Joe Vialls: China Backs Iran Against The Great Satan


Richard Moore


I must warn you about this article. Mr. Vialls, who has
recently died, was evidently a rabid anti-Zionist, and he
peppers his language with anti-Zionist comments. I do not
endorse this. Nor do I necessarily agree with his various
claims, as I have no other source for them. Nonetheless, if he
is even close to the truth, he gives a quite different picture
of the current geopolitical situation than we would otherwise

If any of you have information either confirming or
contradicting any of this material, I would be interested in
seeing it. Mr. Viall's website includes a number of other
challenging articles, including a 'proof' that the recent
Asian tsunami was the result of a nuclear weapon.



China Backs Iran Against The Great Satan

Combine China's recent Iranian energy mega-deal with Vladimir
Putin's new strategic coalition, which includes
nuclear-capable Brazil, and it rapidly becomes clear that New
York's "Fortress Americas" fallback initiative is already dead
in the water

Copyright Joe Vialls, 22 December 2004

Back in November 1962 when President Kennedy forced the
removal of Russian missiles from Cuba, very few Americans
stopped to ponder whether, at some point in the distant
future, the tiny island of Cuba would decide to exact revenge
on the United States for this very public humiliation. Forty
years ago it all seemed most unlikely, but today the wheel has
turned full circle, and a little Fidel Castro payback appears
to be just over the horizon.

Based on received intelligence, it seems likely that the
Island of Cuba will soon be used as 'point man' in a grand
plan to deny American warships and other vessels safe transit
through the Gulf of Mexico. Quite apart from thoroughly
humiliating New York and Washington, such a move will have a
far more devastating effect if tankers are denied access to
the southern American oil terminals. Without oil imported
through its critical southern oil terminals, and also possibly
facing denial of access to underwater oil reserves in the Gulf
of Mexico, America will collapse in less than six months.

How this will be brought about is a long and sometimes
complicated story, but bear with me and I will try to make the
multi faceted components of this truly multinational operation
as clear as I can, in a report normally limited to a mere
3,000 words. To do this we must first circle the globe,
picking up seemingly random pieces of the operational jigsaw
on the way, until the last piece slips neatly into place less
than 200 miles south of Florida Keys.

As you may expect, there is really nothing random about the
process at all - merely the understandable caution and
strategic camouflage of a multinational coalition closing in
on the most dangerous and brutal nation on Planet Earth since
early in the 20th Century. During the last thirty years alone,
America's Zionist controllers have ordered the calculated
murder of more than six million innocents around the world,
and the world is not prepared to tolerate another six million
innocents being murdered by Zion during the next thirty years.

Much has happened during the past few months, so now we have
to slip back in time in order to discover the intriguing
answers to why Middle East LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is now
heading east rather than west; why Russia has forged an
ironclad coalition with China, India and Brazil, and why the
Zionists really want the UN's International Atomic Energy
Agency chief Mohamed El Baradei removed from office. Finally
we will have to show the connections between these events and
future mayhem in the Gulf of Mexico.

On 10 November 2004, the India Daily reported that, "Russian
President Putin is taking a lead role in the most powerful
coalition of regional and superpowers in the world. The
coalition consists of India, China, Russia and Brazil. This
will challenge the superpower supremacy of America." Š "He
[Putin] wants to establish a long-term Russian footprint in
Latin America in order to expand Moscow's geopolitical
influence in the region. Brazil is very open to the coalition
concept where these large countries support each other in term
of trade, economics, international politics and defense."

Just this single strategic move means that the new coalition
embraces just over three quarters of the world's total
population, eighty percent of its natural resources, and a
majority of technical and scientific experts. Nor does it end
there, because the coalition automatically includes the
Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which is presently
comprised of China, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
and Uzbekistan. Dangerously for America, the coalition will
soon have another important member, Iran, currently due to
enter informally in a few months time through the SCO "back
door" because of a mammoth energy deal. We will return to Iran

Obviously from the Zionist perspective, the most disturbing
new member of the coalition is Brazil, because New York has
long believed and insisted that the whole of Central and South
America is under its personal "protection", which is just
another way of claiming that Zionists can pillage the place
whenever they want to, proved by countless CIA atrocities in
almost every American country south of Puerto Rica.Now then,
what would happen to this cozy pillaging arrangement if
Russia-friendly coalition partner Brazil decided to develop
nuclear weapons?

On 16 November 2004, just six days after Vladimir Putin
formally introduced Brazil as a member of the new coalition,
IAEA inspectors from Geneva visited Rio de Janeiro. Just eight
days later on 24 November 2004, Brazilian Energy Minister
Eduardo Campos announced that the IAEA had issued Brazil with
a permit to commence the experimental stage of uranium

Paranoia immediately swept down Wall Street at the speed of
light, and within hours the White House was pathetically
whining that IAEA chief Mohamed El Baradei should be removed
from office. Dark hints by the New York Times that El Baradei
had "not been doing enough in Iran", were just a hasty smoke
screen. For many years the Zionists had a fallback plan in
case global conquest became impossible. Code-named "Fortress
Americas", the plan relied on the USA being able to conquer
both Canada and South America, thereby building themselves an
impregnable redoubt in the Western Hemisphere, to provide
cover while rebuilding their strength.I wrote two long
reports on this top-secret plan, which are linked at the
bottom of this page for those who wish to study the details.

