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Subject: Kaminski: Last waltz
From: John Kaminski <•••@••.•••>
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 07:56:58 -0500

Last waltz

The lights are getting low
and the dance is just about over

By John Kaminski

It has been a pleasure sharing this dance with you?

Now, as the lights burn low in the evening of humanity, when
madness has spread its poison over most of the globe and
throughout most of our bodies, I just want to say thanks for
a lovely evening and I'm sorry the way things turned out.

What exactly is your plan as system failure approaches, if I
may ask?

Personally, I don't have one. As a result of publishing
delays, news overload, and general confusion, I appear to
find myself at the end of my current publishing career,
beset by financial woes from which I likely will not
recover. Even though I have a new book coming out and
another in the works, my efficacy as an Internet essayist
appears to be at and end, owing to the choices I have made
that have resulted in my exclusion from virtually all
established Internet news venues, at least the ones I liked.

An array to supposedly sincere voices have turned against
me. I leave it to you to determine the validity of their

But what was the bomb I threw that made so many turn away in
reflexive fear?


I hit a nerve. What was the nerve I hit?

What has caused the widespread banning of my essays at
supposedly hip, progressively political sites across the
Internet? What boundary in the enforced silence of
government censorship did I cross?

I ID'd the perps, is what. And gave everyone a glimpse into
some serious gatekeeper behavior on the Net.

Did you ever ask who the gatekeepers protect?

Jewish bankers. For 250 years, at least. War after war. Just
check who's financing the ones we have now. Israeli
financiers, who profited from advance knowledge of 9/11
stock trades and reaped insurance dividends as well, control
all of American politics through influence in government
(Kissinger, Perle, Wolfowitz), media (Hollywood and
networks), and money (Rothschild, Rockefeller and their
numerous clones).

Sure there are other dupes involved who profess different
creeds and lineages. But always look at who's handling the

This is the secret government. It's not-so-secret if you
have the money to buy into the great scam producer, that
churns money out of blood. But if you're an ordinary
wage-earner, you're stuck in the dreary sitcom of partisan
party politics where all the characters say only what they
are allowed to say by the cash-bloated puppeteers who
control them.

That you can't say the word Jew in connection with 9/11, the
Iraq war, or the outright purchase of the American Congress,
are more than clear indicators of the full spectrum
dominance of Jewish influence in American culture, resulting
in approval of the same kind of torture they routinely use
in Israel, is all frighteningly similar to what it was in
Germany before Hitler took power.

Full spectrum dominance. Endless war. Needlessly killed
people. Will you be one of them?


Hundreds of essays on hundreds of websites around the world,
hundreds of radio interviews, a few on TV or video,
thousands of e-mail exchanges that expanded my mind to the
point where I had to burst out with what I knew.

It was the reason for all this needless conflict. How much
good my telling you about it remains to be seen. I only know
my words spread and people react, to the point where there
are active efforts to link me to intelligence agencies, or
ban me outright, or accuse me of being duped or handled ....
that I may have been set up on occasion appears now likely,
and casts doubt on my ability to discern what's really going

I only know treason, mass murder, and obstruction of justice
I see it, and I have seen plenty of it in these past few
turbulent years. If someone wants to confuse me with labels,
that's not that hard to do.

But ever since I saw that all the misleading labels -
Frankists, Illuminati, New World Order - were only synonyms
for the same group, I don't pay much attention to labels.
They're really only for smearing someone. Better to use the
actual word.

The very word that's forbidden. I have pushed that envelope
as far as I can and have been banned, ridiculed, proscribed
and prevented from publishing what are obvious truths that
everyone on this planet needs to know.

Our lives depend on it. Especially mine. If you feel that
information I have provided has been worthwhile, please take
the time - but only if you are able - to support my writing.
Buy a book at http://www.johnkaminski.com/ or make a
donation in support my efforts on what I hope has been your
behalf through https://www.paypal.com/ Orders and
contributions may also be mailed to 850 Hudson Ave.,
Sarasota FL 34236.

If fate so decrees and I am no longer able to continue
producing stories in this series, it has been a pleasure to
have had this last dance with you. In any case, thanks for
your kind attention and your desire to know what's really
happening in our world.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of
Florida whose Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of
websites around the world. His latest collection, Recipe for
Extinction, is now available at http://www.johnkaminski.com/

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no longer expeditiously send stories to everyone. It takes
days. So attached are several other recent efforts:

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