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The full integration of North and South America is no longer achievable, due to 
the initiatives of Hugo Chavez. The integration of Mexico, Canada, and the US 
can be seen as a fall-back strategy.


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By Joan Veon
May 9, 2007

While most people think of history as something that happened before ³their 
time,² many fail to understand that each one of us is in the process of watching
history in the making and living it. Most fail to recognize the slow political 
and economic evolution to move the United States into a hemispheric free trade 
zone like that of the European Union.

Unlike the European Union¹s integration which was given great fanfare in the 
media with Europeans entering into a contest to name the new combined currency, 
the integration of the United States with the other countries of this hemisphere
is subject to a major media blackout. Do they fear the masses? Are they 
concerned they will wake up and scream ³NO, NOT IN MY BACK YARD!²? Do they 
possibly think there might be another tea party? Whatever it is, no one in major
media wants to tell the masses that their country and constitution is in the 
shredder. Unfortunately, it is not just the major media, but our own elected 
representatives who are not explaining what they are doing to bring about the 
demise of America.

Because the media has not specifically reported in headline from the steps that 
have been taken since 1992 to integrate the first three countries: Canada, the 
U.S. and Mexico, most Americans think that it does not exist. What will these 
very naive people do when they realize all of the 33 countries of this 
hemisphere, with the exception of Cuba, are being merged into a free trade zone 
called the Free Trade Areas of the Americas? Like the European Union, we will 
have a common currency, we will have a regional central bank (the Federal 
Reserve), and we eventually will have a regional parliament with locally elected
representatives to it.

Is regionalism a new thing? No. When the United Nations was set up in 1945, they
established regional commissions for the entire world. Ours is called the 
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean-ECLAC. While NAFTA is 
the first step to complete hemispheric integration, in 1994 when NAFTA was 
entered into force, the Clinton Administration called for a meeting of the 
presidents and prime ministers of the other 32 countries of this hemisphere in 
December to discuss integration.

Today, as a result of the elimination of duties on U.S. goods and the gradual 
phasing out of other tariffs over a 14 year period, three way trade between the 
U.S., Canada, and Mexico has doubled to over $623B. Furthermore, numerous 
agreements have been put in place regarding electricity, biodiversity, labor and
worker¹s rights. The NAFTA Secretariat is comprised of the three parts: the 
Canadian Section in Ottawa, the Mexican Section in Mexico City and the U.S. 
Section in Washington, D. C. The NAFTA parties are ³committed to the successful 
conclusion of the Free Trade Areas of the Americas-FTAA [which will] build on 
the existing free trade agreements and on the expanding links that the NAFTA 
countries have elsewhere in the hemisphere.²

When I covered the second FTAA meeting in Santiago, Chile, I witnessed via a 
television monitor in the press room, the 34 Western Hemisphere heads of state 
sign a document that will integrate our countries into a new free trade zone. 
Then when I covered the follow-up meeting in Quebec, they signed another 
document. What I realized is that they were signing a new ³Constitution² for the
21st Century².

State Department document No. 10536 disseminated at the second meeting called, 
Words into Deeds Progress since the Miami Summit quoted Clinton,

"For the first time ever, we established an architecture for hemispheric 
relations from the Artic circle in the north to Argentina in the south. We 
created a work plan from which the democratic governments of the Americas could 
be judged by their people. We established a follow-up process to ensure that the
decisions we reached at the Summit would be carried out."

In order to implement these initiatives, the 34 ministers representing labor, 
transportation, finance, justice, energy, telecommunications, science and 
technology, education, anti-crime initiatives, trade and commerce, and health 
and human services, have been meeting and working together since 1994 to create 
a new infrastructure for the integrated structure of our countries.

The second installment of the on-going hemispheric integration occurred on July 
27, 2005 when Congress passed the Central American Free Trade Agreement-CAFTA 
which will eliminate barriers to trade and investment among the countries of 
Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the 
United States. CAFTA eliminates all tariffs on 80% of U.S. manufactured goods, 
with the balance to be phased out over the next few years. To get Republican 
legislators to vote for CAFTA, Bush allowed the earmarking of $24.2B to the 2005
transportation bill dubbed SAFETEU-LU to persuade hold-outs to sell the 
sovereignty of their country. It appears that the countries of Latin America 
will and are coming in one by one so that by the time Congress decides they 
should make this legal, all they will do is catch up to actions. So what will it
mean that the United States is now part of this regional integration?

