jews have a powerful stake and commitment in ending global
poverty and oppression. We fully well understand that in a
world filled with pain and cruelty, the resulting anger is
often channeled in racist, sexist and homophobic directions.
Both as a matter of principle, based on our commitment to a
prophetic vision, and as a matter of self-interest, Jews have
disproportionately supported liberal and progressive social
change movements seeking to end war and poverty.

"So it was with great distress that we watched as Cardinal
Ratzinger led the Vatican in the past twenty-five years on a
path that opposed providing birth control information to the
poor of the world, thereby ensuring that AIDS would spread and
kill millions in Africa."

And we watched with even greater distress as this Cardinal
supported efforts to involve the Church in distancing itself
from political candidates or leaders who did not agree with
the Church's teachings on abortion and gay rights,
prioritizing these issues over whether that candidate agreed
with the Church on issues of peace and social justice. As a
result, Cardinal Ratzinger has led the Church away from its
natural alliance with Jews in fighting for peace and social
justice and toward a stance which in effect allies the Church
with the most reactionary politicians whose policies are
militaristic and offer a preferential option for the rich.

"We can't help but notice that under Cardinal Ratzinger's
tutelage, the Church began moves to elevate the infamous Pope
Pius XII to the status of saint. Instead of repenting for the
failure of the Church to give unequivocal messages telling all
Catholics that they would be prevented from receiving
communion for collaborating or cooperating in any way with
Nazi rule, or for failing to hide and protect Jews who were
marked for extermination, Ratzinger has sought to whitewash
this disgraceful moment in Church history. Many Jews are
outraged at a Church that denies communion to those who have
remarried or those who oppose making abortion illegal but that
did not similarly deny communion to those who participate in
crimes against humanity."

In fact, Cardinal Ratzinger publicly praised the fascist
movement in the Church known as Opes Dei and supported
canonization of Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, an
open fascist who served in the government of Spain's dictator
Franco, and who publicly praised Hitler."While many of us
agree with Ratzinger's critique of moral relativism, he
extends that critique in illegitimate and dangerous ways,
equating secularism with moral relativism and suggesting that
secularism is now repressing religion. Ratzinger also publicly
critiques all those inside the Church who are tolerant enough
to think that other religions may have equal validity as a
path to God. This is a slippery slope toward anti-Semitism and
a return to the chauvinistic and triumphalist views that led
the Church, when it had the power to do so, to develop its
infamous crusades and inquisitions. In 1997 Ratzinger called
Buddhism an "autoerotic spirituality" that offers
"transcendence without imposing concrete religious
obligations." Hindusim, he said, offers "false hope," in that
it guarantees "purification" based on a "morally cruel"
concept of reincarnation resembling "a continuous circle of
hell." At the time, Cardinal Ratzinger predicted that Buddhism
would replace Marxism as the Catholic church's main enemy.

"Ratzinger is being falsely described as a conservative, when
in fact he, despite his publicly genteel manner, is a raging
reactionary. Unlike many American conservatives who oppose gay
sexual practices but not their legal rights, Ratzinger in 1992
argued against human rights for gays, stressing that their
civil liberties could be "legitimately limited."

"Those of us in the Jewish world who have enormous respect for
Christianity and for the wisdom and beauty of the Catholic
tradition are in mourning today that the Church has confirmed
for itself a destructive direction that will hurt not only
Catholics but all those who seek peace and justice in the

"We remain hopeful that the new Pope may return to his
original more progressive positions (pre-1968) and realize
that the world needs a church that can respond compassionately
and wisely to what is needed rather than remain wedded to
dogma that is so destructive. In a statement that Ratzinger
made a few years ago, he seemed deeply aligned with TIKKUN's
critique of the selfishness and materialism of the
contemporary world. We hope that he stops blaming that on
secularists and comes to understand that secularists too, as
well as people from other faiths, can be allies in the
struggle for a new ethos of love and generosity. We pray that
he may find a way to bring a better, kinder, more loving and
compassionate agenda to the Catholic Church. It is precisely
because we continue to feel allied with the Church.

