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Boeing Receives Signals from Thuraya-3 Commercial Satellite Following Launch

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 15, 2008 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] has acquired the first signals 
from the Thuraya-3 Geo-mobile satellite following today's launch aboard a Sea 
Launch Zenit-3SL rocket, indicating that the Boeing-built spacecraft for Thuraya
Satellite Telecommunications Company is healthy and operating as designed.

A ground station in Fillmore, Calif., successfully acquired signals from the 
commercial communications satellite approximately 1 hour, 51 minutes after 

"Today marks the beginning of what will be a long and successful mission for 
this Thuraya satellite," said Howard Chambers, vice president of Boeing Space 
and Intelligence Systems. "The Thuraya-3 spacecraft will be ready to serve key 
markets for our customer following a thorough on-orbit check-out that will last 
about 28 days. Today's successful launch is an example of exceptional program 
execution on the part of Thuraya, Boeing and Sea Launch engineers. As with all 
Boeing satellites, Thuraya-3 was built on a foundation of mission assurance and 
quality, and we look forward to the coming weeks as we prepare the satellite to 
enter service for Thuraya."

Thuraya-3 is the third satellite Boeing has built for Thuraya Satellite 
Telecommunications Company. Boeing technology has helped Thuraya provide mobile 
satellite services to more than 110 countries inhabited by 2.3 billion people. 
Thuraya-3 will expand that service to include markets in Japan, China, Australia
and Korea.

The Thuraya satellites enable mobile telephone services, transmitting and 
receiving calls through each satellite's 12.25-meter-aperture reflector. Calls 
are routed directly from one handheld unit to another, or to a terrestrial 
network. The system has the capacity for 25,120 simultaneous voice circuits.

A unit of The Boeing Company, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is one of the 
world's largest space and defense businesses specializing in innovative and 
capabilities-driven customer solutions. Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing 
Integrated Defense Systems is a $32.4 billion business with 72,000 employees 

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