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Throughout the long campaigns I found myself more disturbed by the news and editorials from the Democrats, liberals and progressives, than by the bizarre antics of the mad right.

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This an an “overly brief and incomplete” report of my view of contemporary times, immediately after the 2010 elections. My focus is in other domains.

Before the elections I had concluded that no matter how the elections came out, the next two years will be both obscene and bizarre, but in different ways, depending on the outcome.  This view has not changed. The next decade will be very difficult for many.

Throughout the long campaigns I found myself more disturbed by the news and editorials from the Democrats, liberals and progressives, than by the bizarre antics of the mad right.  Although I only occasionally devoted some time to viewing FOX (essential, and often enlightening – I was not aware that one of Glen Beck’s agendas is the prosecution of Bankers), I got far more of my fill of the more bizarre moments repeated endlessly on liberal MSNBC and supposedly neutral CNN. Yet, it was the lame commentary, even by more favored commentators Keith and Rachael, that disturbed me. The others on MSNBC, CNN and even on most Internet analyzes disturbed me more. They were unable to properly counter the mad right because to do so would bring the Democrats, Clinton, and The American Myth into question, as a mix of evil doers.  The problem with America is not the polarization of political parties, which is primarily high theater, but the deep takeover of government by the economic sector, co-opting ALL branches of government.

It has long been my speculation that the more bizarre antics of Angle, O’Donnell, Paladino, and even Paul were intentionally designed to attract DLP (Democrats, Liberals, Progressives) to react to their antics instead of commenting on what was needed. Rachel Maddow even speculated that Paladino was a performance artist. The first three LOST, which was probably expected. Palin, in her own way, is a diversion.  Few know that she was courted by top corporations months before she was pushed into the VP position.  The DLP devoted most of their time reacting to the madness and were more-than-lame in either appropriate opposition to the Republican-Banker-Corporate coup-takeover or meaningful presentation of their own views (in a way to be comprehended by the average American). They preached to their choir and made very little effort to reach others with their message.  And, they never formulated their message as education.

In my view, the DLP lost the election, the Republican won by default.

Election fraud? The main media is now talking about electron fraud in and around the voting process, and masking the accelerating potential of voter (and polls) manipulation in the tabulation process. I no longer trust any poll or election results. Yet, both sides can play this game; and it can be played by corporations and even foreign forces, unknown by either political parties. We forget the manipulations in the 2000 and 2004 elections. It was more important to the Democrats to “defend” our “system” that to expose electoral corruption – which is also practiced by Democrats. Yet, as the Tofflers pointed out over a decade ago, batch processing at periodic election times cannot compete with continuous influence on policy by corporations and other organizations. In this day-& age, elections, itself, is a fraud; but a useful device for people manipulation.

I have long proposed that DECEPTION in electoral processes be viewed as TREASON against a DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM.  To openly lie, to attempt to disenfranchise voters, to attempt to influence polls and election results are brutal attacks against the very fabric of democracy.  They are the most heinous of crimes.  But, never expect reform to institute this as policy in the USA. Deception is foundational to Civilization.

By any scientific criteria, the 2010 elections were chin deep in deception. “The American People” is a distribution of very diverse worldviews. Blacks, other minorities, the young, those of lower income, and those with more education ALL voted more for the Democrats than Republicans. Actually, a minority of sheep, deceived by well funded propagandists and  deceptive political organizers conducted a coup against the Democratic USA.  In NO WAY have “The American People” spoken to give the GOP or the Tea Parties a full mandate.  Their deceptive post-election claims MUST be aggressively countered.

There is also something STRUCTURAL at play. The new technologies are very significantly transforming the processes by which individual get information and how decisions are made. The financial sector has been boosted to excessive dominance by technology. The media for the masses is now under tight, but subtle,  control. Although online media is wide open to diverse views, each is limited to narrow audiences.  I speculate that the media constraints are more structural than manipulative; although manipulators take advantage of the structural defects.

The levels of knowledge and cognitive competencies of our “leaders” is well beyond dismal. Even our “best” are severely limited. We are well beyond the stage when any individual or even a small group of individuals have the competencies to make significant decisions. Most of today’s decision makers are naively innocent of the vast knowledge of humankind available in our archives. Even the most intelligent and most knowledgeable are aware of only a very small part of what is available; and disciplinary forces keep them from exploring beyond their large “boxes.” Big Pictures are all limited in scope.

