Lincoln Justice: A vision of a new world


Richard Moore

A vision of a new world
Lincoln Justice

On July 28, 2009 I took part in a world wide meditation. 
During that time I asked for a vision of a new world.

Here are some parts of the vision that came in that time. The vision has been growing ever since.  

  • I saw small nuclear families growing bigger through informal “adoptions”. I saw overworked mothers and fathers trying to take care of their children alone beginning to adopt uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents in their neighborhood who shared in caring and education of the children. There are no more orphans or neglected children.
  • I saw a new system of education. It is no longer operated like a factory in which children are pushed along an assembly line with bits of information is added at the same time to everyone,  regardless of their interest or ability. The new system looks more like an extended family that does home schooling. Children are encouraged to think for themselves and explore and discover new information according to their personal interest. Rather than having centralized school buildings to which children are assembled by bus, the educational system is incorporated into the life of the community with roving groups of students exploring all aspects of life.   Students who share the same interest organize classes and select and hire the teachers according to what they want to learn and discover.  Teachers become educational enablers and help the students gather the information and experience they are seeking.  They arrange contacts with resources in the community and in natural environment.  Every person in the community  shares their experience and skills with others.
  • I saw people replacing the money created from debt with $Credits earned by people when they created real wealth – new products and essential services for the community. People no longer made money from the work done by others. I saw Mothers earning $Credits for taking care of their own children and students earning $Credits from educating themselves. I saw artists, entertainers and inventors being rewarded with $Credits for creating new beauty, joy and useful innovations.
  • I saw corporations and banks gradually replaced by worker owned cooperatives.   The $Credits  employees earned from their work was used to buy shares in the business.   While the banks no longer made money from interest charged on loans, they continued to serve as record keepers for the economic transitions and the management of the $Credits system.
  • With mothers no longer forced to work outside the home in order to feed her children,  they are able to become a good teachers and have time for other creative things in the community. Children are able to work with their parents as part of their education.   Older adults earn $Credits  as they share their wisdom and experience and play with the children.
  • I saw fossil fuel and nuclear power replaced by tapping the unlimited energy potential found throughout space– known as Zero Point Energy or the Plenum or the Source. This energy source is already being used to generate all the electricity needed by at least one community in Switzerland. I see electric cars and space craft powered by this unlimited energy potential.   I saw desalinated sea water being pumped into desert areas for irrigating food crops and trees. I saw people replanting the rain forests and rapidly rebuilding the top soil (6 inches per year) that was lost by factory farming and deforestation.
  • I see work and play being mixed up so that creative work is so much fun that it feels like play. I see people using their creative imagination to rebuilding the earth because they love it.
  • With unlimited free energy and machines operated by computers I see the work week reduced to 4 days a week and 4 hours a day.    People become free to do other creative things they enjoy like music, travel, explore, write, art,      etc.
  • I saw people exploring space and making contact with beings in other physical worlds.  I also saw us exploring inner space and the multi-frequency universe.   

I would enjoy having other people share their personal visions of the future.  

This would help us shift our emotional energy away of the negative events in the world that discourage us.  We do not need to feed negative thoughts with our emotions.  

The fact is that every family in every nation shares a common desire and deep yearnings for peace and the resources to care for their children.     Our “mission impossible”, if we choose to accept it, is to energize this vision of abundance and peace with our creative imagination so that people are motivated work together.

Is this a big enough problem to challenge us?     

With love, joy and peace,

Lincoln B. Justice
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