Jeff Phillips: HAARP & Geo-Terrorism


Richard Moore

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NOTE FROM JEFF:  In the week since I posted my comprehensive “Geo-Terrorism and ‘Technetronic’ Warfare“ article, more information has provided even greater evidence of recent ‘natural disasters’ being “not so natural”, that is, being the result of weaponized geo-engineering.  Abundant ‘signature’ patterns of HAARP-related weather modification technologies are being seen daily all around Australia, with mysterious “beams” visible on radar emanating from several locations, some of which correlate with known military bases; these beams are associated with highly unusual weather patterns, for example, massive rainfall all across south-eastern Australia.  In New Zealand, reports keep coming in of massive chem-trail spraying over the southern part of the north island, even at night.  We even saw a massive chem-trail over Lake Te Anau two days ago…obviously NOT a ‘contrail’ as NO plane could emit such a huge quantity of vapour.  The massive plume gradually dissipated to cover half the sky, creating a swath that spread from the eastern to the western horizons.  Two or three hours later it was still there, and a grayish mist could be seen in the west illuminated by the setting sun.  This is NOT a populated area;  this is remote south island New Zealand.

    With respect to the quake/tsunami/nuclear scenario in Japan, it’s increasingly clear not only that this was the result of ‘tectonic warfare’, but also that other elements were at work to exacerbate the quake/tsunami damage, and to guarantee a “global poisoning event.”  It’s no coincidence that an Israeli firm called Magna was running ‘security’ at Fukushima; Israeli ‘security’ firms were operating at Logan International Airport when 9/11 happened, and a company called Securacom handled ‘security’ at the World Trade Centres up until a few days before 9/11; Marvin Bush, brother of the former president, was the company’s director.  Researcher Leuren Moret points out that the Mossad and CIA jointly developed a computer virus called Stuxnet which was designed to take out a specific kind of control system for nuclear reactors manufactured by Siemens, a system used by most civilian reactors globally.  Moret tells us that nuclear reactors and their control complexes are never connected to the internet, to avoid “virus” contamination, BUT that Stuxnet could easily be “installed” via a simple memory stick in the right place…something any ‘security’ operative could easily do.  Moret goes on to explain that the Stuxnet virus first appeared in Japan last October, only a month after a popularly-opposed decision was made to start using the plutonium-based MOX fuel in some of the Fukushima reactors.

    Moret notes the astronomical improbability of back-up cooling systems in three different reactors failing simultaneously after the quake/tsunami, plus numerous anomalous problems with other control functions like valves opening.  This is AFTER emergency power had been restored to the reactor control systems.

    The radiation clouds travelling east from Japan appear to be being ‘steered’ via HAARP’s ability to create high-pressure zones which can deflect atmospheric wind patterns and cause massive amounts of rain to fall, which has been on-going over the eastern Pacific ocean and the entire west coast of North America for the past two weeks.  

    The situation in the U.S.A. is astoundingly bizarre;  that anyone can take President Barry “Robama” Soutero more seriously than a superficially likable “self-help” guru/real estate agent is totally beyond me.  I am totally serious:  if “Obama” said on tv that the FDA had officially verified that eating shit was good for you, millions of people would start scarfing, with zest, especially after listening to their panel of brown-lipped “experts.”  Unfortunately, what he is saying is actually far more dangerous than this, because ingesting plutonium particles is going to create much more serious health consequences than merely ingesting some fecal matter.  Shit may clog your digestive system;  its presence is lawfully allowed in many “food” products anyway.  Some crap, moreover, isn’t going to destroy your DNA, deform your next several generations of off-spring, if they are even born, and give you cancer.

    The amounts of ionising radiation in the form of over 1300 radio-nuclides emitted by fission reactions already exceed Chernobyl; Chernobyl was one reactor that exploded…Fukushima has three in advanced melt-down already, a spent fuel pool that has exploded (a scenario long known to be FAR more dangerous than even a melt-down), AND the likelihood exists that TEPCO has completely lost control, meaning that it’s just a matter of time until the three reactors in melt-down consume the other six reactors at the Fukushima site.  Huge atomic-weapons explosions would then be possible, and MASSIVE amounts of radiation released into the environment, on the order of the equivalent of hundreds of thousands or even millions of single nuclear blasts.

