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Richard Moore

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Subject: Brasscheck TV: What really happened?

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

It's the big festival that comes before
Lent, traditionally forty days of
light fasting and self-denial before
before Easter.

Today, while people the world over
celebrate "Carnival," let's feast
on the rarest commodity in America
today, a little bit of truth.

It's a pretty safe bet these days
that if a story appears on the
front page of the newspaper, you
can assume the facts have been 100%
spun, distorted and manufactured.

* Weapons of mass destruction?

* Bush won the 2000 election?

* The 9/11 plot was hatched in a cave
and carried out with box cutters?

All total and complete BS, but that's
what the modern mass media reports -
and they're sticking to their story.

Here's another one for you...but first
a simple multiple choice quiz:

You are a federal agency.

You observe by air reconnaisance that the
levee system of major America city is in the
process of collapsing endangering the lives of
many tens of thousands of people.

What do you do?

A. Nothing

B. Report it immediately to local
public safety officials so they can
alert citizens and rescue workers

C. Delay telling local officials for
twelve hours

D. Delay informing the locals so you
can figure out how best to spin the
story - and meanwhile let hundreds of
people drown to death.

If you picked D, you understand America



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