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Subject: Key Media Articles Reveal Secret Realities of Government

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Dear friends,

Below are highly revealing one-paragraph excerpts of key media articles on the 
nature of government secrecy today. These powerful articles expose some of the 
secret manipulations and agendas of influential unseen players within 
governments and government agencies. Links are provided to the full articles on 
major media websites. If any link should fail to function, 
<>click here. By choosing to educate 
ourselves on these important issues and to 
<>spread the word, we can and will 
<>build a brighter future.

With best wishes,

Tod Fletcher and <>Fred Burks for 
<>PEERS and the 
<> Team

Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group
2005-09-29, BBC News


How much influence do private networks of the rich and powerful have on 
government policies and international relations? One group, the Bilderberg, has 
often attracted speculation that it forms a shadowy global government. Every 
year since 1954 [they have brought] together about 120 leading business people 
and politicians. At this year's meeting in Germany, the audience included the 
heads of the World Bank and European Central Bank, Chairmen or Chief Executives 
from Nokia, BP, Unilever, DaimlerChrysler and Pepsi ... editors from five major 
newspapers, members of parliament, ministers, European commissioners ... and the
queen of the Netherlands. The chairman ... is 73-year-old Viscount Etienne 
Davignon. In an extremely rare interview, he played down the importance of 
Bilderberg. "I don't think (we are) a global ruling class because I don't think 
a global ruling class exists." Will Hutton ... who attended a Bilderberg meeting
in 1997, says people take part in these networks in order to influence the way 
the world works, to create what he calls "the international common sense". And 
that "common sense" is one which supports the interests of Bilderberg's main 
participants. For Bilderberg's critics the fact that there is almost no 
publicity about the annual meetings is proof that they are up to no good. 
Bilderberg meetings often feature future political leaders shortly before they 
become household names. Bill Clinton went in 1991 while still governor of 
Arkansas, Tony Blair was there two years later while still an opposition MP. All
the recent presidents of the European Commission attended Bilderberg meetings 
before they were appointed. Informal and private networks like Bilderberg have 
helped to oil the wheels of global politics and globalisation for the past half 
a century.

Note: Why is this meeting of top world leaders kept so secret? Why is there no 
website? Why, until a few years ago, was there virtually no reporting on this 
influential group in the <>major media? 
(Note that the 
media has had some good articles and a 
search can be highly informative) For lots more reliable information on 
powerful, secret groups like this, 
<>click here.

Under The Influence
2007-04-02, CBS News


If you have ever wondered why the cost of prescription drugs in the United 
States are the highest in the world or why it's illegal to import cheaper drugs 
from Canada or Mexico, you need look no further than the pharmaceutical lobby 
and its influence in Washington, D.C. Congressmen are outnumbered two to one by 
lobbyists for an industry that spends roughly a $100 million a year in campaign 
contributions and lobbying expenses to protect its profits. One reason [drug 
company] profits have exceeded Wall Street expectations is the Medicare 
prescription drug bill ... passed three-and-a-half years ago. The unorthodox 
roll call on one of the most expensive bills ever placed before the House of 
Representatives began in the middle of the night. The only witnesses were 
congressional staffers, hundreds of lobbyists, and U.S. Representatives like Dan
Burton, R-Ind., and Walter Jones, R-N.C. "The pharmaceutical lobbyists wrote the
bill," says Jones. Why did the vote finally take place at 3 a.m.? "They didn't 
want on national television in primetime," according to Burton. "I've been in 
politics for 22 years," says Jones, "and it was the ugliest night I have ever 
seen." Jones says the arm-twisting was horrible. It certainly wasn't ugly for 
the drug lobby which ... has been a source of lucrative employment opportunities
for congressmen when they leave office. In all, at least 15 congressional 
staffers, congressmen and federal officials left to go to work for the 
pharmaceutical industry, whose profits were increased by several billion 
dollars. "They have unlimited resources," Burton says. "And when they push real 
hard to get something accomplished in the Congress of the United States, they 
can get it done."