    “In 1986 technicians at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor tried an unauthorized experiment, without proper safety equipment on-line.  An explosion of the hydrogen and oxygen that had built up occurred, as well as a partial core melt.  An estimated 10 billion Curies of radiation was released.  Thyroid cancer rates in the surrounding area are dozens of times normal, and many other cancer rates are also elevated.”  

    This paragraph from The Code Killers tells the story of Chernobyl in a nut-shell, and provides even more evidence that this “accident” could have been the result of sabotage.  An “unauthorized experiment” being conducted in the evening when all the primary personnel were gone, resulting in contamination of the Ukraine, the primary “bread-basket” of the Soviet Union, and this happening under the renewed Reagan-Bush “cold war.”

    Plutonium is being detected in many locations.  Plutonium is THE most deadly substance known to exist, and it only exists as the result of human activity.  One gram is enough to cause lethal cancer in a million people.  Only a few kilo-grams is enough to kill everyone on the Earth.  Because of the MOX fuel rods which contain plutonium before they are used, AND the fact that the fissioning of uranium produces plutonium as a result, an unbelievable amount of plutonium itself exists at Fukushima alone.  ONE fuel rod alone may contain more than enough to kill every person on Earth;  over 600,000 fuel rods are believed to exist at the four reactors.

    A spent fuel pool fire is FAR more dangerous than ‘just’ a melt-down…or two or three…”because there is often 30 or 40 times more fuel in the pools than in the reactor.  A significant portion of the full load of many of the most dangerous fission products still remains in the fuel.”

    AT LEAST ONE SPENT FUEL POOL IS KNOWN TO HAVE BURNED UP, and possibly three.  According to Ace Hoffman, Dr. Richard Webb not only pointed out that the radioactive emissions from Three Mile Island actually went OFF THE CHART for a period of time, but that the strip-chart “stopped” for two critical hours.  The NRC lied, saying the readings were “on” chart.

    More importantly, Webb calculated the hazards of a spent fuel accident…WHICH HAS ALREADY OCCURRED AT FUKUSHIMA:

    “160,000 square miles rendered uninhabitable by Cesium-137 alone;  338,000 acres of land ruined agriculturally because of Strontium-90 fall-out;  200,000 square miles ruined by plutonium contamination alone – a lung cancer dust hazard.  Since performing those calculations he has also concluded that radiation is a lot more harmful than he had assumed, and that in the first two days after a reactor accident, 30 to 100 million people would be seriously damaged (or killed) by radiation fall-out.”

    Contamination of the ocean is a MAJOR issue that is hardly being talked about.  Massive amounts of highly radioactive water are pouring into the sea at Fukushima, and it’s not coming from the surface.  Researchers believe that the water is coming from tunnels beneath the reactor complex; it is likely a combination of the sea-water pumped to try to cool the reactors leaking out below, as well as reactor coolant water leaking from damaged seals.  All of this is returning to the sea, to be distributed globally by the local and trans-Pacific thermal conveyors.

    And the massive rains that have been falling over the eastern Pacific and west coast of the USA are dropping a lot of the fall-out directly into the ocean.  The negative health impacts on all oceanic life-forms are incalculable.  This massive influx of radiation is going to destroy the marine food-chain and eco-systems.

In total honesty, this situation unfolding now is even worse than what scientists like Dr. Carl Sagan feared as an actual “nuclear war” in which thousands of war-heads would explode; the Fukushima scenario is releasing even greater amounts of radiation but less explosively.  There are not yet any massive fire-works but the amount of nuclear material in a war-head of many megatons is contained in only a small number of fuel rods.  Leuren Moret estimated that the actual ionising radiation already released equals that of literally millions of nuclear explosions.

Finally, because even the highest levels of radiation are essentially undetectable by our senses, the amounts that can kill or cause lethal effects are invisible, and the genetic damage resulting in birth defects and cancers may not show up for years or even generations.  With the U.S. government telling everyone NOT to prepare for a nuclear emergency, that radiation is actually a nutrient…I would say that, barring direct intervention by angelic extra-terrestrials,  there is no hope for the future of human life on this planet.  Fukushima has already sealed that fate.  And it may just be starting.  Ironically, in the same way that Nazi exterminators targeted the most fragile and vulnerable of humans, the elderly and the very young, so it goes with ionising radiation.

