Kosovo: guess what? it’s got oil & gas


Richard Moore


Large Potential Albanian Oil and Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo's Importance

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, February 19, 2008

On January 10, Swiss-based Manas Petroleum Corporation broke the news. Gustavson
Associates LLC's Resource Evaluation identified large prospects of oil and gas 
reserves in Albania, close to Kosovo. They are in areas called blocks A, B, C, D
and E, encompassing about 780,000 acres along the northwest to southeast 
"trending (geological) fold belt of northwestern Albania."

Assigned estimates of the find (so far unproved) are up to 2.987 billion barrels
of oil and 3.014 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. However, because of their 
depth, oil deposits may be capped with a layer of gas. If so, Gustavson 
calculates the potential to be 1.4 billion barrels of light oil and up to 15 
trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Further, if only gas is present, the 
discovery may be as much as 28 trillion cubic feet. In any case, if estimates 
prove out, it's a sizable find.

In its statement, Gustavson reported: "The probability of success for a wildcat 
well in a structurally complex area such as this is relatively high (because) it
is in a structurally favorable area (and) proven hydrocarbon source and 
analogous production exists only 20 to 30 kilometers away."

Currently, the Balkans region has small proved oil reserves of about 345 million
barrels, of which an estimated 198 million barrels are in Albania. Proved 
natural gas reserves are much larger at around 2.7 trillion cubic feet.

In December 2007, Albania's Council of Ministers allowed DWM Petroleum, AG, a 
Manas subsidiary, to assist in the exploration, development and production of 
Albania's oil and gas reserves in conjunction with the government's Agency of 
Natural Resources.

This development further underscores Kosovo's importance and the cost that's 
meant for Serbia. Since the 1999 US-led NATO war, it's been all downhill for the
nation, the region and its people:

--Kosovo is part of Serbia; at least it was; since 1999 it's been a 
Washington-NATO occupied colony stripped of its sovereignty in violation of 
international law;

-- it's been run by three successive US-installed puppet Prime Ministers with 
known ties to organized crime and drugs trafficking;

-- it's the home of one of America's largest military bases in the world, Camp 
Bondsteel; the province/country is more a US military base than a legitimate 
political entity;

-- its part of Washington's regional strategic objective to control and 
transport Central Asia's vast oil and gas reserves to selected markets, 
primarily in the West;

-- on February 17 during a special parliamentary session, Kosovo unilaterally 
declared its independence; the action violates international law; Kosovo is as 
much part of Serbia as Illinois is one of America's 50 states; to no surprise, 
Washington and dominant western countries support it; opposed are Serbia, 
Russia, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus;

-- might makes right; the issue is a fait accompli; the February 17 declaration 
ignores EU division pitting one-third of its 27 members in opposition; and

-- unilateral western-supported independence mocks the 1999 UN Security Council 
Resolution 1244; it only permits Kosovo's self-government as a Serbian province;
the resolution recognizes the "sovereignty and territorial integrity of the 
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia;" only a new UN resolution in compliance with 
international law can change that legally; nonetheless, it happened anyway on 
another historic day of infamy when Washington again trashed international law 
and the rules and norms of civil society.

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