Note: This article also states that the Medicare prescription bill "was the 
largest entitlement program in more than 40 years, and the debate broke down 
along party lines." Usually Republicans are against entitlement programs while 
Democrats support them. Why was it the opposite in this case? Could it be that 
big industry made huge profits from the passage of this bill? For lots more, 
<>click here.

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
2001-05-01, ABC News


In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to 
kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create 
public support for a war against Cuba. Code named Operation Northwoods, the 
plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking 
boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. 
ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities. The plans were 
developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community 
into supporting a war to oust Cuba's ... Fidel Castro. America's top military 
brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: "We could 
blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," and, "casualty lists in 
U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation." The plans 
had the written approval of all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and were presented 
to President Kennedy's defense secretary, Robert McNamara, in March 1962. But 
they apparently were rejected by the civilian leadership and have gone 
undisclosed for nearly 40 years. The Joint Chiefs even proposed using the 
potential death of astronaut John Glenn during the first attempt to put an 
American into orbit as a false pretext for war with Cuba. Should the rocket 
explode and kill Glenn, they wrote, "the objective is to provide irrevocable 
proof … that the fault lies with the Communists." The scary thing is none of 
this stuff comes out until 40 years after.

Note: Many military and political leaders tend to look at the world as a 
<>chess board. Sacrificing 
pawns (innocent civilians) is sometimes necessary to capture the queen. Is it 
beyond comprehension that this might have been 
<>the case with 9/11? And why was ABC the
only major news source to report this highly revealing story? To read the 
shocking declassified documents, 
<>click here.

Secretive testing firms certify nation's vote count machines
2004-08-23, MSNBC News/Associated Press


The three companies that certify the nation's voting technologies operate in 
secrecy, and refuse to discuss flaws in the machines to be used by nearly one in
three voters in November. Federal regulators have virtually no oversight over 
testing of the technology. The certification process, in part because the voting
machine companies pay for it, is described as obsolete by those charged with 
overseeing it. Despite concerns over whether the so-called touchscreen machines 
can be trusted, the testing companies won't say publicly if they have 
encountered shoddy workmanship. They say they are committed to secrecy in their 
contracts with the voting machines' makers ‹ even though tax money ultimately 
buys or leases the machines. Michael Shamos, a Carnegie Mellon computer 
scientist and electronic voting expert, told lawmakers in Washington, D.C. "I 
find it grotesque that an organization charged with such a heavy responsibility 
feels no obligation to explain to anyone what it is doing." The system for 
"testing and certifying voting equipment in this country is not only broken, but
is virtually nonexistent," Shamos added. More than a decade ago, the Federal 
Election Commission authorized the National Association of State Election 
Directors to choose the independent testers. On its Web site, the association 
says the three testing outfits "have neither the staff nor the time to explain 
the process to the public, the news media or jurisdictions."

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations
2007-10-04, New York Times


When the Justice Department publicly declared torture ³abhorrent² in a legal 
opinion in December 2004, the Bush administration appeared to have abandoned its
assertion of nearly unlimited presidential authority to order brutal 
interrogations. But soon after Alberto R. Gonzales¹s arrival as attorney general
in February 2005, the Justice Department issued another opinion, this one in 
secret. It was a very different document; according to officials briefed on it, 
[it was] an expansive endorsement of the harshest interrogation techniques ever 
used by the Central Intelligence Agency. The new opinion ... for the first time 
provided explicit authorization to barrage terror suspects with a combination of
painful physical and psychological tactics, including head-slapping, simulated 
drowning and frigid temperatures. Later that year, as Congress moved toward 
outlawing ³cruel, inhuman and degrading² treatment, the Justice Department 
issued another secret opinion. The Justice Department document declared that 
none of the C.I.A. interrogation methods violated that standard. The classified 
opinions, never previously disclosed, are a hidden legacy of President Bush¹s 
second term and Mr. Gonzales¹s tenure at the Justice Department. Congress and 
the Supreme Court have intervened repeatedly in the last two years to impose 
limits on interrogations, and the administration has responded as a policy 
matter by dropping the most extreme techniques. But the 2005 Justice Department 
opinions remain in effect, and their legal conclusions have been confirmed by 
several more recent memorandums, officials said. They show how the White House 
has succeeded in preserving the broadest possible legal latitude for harsh 

