Maidan Square Snipers: Agents Provocateurs


Richard Moore

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Maidan Square Snipers: Agents Provocateurs

6 March 2014 — Voltaire Network

RT television network released a wiretapping of Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, in which he is heard saying that the mysterious Maidan square snipers were linked to the pro-European opposition.

Without taking a personal position, the Liberal Minister phoned the High-Representative of the European Union, Lady Catherine Ashton, to inform her of his perplexity. The authenticity of the leaked call, dating from one week ago, was confirmed by both parties.

The fairly annoyed Minister attested that Dr. Olga Bogomolets (famous dermatologist involved in the Maidan Square protests) confirmed to him that individuals linked to the pro-European opposition – and not members of the security forces loyal to President Yanukovych – had fired on both protesters and police to fuel riots and overthrow the government.

The Administration stemming from the coup has issued an international arrest warrant against President Viktor Yanukovych accusing him of having ordered the shooting of opponents and of bearing the primary responsibility for the clashes on Maidan Square.

From the outset of the crisis, Voltaire Network pointed out that mysterious snipers shooting at both the crowd and the police were identically observed in each “color revolution” or “Arab Spring” since 1989. In the case of the riots in Benghazi (2011), four members of the Italian Special Forces confessed, after the overthrow of the regime, to having been sent by NATO for the purpose of provoking a civil war.