If someone were holding a gun to your head, you would feel threatened and be concerned.  Since 1945 the gun has been to our heads, but our heads have been buried in the sand.  With the Fukushima quake/tsunami, the trigger was pulled; the nuclear ‘bullet’ has already been fired and is currently travelling towards us…every one of us, human and non-human. Even someone fast enough to dodge the proverbial bullet cannot dodge ionising radiation.

     “WAG THE REACTOR”  The “war in Libya” just happened to coincide precisely with the Japan geo-terrorism attack.  This is by no means accidental, but the product of deliberate design.  Sure, it’s a ‘real’ war just like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan;  but it’s the same story of the CIA-backed “evil doer” starring as (yet another) “public-enemy-number-one”, giving the appearance of a “freedom-hating regime” that needs toppling.  Yes, by the way they have lots of oil and other natural resources.  With this “war”, Libya’s store of “natural resources” will increase with the addition of all the “depleted uranium” munitions being deployed there.

Below is the section from the original “Geo-Terrorism” article where I provide significant evidence that not only the recent Japan quake but also other recent ones, like the one that destroyed Christchurch, were man-made.

    Note in particular the “Ministry of Geo-Terrorism” part.


    Despite the fact that “technetronic warfare” is supposed to be “secret” by design and its existence “plausibly deniable”, it’s possible for astute observers not only to compile evidence for their use, but to engage in intelligent speculation about what might be coming next, what the larger agenda might be.

    MacDonald says that environmental modification operations “might be carried out covertly, since nature’s great irregularity permits storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes and tidal waves to be viewed as unusual but not unexpected.”

    In terms of the dynamics of the Earth, humans haven’t been here long enough to know what is “natural” or “normal”;  we only know what it’s been like since we’ve been here.  Despite models derived from second-order information like the study of ice-core samples, little consensus exists even in honest scientific circles concerning the nature of long-term weather and climate patterns;  the one thing that is agreed upon is that the “operating environment” in which they occur, the Earth’s atmosphere, is itself neither simple, isolated or inert.  On the contrary…the atmosphere as a whole is extraordinarily complex;  surrounding and embedded within multiple and equally complex terrestrial and helio-cosmic systems;  and behaves more like a living organism than a “thermodynamic” mechanism.  One of the foundations of James Lovelock’s “Gaia hypothesis” (conceived long before he lost the plot) is the fact that the Earth’s atmosphere exists in a continuous state of chemical and thermodynamic disequilibrium, which occurs only in living systems.  Living systems, of which we are part and parcel, can only be understood or modelled superficially by forms of “science” bent on subjugation rather than co-existence.  Moreover, the responses of living systems are highly unpredictable, and possibly “intelligent.”

    Despite the brevity of our window of awareness and the superficiality of our knowledge, a fair generalization can be made about the long-term history of life on the Earth:  it consists of “long slow gradual processes punctuated by events of short duration with lasting effects”; a super-imposition of “catastrophism” and “evolution.”

    We don’t really know what “normal” is for the Earth.  The tendency lately is the belief that in recent years and decades we have entered a period of “Earth changes.”  Myriad causes and explanations exist for all this, some of them quite credible, many quite incredible.  The cyclical world-view of indigenous peoples as a whole makes a lot of sense which, in a nutshell, is the concept that what we think of as “time” is not purely “linear” but more like “seasons” that the Earth and solar-system go through.  These “seasonal” fluctuations are long, slow gradual changes without well-defined boundaries; they may be the result of constantly varying movements and processes within the Earth as well as in the proximal and distal cosmic environments, for example, gravitational and energetic aspects of the moon, sun, planets, stars and the galactic core.  Super-imposed on this variable continuum would be, for example, “spikes” in energetic emanations from the sun, galactic core, or super-novae;  effects of the interaction and/or collision of the Earth with asteroids, comets, or electrically-conductive plasma clouds;  and now, “technogeneous” or “anthropogenic” effects.

    From the perspective of the Earth and indigenous peoples, “geo-terrorism” began with the dawn of “civilization.”  In our minds, however, “geo-terrorism” is mankind’s manipulation of the forces of nature to conduct warfare against others of his own kind.