First, we need to understand that regional integration is the complete demise of
the United States of America as we know it. Our currency will be replaced by the
Amero, the coming regional currency; our federal level of Congress will be 
demoted to the level of a state legislator as the coming regional parliament 
will supersede our ³local congress²; our laws will be the same as the other 33 
countries in this hemisphere and the rules and regulations by which we will 
abide will not be from the Constitution. Furthermore, we will have one flag, one
anthem, one government, and one Court of Justice.

[Explanation: It¹s already in progress. You will notice, that for the past 30 
years or so the US dollar has been taking a metamorphous. It¹s becoming 
colorized as the Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso. How will they pull this 
off? They will create a huge crises, then offer the solution to the dumbed down 
masses. The new currency will save the day. People will buy the lie hook line 
and sinker. Everyone in the main stream press and the political realm is aware 
of this. Only the people are in the dark.]

Lastly, although we are the most powerful and largest country in this 
hemisphere, we will be outvoted by the 13 Commonwealth countries located in this
hemisphere. Say what? Let us discuss for the moment the Commonwealth of Nations.
Operating within the United Nations are the 54 countries of the Commonwealth 
which is headed up by the Queen of England. According to, ³the 
commonwealth of nations is a voluntary association of independent states, mostly
formed by the United Kingdom and its former colonies.² Countries that 
³acknowledge the British monarch as head of state are known as Commonwealth 
Realms², while all members recognize Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the 
Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is the successor of the (old) British Empire and 
has its origins in the Imperial Conferences of the 1920s.²

When the United Nations was formed in 1945, Canada, New Zealand, and the United 
Kingdom-UK had three votes. At that time, the UK was comprised of 52 countries. 
As they de-colonized between 1946 and 1989, the UK spun off 42 countries. The UK
currently has a number of associated states, external territories, and 
dependencies. However, every time they spun off a country and it received its 
³independence², that country was granted a vote at the United Nations, the World
Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organization, etc. In other words, the U.S. is 
outvoted at the United Nations by the potential of 54 votes by all the 
Commonwealth countries. Currently with regard to NAFTA, we are equal to Canada 
which is a Commonwealth nation. However, once the FTAA is put together, the U.S.
will be outvoted in our hemispheric parliament by the 13 countries that are 
Commonwealth members! They countries are: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, 
Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. 
Vincent Grenadines, and Trinidad/Tobago.

How do you integrate our currency with countries that have a parliamentary 
structure and which acknowledge the queen of England as Head of State? Exactly 
what will history books say with regard to the integration of the U.S. with 
Canada and Mexico and then the complete integration of our hemisphere? Will they
explain the evolutionary color of our dollar from green to various colors? Will 
they explain how the integration was gradual beginning with NAFTA, then CAFTA 
and then the other Latin American countries? Will they explain the devolution of
power of the national parliaments in favor of the FTAA parliament? Will they 
explain how the train and transportation systems were changed to first link the 
NAFTA countries and then to link all of the Americas? Will they talk about how 
Latin America had better soil to provide all the food needed for the Americas? 
Will they determine that Presidents Clinton and Bush were heroes? Will they talk
about the ³Old² America and what the Liberty Bell use to mean? Lastly, how will 
we answer our grandchildren when they ask us why we allowed America to be 

[Explanation: Have you noticed how much of our produce is imported from south 
and central America? Question one might ask, why all of a sudden all the 
imported inferior produce? The answer is simple. Destroy the American farmer, 
which will make America dependent instead of independent.]

[Summery: This is the end of our sovereignty and Constitutional guarantees. A 
police state is in the making to deal with resistors to this diabolical scheme. 
God and the 10 commandments will slowly be eradicated, so will homeschooling. 
America will revert back to pre-Christ days of paganism. Will the cops sell 
their soul for a paycheck and go against the people? You bet they will, and most
of them (not all) will not even see anything wrong with what they¹re doing.]

Question: What will you say to your children and grandchildren when they ask 
you, why did you allow this to happen?

© 2007 Joan Veon - All Rights Reserved

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