Echelon spy network revealed
1999-11-03, BBC News


Imagine a global spying network that can eavesdrop on every single phone call, 
fax or e-mail, anywhere on the planet. It sounds like science fiction, but it's 
true. Two of the chief protagonists - Britain and America - officially deny its 
existence. But the BBC has confirmation from the Australian Government that such
a network really does exist and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are 
calling for an inquiry. The base is linked directly to the headquarters of the 
US National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Mead in Maryland, and it is also 
linked to a series of other listening posts scattered across the world, like 
Britain's own GCHQ. The power of the network, codenamed Echelon, is astounding. 
Every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission can be 
listened to by powerful computers capable of voice recognition. They home in on 
a long list of key words, or patterns of messages. They are looking for evidence
of international crime, like terrorism. The network is so secret that the 
British and American Governments refuse to admit that Echelon even exists. But 
another ally, Australia, has decided not to be so coy. The man who oversees 
Australia's security services, Inspector General of Intelligence and Security 
Bill Blick, has confirmed to the BBC that their Defence Signals Directorate 
(DSD) does form part of the network. Asked if they are then passed on to 
countries like Britain and America, he said: "They might be in certain 
circumstances." But the system is so widespread all sorts of private 
communications, often of a sensitive commercial nature, are hoovered up and 

Skull And Bones
2004-06-13, CBS News


As opposite as George Bush and John Kerry may seem to be, they do share a common
secret - one they've shared for decades. The secret: details of their membership
in Skull and Bones, the elite Yale University society whose members include some
of the most powerful men of the 20th century. Bonesmen, as they're called, are 
forbidden to reveal what goes on in their inner sanctum. Bones has included 
presidents, cabinet officers, spies, Supreme Court justices, [and] captains of 
industry. They'd responded to questions with utter silence until an enterprising
Yale graduate, Alexandra Robbins, managed to penetrate the wall of silence in 
her book, Secrets of the Tomb. "I spoke with about 100 members of Skull and 
Bones. They were members who were tired of the secrecy,² says Robbins. ³But 
probably twice that number hung up on me, harassed me, or threatened me.² Skull 
and Bones, with all its ritual and macabre relics, was founded in 1832. Since 
then, it has chosen or "tapped" only 15 senior students a year who become ... 
lifetime members of the ultimate old boys' club. A lot of Bonesmen have gone on 
to positions of great power. President Bush ... tapped five fellow Bonesmen to 
join his administration. Bonesmen have [included] William Howard Taft, the 27th 
President; Henry Luce, the founder of Time Magazine; and W. Averell Harriman, 
the diplomat and confidant of U.S. presidents. Mr. Bush, like his father and 
grandfather before him, has refused to talk openly about Skull and Bones. But as
a Bonesman, he was required to reveal his innermost secrets to his fellow Bones 
initiates. They're supposed to recount their entire sexual histories in ... a 
dimly-lit cozy room.

