Joan Veon on Public-Private Partnerships


Richard Moore

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The title on the YouTube is wrong, the subject is Public-Private Partnerships, and is well worth viewing. The text below is valid, but not related to the video.


Joan Veon’s Powerful Interview; UN Depopulation Plan Agenda 21

Uploaded on Aug 6, 2010
Agenda 21 is actually part of a UN program of depopulation. The elite like to refer to it as “eugenics”. Either term means the same thing. The billionaire elitists of the world that have been stealing from us since the Federal Reserve was born in 1913, and League of Nations 6 years later which became the UN, put money into the hands of 13 rich families. These families that make up the privately owned Federal Reserve then eliminated the gold and silver backing of America’s money and enacted fiat currency. 9 out of 10 people in America have no idea the Federal Reserve isn’t part of the government, but a scam by billionaire bankers concocted on Jekkyl Island in 1913. Google “Eustace Mullins” and “G. Edward Griffin” for all you need to know. Mullin’s book on the Fed was the 1st book burned in Germany after WW2 ended. They explain it better than anyone. Especially Mullins, who is one of few American authors to have the government burn his books joining other esteemed authors, scientists, and inventors such as Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich. .And we all know what a genious Tesla was! Still today, a 100 years after his inventions, scientists are still catching up and doing a bad job of “learning on the fly” you might say. And to think Tesla , despite being one of the most brilliant geniuses in history, was gullible enough to believe his intentions to provide free energy to everyone would come true. Can you imagine how the past 80 years would have been like without our having to depend on oil, coal, and nuclear energy??