With Brazil now a full coalition partner with Russia and
China, "Fortress Americas" was already doomed to failure,
especially because Vladimir Putin had been economical with the
truth when he named the coalition members. Venezuela had
already signed up in secret, but this was kept under wraps for
fear of alerting the CIA to what was to come next. As most
readers know, Venezuela has massive oil reserves that America
relies on heavily, and premature exposure might have led to
rash military action against the country, in order to seize
the Venezuelan oilfields in the sacred name of "American
National Security".

In its normal crude way, the CIA had already given advance
warning of this intent by planning to shoot down Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez's aircraft in late September, when he
was en route to address the United Nations in New York.
Fortunately for Chavez and his country, Venezuelan
Intelligence received advance warning and blocked the
President's flight. The CIA shoot-down was to be followed 14
hours later by "phase 2", an attack on the Presidential
barracks while the country was still in shock about President
Chavez's 'accidental death', thus capturing Venezuelan oil and
handing it to America on a plate.

Of course the CIA should have cancelled "Phase 2"
the minute it knew that the Presidential aircraft had not
taken off from Caracas for New York, but sadly the CIA
planners forgot, and the Presidential barracks attack force
was swiftly overwhelmed by a very alert Venezuelan military.
Needless to say, "Phase 2" proved that "Phase 1" was very real
and accurate intelligence, in turn proving that the Zionists
had yet again ordered the murder of a head of state for
monetary gain, a long standing tradition on Wall Street.

Within days Russia 'agreed' to provide
Venezuela with fifty Mig 29 fighters, because it was obvious
that Wall Street would try again later if a deterrent was not
put in place, and Chavez could hardly rely on America to send
spare parts for his fleet of aging F-16s. New York was furious
of course, but could hardly do anything about it. And besides,
what harm could 50 Mig interceptors a thousand miles away do
to America? New York had made the fatal error of assuming that
the Migs in question were being delivered exclusively to
protect Venezuela against American bombers or troop

In fact, all fifty aircraft are Mig 29 SMTs, the very latest
in Russian technology with enhanced attack payload capacity
and a Plasma Stealth System. Hardly the aircraft one would
choose for a Red Baron dogfight at 15,000 feet, now is it? 
All Venezuelan Mig 29 SMTs are painted dark blue, which may be
part of the stealth system, but more commonly denotes that the
aircraft will be used for low level attacks over water. When
nosey European diplomatic officials asked Venezuelan Air Force
generals why they needed such sophisticated aircraft, the
generals responded "To protect the Panama Canal". When asked
against whom, the air chiefs wouldn't specify.

What absolutely no one outside Russia and Venezuela knew until
two weeks ago, is that 20 of the fifty Mig 29 SMTs are fully
equipped to carry and fire the devastating SS-N-25 [and now
SS-N-26] "Onyx", a devastating and completely unstoppable Mach
2.9 ramjet anti-ship cruise missile which skims the waves at
twenty feet, before delivering a knock out blow to its
maritime target more than 200 kilometers away.

So great is the kinetic energy at the point of impact on the
target, that Onyx can sink an American aircraft carrier or
supertanker using only a conventional penetrating warhead.
Those scientists who might doubt this should calculate the
impact energy of 5,500 pounds of missile striking a carrier or
tanker at a terminal velocity of 2,460 feet per second. It is
understood that Russia is providing Venezuela with a stockpile
of forty anti-ship Onyx missiles.

Concurrently on the other side of the world,
more pieces of the strategic jigsaw were falling into place,
and on 2 December 2004 the Asia Times published "China Rocks
the Geopolitical Boat with Iran Oil Deal", which is probably
one of the top stories of the century, but it was not repeated
by the Australian media. Heck no, because this was utterly
devastating news for the energy-hungry west, and thus not fit
for public exposure:-

"A mere two months ago, the news of a China-Kazakhstan
pipeline agreement, worth US$3.5 billion, raised some eyebrows
in the world press, some hinting that China's economic foreign
policy may be on the verge of a new leap forward. A clue to
the fact that such anticipation may have totally understated
the case was last week's signing of a mega-gas deal between
Beijing and Tehran worth $100 billion. Billed as the "deal of
the century" by various commentators, this agreement is likely
to increase by another $50 to $100 billion, bringing the total
close to $200 billion, when a similar oil agreement, currently
being negotiated, is inked not too far from now.

"The gas deal entails the annual export of some 10 million
tons of Iranian liquefied natural gas (LNG) for a 25-year
period, as well as the participation, by China's state oil
company, in such projects as exploration and drilling,
petrochemical and gas industries, pipelines, services and the
like. The export of LNG requires special cargo ships, however,
and Iran is currently investing several billion dollars adding
to its small LNG-equipped fleet."