Meanwhile, we reaffirm our solidarity with the many millions
of Catholics who had hoped for a very different kind of Pope
who would make the Church more open to women's leadership, to
prioritizing social justice, and to returning to the hopeful
spirit of Vatican II. We can say publicly what many of you can
only say privately-that this new Pope does not represent what
is most beautiful and sacred in the teachings of Jesus."

Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of TIKKUN and author of ten
books, including Healing Israel/Palestine (North Atlantic
Books, 2003) and Jewish Renewal (Harper Perennial, 1995).


Extreme Homophobe Ratzinger Elected New Pope  by Malcolm
Thornberry European Bureau Chief Posted: April 19,

(Vatican City)  Joseph Ratzinger one of the most conservative
Cardinals in the Catholic Church was elected Pope on Tuesday.
Ratzinger was John Paul's deputy for theology as head of the
powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The
Congregation was the same organization responsible for the
Spanish Inquisition.


April 19, 2005

Former Hitler Youth, Nicknamed "God's Rottweiler," Selected As
Next Pope, Future of Catholicism Among Members of the Next
Generation Gravely in Doubt

According to Conservative Newspaper, Radical Backward-Thinking
Theologian Once Called The Enlightenment "A Thorn in Our [The
Church's] Side"; Also, Called Protestant Churches "Deficient,"
Homosexuality a "Disorder," and Said That Humans Have "No
Conceivable Right" to Gay Sex Between Consenting Adults; Of
Hate Crimes Legislation, Said That "Neither the Church Nor
Society at Large Should Be Surprised" When Such Legislation
Causes "Violent Reactions [Against Gays to] Increase"


Pope John Paul II vs. Bush
     April 22, 2003
     Bush's "Christian" Blood Cult
     Concerns Raised by the Vatican

 excerpt ...
According to journalists close to the Vatican, the Pope and
his closest advisers are also concerned that the ultimate acts
of evil - the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World
Trade Center and Pentagon - were known in advance by senior
Bush administration officials. By permitting the attacks to
take their course, there is a perception within the Roman
Catholic Church hierarchy that a coup d'etat was implemented,
one that gave Bush and his leadership near-dictatorial powers
to carry out their agenda.

The Pope worked tirelessly to convince leaders of nations on
the UN Security Council to oppose Bush's war resolution on
Iraq. Vatican sources claim they had not seen the Pope more
animated and determined since he fell ill to Parkinson's
Disease. In the end, the Pope did convince the leaders of
Mexico, Chile, Cameroon, and Guinea to oppose the U.S.
resolution. If one were to believe in the Book of Revelations,
as the Pope fervently does, he can seek solace in scoring a
symbolic victory against the Bush administration. Whether Bush
represents a dangerous right-wing ideologue who couples his
political fanaticism with a neo-Christian blood cult (as I
believe) or he is either the anti-Christ or heralds one, the
Pope should know he has fought the good battle and has gained
the respect and admiration of many non-Catholics around the

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative
journalist and columnist. He wrote the introduction to
Forbidden Truth.


Yallop, David A. In God's Name: An Investigation into the
Murder of Pope John Paul I. New York: Bantam Books, 1985. 388

David Yallop, a British author with four previous crime
investigations to his credit, came to the attention of
"highly-placed, secret sources within the Vatican" who
convinced him to look into the September 1978 death of John
Paul I. During his 33 days as pope, Albino Luciani's
leadership and incorruptibility threatened certain interests
in the Vatican. These interests were connected with Licio
Gelli's P2 network, Michele Sindona, Roberto Calvi and the
emerging Banco Ambrosiano scandal, the Mafia, Italian
intelligence, and Freemasonry. It was becoming clear to
Luciani that a major housecleaning was in order.