    Evidence of many kinds exists which discloses the “finger-prints” of active “geo-terrorism.”  For many years not only have “natural disasters” seemed to be on the rise…which may or may not be “normal” for where/when we are now, we have no way to know…but many of them possessed unusual or anomalous characteristics.  At this point, rather than attempting an “objective” analysis, I will depart from the somewhat “scholarly” approach of this article so far, and just relate my own experience of all this, what I’ve noticed and thought about it all.

    The current level of “attack” started with 9/11, which I instantly recognized for what it was, as did a lot of people.  I had already been on “red-alert” level since earlier in 2001 when I first learned about the U.S. Navy’s attack on the cetaceans with “low-frequency active sonar.”  That something this diabolical was under-way against the “real people” of this planet was a serious portent of things to come.

    Ever since then, the whole world has been under attack with a whole new level of nefarious deceit and wars of aggression, visible and invisible.  I had known about chem-trails and HAARP for many years, and was well aware that the wide spectrum of extremely anomalous aspects of Hurricane Katrina were likely to be man-made.  Here we saw unusual energetic signatures never before detected in hurricanes, as well as a highly unusual trajectory.  We also witnessed a bizarre situation in which FEMA and other federal agencies thwarted emergency efforts, refused international assistance, and treated victims and evacuees, many of whom were “ethnic minorities”, like prisoners of war.  

    Similar patterns seemed to recur with subsequent “natural disasters”, including earthquakes and tsunamis that devastated Indonesia, Chile and Haiti.  Because of living “on the road”, we are often out of media contact for days or even weeks on end;  I’m sure there’s a lot more examples I am totally unaware of.  
What I’m sharing is an overall impression.

    In September of 2010 while in Australia we learned of the earthquake that rattled Christchurch, New Zealand, a city where I’ve spent a lot of time and have quite a few good friends.  This quake seemed strange to me, as I’d known that, according to geologists, the Canterbury plain on which Christchurch is built is one of the most seismically stable regions of New Zealand.  As bizarre as it was, however, it could still be chalked up to “Earth changes” coming in.

    In the week or two before we left Australia, we experienced a massive plague of locusts sweeping down into western Victoria from Queensland to the north, and left just before the most powerful cyclone ever to reach Australia delivered astronomical amounts of rain, causing the worst flooding in the country’s history.  Meteorologists noted that this storm was highly unusual in that it gained in strength faster than any they’d previously seen, and that it seemed to be being prevented from following the usual cyclonic path by an unusual stationary high pressure system to the south.  The result was that it hit land sooner and with greater force.  
    I remember thinking back to our time in Darwin and coming down through the Kimberley, and how several people were saying that the coming wet season was going to be a major one, from their “reading” of natural signs, for example, the intensity of lightning displays, the fact that crocodiles were nesting high up on the river banks, and that lots of “willy-willies” (Australian for “dust-devil”) were appearing in the Pilbara.  All of this was a bit unusual, but not outside the boundaries of what could be thought of as “natural.”

    Yet we were highly aware of weirdness about, and the mystery only deepened after we returned to Christchurch in December.  Here is an excerpt from my journal of a few weeks ago:

    “Since our first visit in 2010, Christchurch had experienced its first major earthquakes, in an area believed by many geologists to have been seismically stable for as long as tens of thousands of years.  Amazingly, no lives were lost;  but it seemed like a massive ‘wake-up call.’  We were near Akaroa for the Boxing Day quake that sent people out of the cbd;  I was in a zone of silence when it happened, and I remember hearing it quite clearly.  It was actually a combination of hearing and feeling it. I knew what it was;  there was something very eery about it.  I definitely knew that it was not thunder and not a man-made sound, some subtle information contained in the harmonics of the rumble.  It had some of the characteristics of a voice, the groan or moan of a being more than an inanimate sound.  We have spent a good deal of time in Christchurch since Christmas, and have talked with almost everyone we see about the quakes, especially the seemingly unending series of thousands of after-shocks, maybe a dozen or more we felt there ourselves.  Most people seemed to find it all amusing on the surface, but then you could see a level of unacknowledged concern about ‘when it was going to stop.’ “

    My immediate feeling about the Christchurch quake and after-math was that not only was it all not over, it was more than likely just beginning.  I thought it premature, if not even unintelligent, to start re-building already when the distinct possibility existed that more, possibly worse, quakes could happen at any time.

