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Subject: JEFF ON ‘NIGHTWATCH’ Radio: HOPI PROPHECIES Discussion (archived url’s)

Here are the youtube links to listen to the archived recordings from last weeks ‘Nightwatch’ radio show with host Daniel Eelbode.  

Here is Tuesday’s interview, in which we discussed the Hopi prophecies.

And here is Thursday’s interview. Daniel is reading from some texts for about the first 30 minutes before I come in.

Some of that can be accessed here:

As I see it, looking at the Hopi prophecies is not a quaint look back at the mythology of yet another essentially disenfranchised native American tribe, but an exploration of the deeply spiritual world-view of a totally unique indigenous people whose prophecies, dating back many many thousands of years, describe perfectly what is happening in the world of today, and whose language has individual words describing highly sophisticated concepts relating to the perception of time, culture, and reality.  ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, for example, means ‘life out of balance’, ‘crazy life’, or ‘a way of living that calls for another way of living.’  ‘Powaqatsi’ means ‘a sorceror or way of life that derives its energy from other life-forms.’  And ‘naqoyqatsi’ means ‘time of war.’  As far as I am aware, neither English or any other Indo-European languages have words of such visionary sophistication.

To me, the central prophecy that is most highly relevant to the world of today is ‘If we dig precious things from the land we will invite disaster.’  This pretty much sums up the root of many of our most serious ecological and spiritual maladies.  If you look, for example, at the genocide, ecocide, war and strife that are the hand-maidens and consequences of our relentlessly digging out gold, coal, and petroleum, it’s clear that our blatant violation of this warning has indeed brought disaster down upon us. The most dangerous ‘precious thing’ we have dug from the land, however, is uranium;  our mobilization, concentration and experimentation on this sacred part of the living body of Mother Earth has given birth to the entire global nuclear scenario…a destructive nightmare adversely affecting every life form on this planet and whose long-terms consequences we have only begun to experience.  Mining and hydro-carbon extraction is exploding all around the world.  The negative spiritual karma accruing for humanity is unimaginable, and it is a burden to be born by each and every one of us, not some imaginary ‘them’ out there.

As I see it, our generalized acceptance of and complacency towards this literal war on Mother Earth may well result in the exclusion of homo sapiens from the ‘new creation’ which is to occur after the ‘day of purification’ has cleasned the Earth from all that is out of balance and harmony with life and the true path of the Great Spirit.

“I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s.”  William Blake

“On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers:  everyone is crew.”  R. Buckminster Fuller