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February 8, 2010
If ‘nothing’ is really going on today, then that would be a major improvement in the quality of that ‘silence’ that is pressing down on all of us right now. But there is a very great deal that is going on beneath all the artificial-surfaces, everywhere. Here’s a sketch for “The City” that was to have been a pair of doors illustrated with the catch-phrases and the tempting scraps of so-much of what had already been destroyed thirty years ago. Wander through these portals and try to see what happened to these once-proud concepts that are no longer part of what this world is dying in today. This was the basis for the lies that made the present-deceptions viable.
Eustace Mullins understood this trap perhaps far better than most of us ever will. He spent his life trying to open these doors to all that suspected their existence; yet despite the quality of his research and the depth of his knowledge far too few people are even aware of the existence of these global institutions that were designed to fail. (1)
When thinking about what can be done about what has become of what we once thought of as our world—very little now seems possible, because there is so much in the architecture-of-anarchical-fascism that remains unknown to the majority of the herd that will be governed by the new police-state. I have focused on the need for balance, as in checks & balances that government once required. The New World Order has risen on the strength of what appears to be their lawlessness; symbolized by a certain rogue-state status which too many places have now embraced. What gets lost in all of this designed terror, is that there must always be checks & balances, even and especially in what might appear to be the state-run-terrors that are driving the impending global collapse: Even within that cesspool of greed and faceless power there must be checks & balances or real chaos will be created in an instant. Once those thunderbolts of destruction are loosed then everything will be overturned—and everyone including the designer’s will lose it all.
Yet to accomplish any of this there must be more people who think for themselves. As Bob Taft recently said: “It is very rare that someone like Mullins comes along with the rare ability to THINK FOR HIMSELF. In actual practice the person who has really ever THOUGHT A THOUGHT is very hard to find. Our tightly controlled educational system, followed by our tightly controlled managed media, assures that very few will ever bother to think. AGREEMENT is what is required for one to be well accepted in a society of dullards like ours. People on average are in fear of disagreeing, for then they might be considered unacceptable to the group. 
Thinking is a process whereby one considers the past, in the present, for activity in the future. We are deluged with canned instructions on our radio and TV stations on how to be an acceptable member of the group. No thinking required. We are of late even instructed to remove snow and ice from our vehicle windows in radio messages sponsored by government. Who would have ever done so on their own?” There are still people who do think for themselves, but as is mentioned here below; precisely because these individuals do think for themselves; their work is seldom picked up or responded to.
The fact that ‘The Republic’ is a paper-fiction is literally true, however if the public had ever accepted the concept and attempted to hold government to the terms that are required for it to function: Then this could easily have become the operative government. But that never happened early on, which made it nearly impossible for freedom to escape from the cage that was created to restrain “the promise of a Republic” forever. To insure that this idea stayed in prison, the Electoral College was established which insures that people do not get to directly vote for their candidates: what we actually vote for instead are the hand-picked delegates to the Electoral College which is the only vote that counts when it comes to ‘selecting presidents,’ and why challenges to the vote-counts can so easily be ignored.
I would like to believe Eustace when he says: “The internet is a sign that the damn is weakening. It’s unstoppable, like a natural force. They can wish it’ll go away, but it won’t. Things come along when they’re needed enough.” However, for this to happen people have to “see the need for themselves” and that does not appear to be even remotely on the radar, much less a possibility that’s about to happen anytime soon (the interview below (1c) was made in 2003, and a lot more has happened in the intervening seven years than even Eustace could have imagined. Here is the financial impossibility which is currently blocking any real solutions. (2)
Ultimately, some of us will have to turn away because this is not about what we write or try to illustrate; this is about that conscious choice which nearly three-quarters of this nation has already apparently-chosen to follow: That’s a course where genocide, war-crimes and crimes-against-humanity have become the formative basis for everything this country wants to do in the wider world; and that spells national and political suicide to anyone with eyes and ears and the power of speech. Eustace Mullins was an original thinker and a very thoughtful person that did everything he could to prevent what is continuing to happen now. But to stop something that is five-thousand years old and counting, requires a lot of courage and a lot more than just a few thinking people. Here’s the bottom half of “The City.”
If the public really began to do ‘nothing’ then this would all grind to a screeching halt, almost immediately. However the reason why ‘we’ have not chosen to do that long ago is and was, because too many of us see the promise of potential gain in these illegally-malignant and barbaric policies that we continue to pursue around the world. It is not just the bankers, the Zionists and all the would-be owners of the planet that have made this happen: It is everyone of us that has looked into the mirror and chosen not to try to interrupt this monstrous crime that we have turned this nation into by our emphatic inactions, as well as by our silent approvals, of the continuing crimes too-many still subscribe to! 

Jim Kirwan


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2) It is now mathematically impossible to pay off the US National Debt