I can yet make no conclusions about Obama. He and his family’s speculative association with the CIA has yet to be resolved.  I cannot cite ONE of his decisions that I approve unconditionally.  He and his family may be under threat, but IMHO, it is time to sacrifice, if that be the case. He sent no subtle messages to the DLP that he was planning deeply.  The weird complexity of politics/governance is beyond easy comprehension. And, the influence of global corporatism & banking, and global national politics cannot be ignored.  There is ample evidence that there are groups involved in long term “conspiracy”, even if they are not omnipotent or consistent. They have intelligence, money and influence – even if they lack morality.  We have not yet accounted for the numbers of successful sociopaths or paranoids in high places.  Our societal processes enables these types to move to high positions.

So, in the USA from 2010 to 2012 the mad game continues. Hang on!

There are many levels of REALITY.  The vast majority experience their personal and local realities as primary, and the beyond is mostly cloudy myths, primed by the media.  This is why “jobs” and “the economy” are their focus, but neither right or left have any real conception of the complexities and contradictions related to living in a societal holarchy in simultaneous emergence, turbulence, and collapse. The level of politics is very superficial, and yet it dominates discourse. Almost everyone is not yet prepared for the type of discourse needed.  An uplifting of cognitive competencies is required, and it will not be facilitated within existing establishments.  We truly live within a MATRIX; but with many levels of indoctrination and reinforcement for everyone. Even what we might mean by REAL is beyond consideration. There may bis even  a MATRIX for the most knowledgeable and most intelligent. And, even those outside the MATRICES are still influenced by them.

We must carefully distinguish discourse both within and without contemporary perspectives and paradigms.  I personally am interested in”out-of-the box” scenarios; but I fully realize that these have NO CHANCE within contemporary paradigms and perspectives. Major SHIFTS never come from reforms!   Thus, although Third Party movements are venues for education, they have no real chance in contemporary politics and often contribute to negative electoral results. Radical progressives are making proposals “outside-the-box” which have no chance for approval “inside-the-box”; and yet they continue to push for such unrealistic attention. In keeping to this routine progressives never consider alternative venues.

IMHO, nothing of long term significance can be achieved from within-the box. Yet, we cannot get “outside-the-box” by reform strategies from “within-the box”. Politics, local to national, is like repainting the interior of a house that is soon to be demolished.  YET, it can be vital in maintaining a system where “outside-the box” action is possible. A synergistic inside/outside-the-box strategy could be quite effective.

Recommendations for those who are not pleased with what is happening:

1) Don’t depend on Obama or Democrats, to either do what you would hope or respond to your recommendations.
2) Don’t depend on getting your message on the mass/passive  (broadcast, including cable) media.
3) Comprehensive, alternative News and Commentary channels could be created online, that can be viewed like TV.  People can be attracted to getting their news and commentary from these, instead of FOX and MSNBC.  We need many such streaming channels. We can advertrize on TV to move people to these new “channels”.
4) Organize person-to person systems. Create some systems on social networks. Re-create the network that Obama abandoned and improve it.
5) Integrate relevant education in this alternative media.  Don’t depend on “spot education”, where the short byte intended is to teach. Develop many online curricula. Move in a direction where this is designed and managed by learners.
6) Know your audience. Don’t attempt to move them where the cannot, at this time, go. But, prepare them for future learning.
7) SERIOUSLY, investigate your own assumptions and limitations. YOU, also, need to significantly change; not only others.

Personally, I would like to leave the USA, but I have difficulty finding a place where Eloise’s health would sustain and where our USA retirement funds would continue to support us.  Additionally, how can we untangle from our underwater mortgage and debts and finance a migration. But, we feel it may be necessary to move from Arizona to a better region of the USA, even though the climate of Tuscon is quite suitable.

Until the deadline of Nov 18, I will be focused on preparing a proposal for an InnoCentive Challenge: .
This will force me to compress my ideas on UPLIFT into 5 pages.  My life after Nov 18 is wide open.
I welcome comments to this, but I won’t respond until after Nov 18.


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