Though America officially refers to Iran as part of the "Axis
of Evil", this does not stop it importing very large
quantities of Iranian LNG through third parties. Now all that
will come to a grinding halt, because Iran must naturally
focus exclusively on filling its mammoth Chinese commitments.
Thus on 2 December 2004, the block on external energy supplies
to America started in earnest.

At the same time, Iran effectively came under China's
protection, because any American attack on Iran will impact
directly on Chinese National Security by severing its energy
resources. It is but a small step for Iran from there to full
membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and
overall protection by the Russian-Chinese Axis.

There is a curious oriental twist here, because the mammoth
Iranian LNG contract with China will also have a major
negative impact on "Coalition of the Willing" partner
Australia. Back in 2002 there was a huge fanfare when the
Australian Government trumpeted news of an annual 3.3 million
ton LNG export deal toChina, due to commence in 2006 and
last for 25 years. Does this sound familiar?

Unfortunately for Australia, the Iranian-Chinese
deal was effective the day it was signed in late November
2004, and both countries have admitted that between them they
will need to build another 87 LNG tankers just to keep up with
their initial supply from the huge Iranian Pars gas field. In
the view of this author, the Chinese willdefault on the
Australian deal, which is probably a suitable punishment for
the obsequious cretins in Canberra who agreed to "help" the
Zionists in Iraq.

America is already desperately short of energy,
and it can only get worse. Iraq is producing nothing at all as
usual, and the Republican Guard will ensure it stays that way.
OPEC will slow down production in January because it actually
has to. If the OPEC countries keep pumping at their present
outrageous rates to please America, they will eventually
destroy their own economies by terminally damaging their
producing wells. This leaves the largest single oil producer
in the world, Russia, to increase or decrease world oil
production to suit its own (or its new coalition's) global

The New Russia-China-India-Brazil coalition really means
business, and it would be wise to remember that after reforms
at the United Nations, all four will have permanent seats on
the Security Council. But that is after the likely
confrontation in the Gulf of Mexico, designed to either make
America withdraw completely from the rest of the world and
become relatively poor, or face devastating and total economic
ruin. It has been suggested to me that the choice will 
probably be left to the American people, if they can terminate
a few dozen Zionists fast enough.

Despite Venezuelan claims that they want to use
the Mig 29 SMTs to protect the Panama Canal (which is true to
a certain extent), their most obvious use initially appears to
be that of defending Venezuela against an American aircraft
carrier strike on Caracas, or elsewhere in the country. Yes
they can do that, because any U.S. carrier getting close
enough to launch its aircraft against Venezuela, can in turn
be sunk very swiftly indeed by one or two of the lethal and
unstoppable Onyx missiles.However, this would not stop a
strike by long range ALCMs dropped by B-52 bombers, another
cowardly Zionist weapon of mass destruction. What then?

This is where the really clever bit comes in.
Russia has arranged for the Venezuelan pilots to receive their
advanced Mig 29 training in Cuba, which already has six
earlier version of the aircraft. So the Cuban instructors are
well up to the job, but don't have the latest Mig 29 SMT model
that the Venezuelan Air Force has. Well, not until next week
anyway. Russia is donating four [Onyx equipped] Mig 29 SMTs to
Cuba free of charge, for use in training the Venezuelan pilots
and then to add to their own inventory. Agreement has also
been reached for joint exercises in the future, using Cuban

All of a sudden, America will be facing the same
deadly threat it faced when arguing with China about the
future of Taiwan. Basically, China demonstrated the awesome
accuracy and power of its SS-N-22 Sunburn and SS-N-25 onyx
missiles against moving unmanned maritime targets, and the
U.S. Fleet swiftly withdrew.

So how is the U.S. Navy going to feel when every
dark blue Mig 29 SMT flying off a dirt strip in Cuba (yes,
they can do that), is possibly carrying an Onyx missile
capable of sinking any American ship within a tactical radius
of 600 miles?

It seems beyond doubt that the main message will get through,
i.e. that if America dares to attack Venezuela or even little
Cuba, every supertanker approaching the American southern oil
terminals through the Gulf of Mexico, will be sunk by an
invisible Mach 2.9 missile exploding in a white fireball.

Worse still, there is the possibility that some of America's
offshore oil platforms in the Gulf might also be destroyed,
causing savage blowouts that will burn for ten years or more.

There will be those who read this report with
cynicism, sneering as always that no one would dare do this to
the "only remaining superpower on earth". You think not?
Yesterday morning Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez flew to
Beijing, where Chinese officials have said he will be on an
official visit extending until Monday 27 December, a total of
five days straight. Evidently the Chinese regard President
Chavez as a very important Head of State, which is hardly
surprising when you understand the reason for his visit.

Until the Zionists tried to murder him back in September,
Chavez was reasonably happy supplying America with 2.7 million
barrels of oil per day, which is about 80% of Venezuela's
total production. The attempt on his life was one giant step
too far though, so Chavez is now in Beijing negotiating to
sell the entire 2.7 million barrels per day to China

Happy Christmas!


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"