Yallop believes there was a plot, but after three years of
investigation his evidence is still circumstantial. Security
was minimal, access to the pope or to his food or medicine
would not have been difficult, and it was a good bet that
there would be no autopsy. The cause of death was reported as
acute myocardial infarction, but Luciani's medical history
makes this difficult to accept. Death was so sudden that the
pope didn't even have time to press the alarm button a few
inches from his hand, which seems unlikely. When Karol Wojtyla
was elected pope the Vatican returned to business as usual.
With John Paul II in control, even the Italian government was
unable to get the Vatican to come clean on its role in the
Banco Ambrosiano scandal.

 ISBN 0-553-24855-3

             Thursday, February 03, 2005
             "My God - they killed him!"

            The streets are filled with vipers who've lost all ray of hope
            You know it ain't even safe no more in the palace of the Pope
             - Bob Dylan

Is everything a conspiracy? No. Just the important stuff.

Since there's a lot of speculation these days about who will
succeed Pope John Paul II, it seems a good time to recall the
circumstances of the last papal succession. Because Luciani
Albini, Pope John Paul I, was almost certainly murdered, by an
international network of fascists and money launderers, with
ties to far-right elements within military and intelligence
agencies. (And isn't it just amazing, how often we find that

He only served 33 days; what could he have done in that short
time to deserve death? What kind of Pope was he becoming?

To the second question, there's the suggestion of an answer in
this passage from David Yallop's In God's Name:

On August 28, the beginning of his papal revolution was
announced. It took the form of a Vatican statement that there
was to be no coronation, that the new pope refused to be
crowned. There would be no sedia gestatoria, the chair used to
carry the pope, no tiara encrusted with emeralds, rubies,
sapphires, and diamonds. No ostrich feathers, no six-hour
ceremony.... Luciani, who never once used the royal "we," was
determined that the royal papacy with its appurtenances of
worldly grandeur should be replaced by a Church that resembled
the concepts of its founder. The "coronation" became a simple
Mass. The spectacle of a pontiff carried in a chair...was
supplanted by the sight of a supreme pastor quietly walking up
the steps of the altar. With that gesture Luciani abolished a
thousand years of history.... The era of the poor Church had
officially begun.That right there would have been enough to
make the Vatican's power elite nervous, but surely not enough
to seek the Pope's death. Not even his expressed interest in
reconsidering the Church's position on birth control would
have been enough for that. What was enough, was his intent to
overturn the tables of the corrupt Vatican Bank, and purge the
Vatican of the P2 Lodge.

This is one of those things that make being a "conspiracy
theorist" seem entirely superfluous. Just try imagining P2: an
elite, ultra-secretive, neo-fascist, Masonic cabal, involved
in money laundering, assassination and false-flag terrorism.
(The "Strategy of Tension," to discredit Italy's Communist
Party. For instance, the engineering of Aldo Moro's kidnapping
and murder, and the Bologna train bombing.) P2 counted among
its members the future Italian President Silvio Berlusconi,
and reputedly boasted honourary members like Henry Kissinger,
George HW Bush and arch-neocon, Michael Ledeen.


This material can lead to despair. If they can whack the Pope,
and get away with it, what hope do we have? I don't find it
consoling to know of what they're capable; that they are, as
Dylan sang in another song, "bound and determined to destroy
all the gentle." That's not about justice. That's about being
forewarned, and forearmed. And these days, that's almost as
important as justice.


Our advantage is that there are more of us than there are of

Our greatest disadvantage: most of us still can't admit there
is a them.

referring to an article called
        "The Peak Oil Mirage"
        which claims "I know many people get their kicks out of
        forecasting doom but a little balance is needed."

            "Which is why, in addition to articles about Peak Oil,  I make
            sure to add articles documenting the collapse of the financial
            markets, rapidly developing environmental catastrophes,
            government corruption, biowarfare, and creeping fascism. One
            must strive for balance, after all."
            -- Matt Savinar


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