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Richard Moore

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It was amazing to see Malalia in person,I must 
admit,it is one of the most memorable parts of my 
life.what fallows is the transcript of her 
speech. Please forward widely.
            Aaron Doncaster

NDP Federal Convention
September 9, 2006

Malalia Joya's speech

In the name of Democracy and Peace,

Dear friends,

I bring you the warmest greetings of Afghan 
people and before I speak of the situation in my 
country, let me express my heartfelt thanks to 
friends of the New Democratic Party for 
remembering their Afghan sisters and inviting me 
to this gathering.

Honorable friends,

Five years after the collapse of the misogynist 
and anti-democracy regime of the Taliban, and 
after almost five year of the US led attack on 
Afghanistan; you may like me to describe the 
achievements and positive outcomes in 
Afghanistan, but I'm sorry to tell you that 
Afghanistan is a land still burning in two-fold 

The US government did remove the medieval-minded 
regime of Taliban and their Al Qaeda masters. But 
instead they brought back the "Northern Alliance" 
to power who are brothers-in-creed of the Taliban 
and as brutal and anti-democracy as Taliban and 
even worse.

In December 2003, as a representative to the 
grand assembly, I talked about the criminal 
"Northern Alliance" and the danger they would 
pose to Afghanistan. But today, even the UN 
accepts that Afghanistan is going to become a 
narco-state under their rule.

I must tell you that unfortunately there has been 
NO fundamental change in the plight of Afghan 
people. When the entire nation is living under 
the shadow of gun and warlordism, how can its 
women enjoy very basic freedoms? Unlike the 
propaganda raised by certain Western media, 
Afghan women and man are not “liberated" at all.

Let's describe the tip of the iceberg on the 
reality of life is in my crying country:

According to the United Nations it is a land that 
is facing health disaster worse than Tsunami. 700 
children and 50-70 women die on daily basis owing 
to the lack of health services. Child and mother 
mortality rate is still very high as 1,600 to 
1,900 women among each 100,000 die during 
childbirth. Life expectancy is below 45 years.

Suicide among Afghan women goes high in terrible 
degree, according to recent UNIFAM survey, 65% of 
the 50,000 widows in Kabul see suicide the only 
option to get rid of their miseries and 
desolation and that majority of Afghan women are 
victims of mental and sexual violence.

In a country which needs much reconstruction 
efforts, 40% of its workforce is unemployed and a 
gross-majority is living bellow the poverty. 
Afghanistan stands 175th out of 177 countries of 
the UN Human Development Index.

Ironically, this is happening in a country that 
has received 12 billion dollars while another 10 
billion more were pledged at the London 
conference last year. But this money will mainly 
fill the pockets of warlords to better suppress 
our nation more severely.

The crimes and brutalities of the fundamentalist 
warlords are still going on even in under the 
nose of the US and ISAF troops. "Northern 
Alliance" gunmen raped fourteen-year old Fatima 
and her mother and 11 year old Rahima and 60 year 
old grand mother, a land where 30 year old Amina 
was stoned to death, where Nadia Anjuman easily 
becomes victim of her husband's violence because 
he is sure that he has the support of warlords of 
the misogynist "Northern Alliance".

Under the Taliban, the vice and virtue department 
became a notorious symbol of arbitrary abuses, 
particularly against Afghan women and girls but 
today Afghan cabinet once again decides to 
reestablish this dreadful department instead of 
focusing on more acute needs of the Afghan 

US-based Committee to Protect Journalists, in a 
statement stated last year. "Afghan journalists 
are facing severe pressure from the Afghan 
authorities, including threats, intimidation, 
even imprisonment and murder. This is the case 
while Mr. Karzai and Western media speak of 
freedom of speech in Afghanistan.

Those who speak for justice are threatened to 
death, on May 7, 2006, I was physically attacked 
by pro-warlord and drug-lord MPs in the 
parliament just for speaking the truth - crimes 
of Northern Alliance. One of them even shouted 
"prostitute, take and rape her!"

President Hamid Karzai instead of relying on 
people to bring the criminal warlords to trial, 
appoints these criminals to higher posts. For 
instance, this year he appointed 13 former 
commanders with links to drugs smuggling, 
organized crime and illegal militias to senior 
positions in the police force.

It is due to the tragic situation in Afghanistan 
that returning to Afghanistan is an unattractive 
option for the 4 million registered Afghan 
refugees living in Iran and Pakistan.

Dear friends,

The US government keeps promising not to repeat 
its past mistake in supporting the 
fundamentalists. But agonizing truth is that US 
is committing the same mistake. She is generously 
supporting the fundamentalists more than ever. 
The US is relying on "Northern Alliance" who 
turned Afghanistan into a hell from 1992-1996 and 
still are a great threat to the stability and 
peace in my country.

Kathy Gannon, an expert in Afghanistan justly 
states that "the US is not interested in peace in 
Afghanistan. The people who killed thousands, who 
patronized the drug business are in charge of the 

Afghans, all justice-loving people, and 
international human rights organizations are 
demanding the trial of warlords and former 
pro-Moscow puppets. But they are not brought to 
justice but rather shamelessly were offered 
higher positions and were given opportunity to 
find their way into the parliament with the 
support of US and its allies.

The US government puts Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the 
list of most wanted terrorists, but his party has 
34 members in the Afghan parliament. US can work 
with pro-American fundamentalist, but oppose only 
anti-American fundamentalists. This is the reason 
that people make mockery of the "war on terror".

The parliamentary election itself was a shame to 
democracy while the Western media called it a 
great success. According to HRW the parliament is 
packed with more than 70 percent elements accused 
of war crimes, including members of Russian 
puppet regime, drug dealers, Taliban and 
"Northern Alliance" killers.

Dear friends,

The USA is not concerned with the main cause 
behind terrorism in Afghanistan. That is why our 
people don't consider the US as "liberator" of 
our country.

Hope you have realized from the small parts of 
problems that I just shared, that my country is 
still in chains of bloody and terrorist 
fundamentalists. The situation in Afghanistan and 
conditions of its ill-fated women will never 
change positively, as long as the warlords are 
not disarmed and both the pro-US and anti-US 
terrorists are removed from the political scene 
of Afghanistan.

I think that no nation can donate liberation to 
another nation. Liberation should be achieved in 
a country by the people themselves. The ongoing 
developments in Afghanistan and Iraq prove this 

I think if Canada and other governments really 
want to help Afghan people and bring positive 
changes, they must act independently, rather than 
becoming a tool to implement the wrong policies 
of the US government. They must align themselves 
to the wishes and needs of Afghan people and stop 
any kind of support to the warlords and 
reactionary and ignorant element within the 
system. Only by such policy, they can gain 
people's trust and will prove themselves as real 
friends of Afghan people.

We are deeply sorry for the deaths of Canadian 
soldiers in Afghanistan. If the Canadian 
government could not act independently rather 
than following Pentagon's agenda, we are afraid 
the efforts of Canadian troops will first of all 
serve the US government and not the Afghan people.

We want the Canadian government must stress on 
the fact that criminals like Sayyaf, Rabbani, 
Qanooni, Mohaqiq, Fahim, Mullah Rakiti, the 
Khalqis and Parchamis should be removed from 
power and put on trial. The Canadian 
policy-makers must know that warlords of the 
“Northern Alliance" are equally responsible for 
the plight of Afghani people and the current 
tragedy in Afghanistan.

I am well aware of the hardships, challenges, and 
death from anti-democracy forces, but I trust my 
people. One day they may kill me as they have gun 
and power and support of the US government, but 
they can never silence my voice and hide the 

Thank you.


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