Libya: BBC caught red-handed scamming viewers


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The flag shown in the so called Libyan demonstration in the URL below  is very definitely the flag of India. 

How insulting to the people of Britain that they assume their people will not know this.  It very definitely shows the contempt the British media has for the British public.  Ours is little better.


BBC: British Brain Control

“The truth is there are no jubilation in Tripoli because even the most dull-witted there realize their country has been taken over by a western coup. 

Question: If there is no jubilation then where exactly do you get shots for the TV showing massive happy crowds in Tripoli’s “Green Square”? (soon to be re-named “Martyr Square” by a CIA scriptwriter.)

Answer: Just get some archive footage from a demonstration in India completely unrelated to the story, slap “live” on it and have the idiot news readers say it’s from Tripoli. Those people all look the same anyway, right? 

That’s the BBC folks. 

And people worry if blogs are a reliable source of information. “

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>> Remember when I said much of the “civil war”
>> footage from Libya is posed if not outright
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>> Well, the BBC has proven my point and taken
>> it to new heights. 
>> You’ve got to see this.
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