Brainwash victims win cash claims
2004-10-17, London Times


Hundreds of mentally ill patients who were subjected to barbaric CIA-funded 
brainwashing experiments ... could be entitled to compensation following a 
landmark court ruling. Doctor Ewan Cameron, who became one of the world¹s 
leading psychiatrists, developed techniques used by Nazi scientists to wipe out 
the existing personalities of people in his care. Cameron ... was recruited by 
the CIA during the cold war while working at McGill University in Montreal, 
Canada. He carried out mind-control experiments using drugs such as LSD on 
hundreds of patients, but only 77 of them were awarded compensation. Now a 
landmark ruling by a Federal Court judge in Montreal will allow more than 250 
former patients, whose claims were rejected, to seek compensation. Last week, 
Alan Stein, of Montreal law firm Stein and Stein ... confirmed he was in the 
process of contacting former clients who could now renew their appeal. ³There 
are about 200 people still due compensation,² he said. Using techniques similar 
to those portrayed in the celebrated novel the Manchurian Candidate, it was 
believed that people could be brainwashed and reprogrammed to carry out specific
acts. Cameron developed a range of depatterning ³treatments². Patients were 
woken from drug-induced stupors two or three times a day for multiple electric 
shocks. In a specially designed ³sleep room² made famous by Anne Collins¹s book 
of the same name, Cameron placed a speaker under the patient¹s pillow and 
relayed negative messages for 16 hours a day. Cameron ... rose to become the 
first president of the World Psychiatric Association.

Note: If the above link does not work, 
<>click here. This article clearly shows 
that the Manchurian candidate (programmed assassin) is not just fiction. For a 
powerful two-page summary of 18,000 pages of declassified CIA documents on this 
disturbing mind control program, <>click 
here. Links to view the original top secret documents are included.

80 Institutions Used in C.I.A. Mind Studies
1977-08-04, New York Times


Adm. Stansfield Turner, the Director of Central Intelligence, testified today 
that the C.I.A. had secretly supported human behavior control research at 80 
institutions, including 44 colleges or universities as well as hospitals, 
prisons and pharmaceutical companies. He said that the main action years of 
MK-Ultra were from 1953 through 1963. The projects, he said, had included tests 
of LSD and of a "K," or "knockout drop." The agency had supported 185 
nongovernment researchers in 149 separate research projects. Admiral Turner said
that ... 8,000 pages of newly discovered documents do not contain the names of 
the subjects of the tests but do contain "leads" that might enable them to be 
found. Admiral Turner acknowledged under questioning that the C.I.A. had 
apparently planned to test drugs on terminal cancer patients at the same 
institution where it secretly contributed $375,000 toward the construction of a 
hospital building. The New York Times has independently confirmed the 
institution is Georgetown University Medical School here. Admiral Turner [also] 
said that "some unwitting testing took place on criminal sexual psychopaths 
confined at a state hospital." At the two-hour hearing today, Senator Kennedy, a
Massachusetts Democrat, pressed Admiral Turner to let the universities, 
researchers and possible subjects of the tests know of the C.I.A.'s involvement.
"These individuals have a right to know who they are and why they were used," he

Note: If the above link fails, 
<>click here.
For lots more reliable, verifiable information suggesting a major cover-up of 
government mind control programs, <>click 

UFOS: Are They for Real?
2007-11-09, CNN


LARRY KING, HOST: Our panel here in Los Angeles, 
Symington, the former governor of Arizona, who in 1997 ridiculed an 
<>infamous UFO sighting by thousands 
of people in the state and later admitted that he himself saw a craft. James 
Fox, the filmmaker who is the executive producer of the award-winning feature 
length documentary "<>Out of 
the Blue" -- the definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Colonel 
<>Chuck Halt [USAF] the deputy base 
commander of Bentwaters Woodbridge, a U.S. military base in Suffolk, England. 
Sergeant <>Jim Penniston ... a security 
supervisor at that base in 1980. He says he sat with a UFO on the ground for 45 
minutes before it hovered above him and shot into the air at an unearthly speed.
SYMINGTON: I was a skeptic [until] I saw a wedge-shaped craft of enormous 
proportions fly over ... Phoenix. KING: Colonel Halt [what] did you see? HALT: 
We noticed three objects. They were illuminated with multiple lights and were 
moving at high speed in sharp, angular patterns. One of them approached us at 
very high speed and sent down a beam ... at our feet. SGT. JIM PENNISTON: I was 
there. We discovered a craft of unknown origin .. on the ground. We touched it, 
walked around it, photographed it. KING: Added to [our panel] is 
<>John Callahan, the former 
division chief of accidents and investigations branch of the FAA. In 1986 a 
Japanese pilot said he saw twin cylinders flying in formation within 500 feet of
his air cargo jet. He claimed the object was the size of two aircraft carriers 
and it followed him for over 30 minutes. KING: After this incident, you said 
[the] FAA administrator held a briefing. CALLAHAN: When we got all done with our
briefing ... the CIA man stood up and said, this event never happened, we were 
never here, you're all sworn to secrecy and we are confiscating all of this 

