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“[Initially skeptical], his parents became convinced that James was in fact remembering the life of James M. Houston, a navy fighter pilot shot down 60 years earlier in World War II. [They spent] three years of hard work verifying all of the details.” 
  — ABC video clip on James Leininger’s memory of his past life

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Stunning major media reports on two children with incredibly clear memories of past lives present powerful evidence that we may have lived before. Both James Leininger and Cameron Macauley not only had clear memories of past lives, these boys could give the names of people in those lives. James was even able to give the name of the warship on which he served as a World War II fighter pilot and the names of some of his shipmates. And it was all verified!

James’ story is among the most compelling and well documented cases ever of a child’s past life memory being fully verified. His fascinating story was reported on both Fox and ABC News. Watch these intriguing news video clips, both about five minutes in length, relating this most astonishing case and decide for yourself. For an additional CNN report on James, click here. – Fox News – ABC News

Cameron Macauley of England clearly remembered the name of the British island on which he had lived in his previous life. Not only was he was able to give a clear description of many aspects of the white house in which he lived, he also remembered that he used to watch airplanes landing on a nearby beach through the window of his bedroom. When he was finally taken to the island, it turned out that that there indeed was a white house almost identical to his description just a short distance from the beach where planes landed. – The Sun (UK)

Please understand that this information is not intended to convince anyone of anything. The intention, rather, is to present evidence which raise questions and invites readers to broaden their beliefs of what is possible in life and consciousness. Please disregard anything here which does not work for you. Yet if you find this material to be relevant and meaningful, by all means read on.

A most amazing 16-minute video clip presents some of the most compelling evidence ever of the afterlife. Titled “The Afterlife investigations,” this riveting documentary relates a five-year experiment in various forms of communication with the dead which involved numerous scientists who were forced to conclude that no reasonable explanation could be offered for what they personally experienced other than the existence of an afterlife. – The Afterlife investigations

Could it be that life is much more mysterious and exciting than many believe? Could it be that consciousness survives the death of the body? Each of us must decide for ourselves, yet the above material at the least raises some questions about the belief that we have only one chance at life here on planet Earth. For lots of other excellent resources which raise more questions and potentially provide real inspiration, see the box below.

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