    We came and went from Christchurch a lot over the next few weeks, exploring the extent of Canterbury, from Oamaru, to Castle Hill, to Kaikoura, taking in the beauty and power of New Zealand’s natural legacy.

    After we posted some recent photos, I got an interesting email from a researcher in California named Rosalind Peterson.  She used to be involved with the state government of California, but in recent years has become an independent investigator of issues affecting the health and integrity of human and ecological systems.  She pointed out two images of cloud formations that I’d photographed, and she wanted to know their location and date.  When I asked her to tell me what she had found, she said that both formations were indicative of man-made atmospheric engineering activities.  One of the formations was from east of Adelaide, South Australia, in mid-December, and the other was from west of Waiau, in north Canterbury, New Zealand, in mid-January.

    Shortly thereafter, we returned to Christchurch, where I saw an article in the newspaper about “frequent rumbling noises over the past few months since the September eartquake.”  This rumbling, reported from Redcliffs, New Brighton, and Sumner, was “a very rare event.  There was a very odd occurrence of instability in the wave clouds that actually managed to make a thunderstorm.”  These were precisely the areas hardest-hit by the quake of 22 February that had yet to occur.

    The day after we left Christchurch heading south, we were camping out in Winchester, and were awoken in the night by brilliant flashes of lightning.  I was sound asleep, and I deeply regret not getting up to watch and to photograph what must have been an unbelievable display of celestial discharges.  What I do remember, however, is that the flashes seemed to have an unusual quality to them, as I could both see and “feel” the “flash” or pulse of the discharge even inside our tent.  Unusually as well, only much later did the thunder come;  but when it did, it seemed like one long continuous peal that went on for 20 or 30 minutes.  I love the energy of storms, but, like the sound of the quake I heard from Wainui, there was something really eery, even unnatural, about it.

    The next day we visited the Moeraki boulders to the south, and on the way back, again in the vicinity of Winchester, something really weird happened.  All of a sudden, we began to feel really tired and drained of energy.  We were well rested, and it was only early afternoon;  the fact that it came on so suddenly was unusual.

      I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my eyes looked really red and blood-shot, even though we were stone cold sober.  My partner and I were both identically affected, and noted at the time how strange it was.  It went on for a while, but eventually subsided.  I remembered thinking that it was as if we had driven through a region of altered energy or a zone of extreme positive ionisation.  It made me think of the reports of large flocks of birds falling from the sky, honey-bees dying off and of pods of cetaceans stranding, and what may have caused it.
    Even stranger, a couple weeks later we were in Dunedin, just to the south of Moeraki, and a friend of ours told us that he had experienced exactly the same thing with the sudden attacks of tiredness and red-eyes, for no apparent reason.  He also said that a good friend of his there had been doing serious research into chem-trails and had just been hired by a firm in Norway to continue her work there.

    In my mind I made a connection with the highly anomalous bush-fires that destroyed suburbs of Melbourne and other regions of southern Victoria in February of 2009.  The most unusual thing about these fires was their unprecedented intensity, and how the air temperature just before the fires that day seemed to increase suddenly several degrees above what already appeared to be the high for the day.  As well, a conference on extreme weather was taking place in Melbourne that very weekend;  this is documented.  Undocumented is the rumour that both Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch were in town at the same time as well.    

    Just over a month ago we made a trek up onto what we consider to be a very powerful and sacred mountain in southern New Zealand.  Our experience there was in fact trans-dimensional.  It was as if we’d been within the womb of Mother Earth, and could feel her feelings.  I realized that this may have been possible in part because this mountain is made entirely of granite, and the whole top of it is made of quartzite.  Geologically speaking, both granite and quartzite are the most fully diamagnetic minerals that exist;  that is, they are totally non-magnetizable.  What this means is that when we were up on the mountain, we were totally shielded from any electromagnetic perturbations or disturbances, in particular, the weaponized man-made ones so increasingly evident.