Note: To watch the video of this discussion, 
<>click here. For lots more 
fascinating information suggesting there may have been a major cover-up of the 
UFO phenomenon, follow the links in the article above and see our 
<>UFO Information Center, which is 
filled with reliable, verifiable information on this important topic.

Experts Urging Broader Inquiry In Towers' Fall
2001-12-25, New York Times


Saying that the current investigation into how and why the twin towers fell on 
Sept. 11 is inadequate, some of the nation's leading structural engineers and 
fire-safety experts are calling for a new, independent and better-financed 
inquiry that could produce the kinds of conclusions vital for skyscrapers and 
future buildings nationwide. Experts critical of the current effort...point out 
that the current team of 20 or so investigators has no subpoena power and little
staff support and has even been unable to obtain basic information like detailed
blueprints of the buildings that collapsed. Some structural engineers have said 
that one serious mistake has already been made...the decision to rapidly recycle
the steel columns, beams and trusses that held up the buildings. Interviews with
a handful of members of the team, which includes some of the nation's most 
respected engineers, also uncovered complaints that they had at various times 
been shackled with bureaucratic restrictions that prevented them from 
interviewing witnesses, examining the disaster site and requesting crucial 
information like recorded distress calls to the police and fire departments. 
Members have been threatened with dismissal for speaking to the press.

Note: Our website has over 30 full articles posted from the New York Times. This
is the only article for which the Times threated to sue us if we didn't remove 
it. We were allowed to replace it with this short summary. For more on this, 
<>click here. For more reliable news 
articles suggesting a major cover-up of 9/11, 
<> click here.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis
1987-11-04, Documentary


The Secret Government is an interlocking network of official functionaries, 
spies, mercenaries, ex-generals, profiteers and superpatriots, who, for a 
variety of motives, operate outside the legitimate institutions of government. 
The Russians had been our ally against the Nazis, an expedient alliance for the 
sake of war. Now they were our enemy. To fight them we turned to some of the 
very men who had inflicted on humanity the horrors of Hitler¹s madness. We 
<>hired Nazis¹ as American 
spies. Admiral Gene La Rocque: ³That National Security Act of 1947 changed 
dramatically the direction of this great nation. It established the framework 
for a national security state. Never have we had a National Security Council so 
concerned about the nation¹s security that we¹re always looking for threats and 
looking how to <>orchestrate our 
society to oppose those threats. National Security was invented, almost, in 
1947, and now it has become the prime mover of everything we do. The National 
Security Act also gave us the Central Intelligence Agency." In 1975 ... Congress
took its first public look at the Secret Government. Senator Frank Church 
chaired the Select Committee to study government operations. The hearings opened
the books on a string of lethal activities. >From the use of electric pistols 
and poison pellets, to Mafia connections and drug experiments. And they gave us 
a detailed account of assassination plots against foreign leaders and the 
overthrowing of sovereign governments. This is a system easily corrupted. While 
freedom does have enemies in the world, it can also be undermined here at home, 
in the dark, by those posing as its friends.

Note: This highly revealing PBS documentary is available for free viewing on the
Internet. For the link, written text, and much more on this amazingly revealing 
documentary, <>click here.

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