    I was inspired to deliver a “message from the heart of the Earth” whose essence is this:  

    “We are ALL on a journey through the unknown.  Life and the Earth have gone through similar ‘windows of change’ before, but each time is unique.  Humans must realize that as a whole they are waging an unconscious war against their very home and mother;  as a whole they are insane with respect to the ‘reality’ of global indigenous wisdom.  If humans as a whole woke up, questioned what they are doing, and renavigated their process, most importantly by greatly reducing immediate damage to the Earth, her eco-systems and life-forms, they will astronomically increase their own chances not only for ‘survival’ through these ‘Earth changes’ but may find themselves included once again with a place in the coming ‘new creation’.”

    The very next day the big earthquake happened in Christchurch that totally destroyed the cbd and killed over 300 people.  I had already written an article on how the September quake there could be seen as creating a “window of re-navigation”, but the question was, would people seize the opportunity or just carry on with the same old same old.  After the second, bigger, and lethal quake, I began this article;  before I could finish it, the mega-quake/nuclear attack happened in Japan, creating a trinary disaster scenario now affecting the entire planet.

    A lot of people think it’s just good old “Earth changes” or “God” punishing us…or “them.”  Surely, the Earth has always “quaked” here and there, and periodically the Sun emits “coronal mass ejections” during peaks in the sunspot cycle, which we are approaching now.  

    These are “natural” processes.  But when the tell-tale signatures of electromagnetic warfare are reported around the world, for example, the appearance of oily, rainbow-coloured clouds in areas where unusual earthquakes happen, as well as other cloud formations associated with “atmospheric engineering”, as well as many other anomalies, it’s clear that more is going on.

    Evidence for this “more going on” can also be found in the socio-political field of activity.  I found it highly unusual that “military exercises” were in fact being conducted in and around Haiti at the time of their recent quake;  in and around Christhchurch on the day of their recent quake (I saw on tv that New Zealand naval vessels were already in Lyttelton harbour at the time of the quake);  and apparently a huge U.S. naval exercise was taking place not far from Japan at the time of their recent quake;  the U.S.S. Reagan was there for this.

    The U.S. Navy is who controls the HAARP system, and it’s actually operated by Phillips Laboratories.  I haven’t had time to do as much research into it as I’d like, but we know that the whole system of “space weapons” is being expanded and upgraded as quickly as possible.  I noticed that only a few weeks ago the largest “satellite” ever was put into orbit by the U.S., using the largest rocket ever built, and launched from a “west coast” space facility that I didn’t even know existed.  The article said it was for “communications” but it could in fact be something like Bernard Eastland’s “Thunderstorm” satellite which is designed to boost the power of the HAARP system with direct solar energy.  And I just learned of this thing called
    “The Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform.. a phased array antenna – a key component of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) GMD system…The military vessel includes power plant, a bridge, control rooms, living quarters, storage areas and the infrastructure necessary to support the massive X-band radar. The SBX radar is the most sophisticated phased array, electro-mechanically steered X-band radar in the world – according to Boeing claims. The phased array antenna consists of thousands of antennas driven by transmit/receive modules. The radar is designed and built by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems for Boeing, the prime contractor on the project for the United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA).”

    It looks like a huge white dome mounted on top of a floating oil-drilling platform, and was apparently there with the U.S. Strike Force en route to South Korea at the time of the Japan quake.  As an integral and recently introduced component of the HAARP system, this could have been the primary local transmitter for triggering the Japan earthquake.  And only Boeing knows how many of these things exist.

    Independent researchers in New Zealand reported that two days before the Christchurch quake, a huge pod of dolphins seemed to become disoriented in a bay on the north island, but were guided back to sea with human assistance;  the next day, a large pod of pilot whales beached themselves on Stewart Island, not far from Bluff, where another HAARP-component transmitter facility is located.  “Coincidentally”, a large CME’s happened on the sun around this time.

    Over the past year or two, at the personal level we have been able to correlate the appearance of internal sensations of anxiety or strange feelings in our solar plexi with CME’s.  And we’ve known for a long time that animals seem to be able to sense earthquakes before they happen.  In September of 1987 I was in Pasadena, California visiting a friend.  We’d been playing some music one evening and then went outside to have a break.  We both noticed that the crickets seemed much louder than normal.  The next morning a 6.2 quake struck. 

    This may have something to do with electrical and/or magnetic disturbances that occur in conjunction with earthquakes;  it’s probably always been like this, long before homo sapiens came onto the scene, and has to do with energies from the sun interacting with tectonic and seismic processes and magnetic fields in the Earth.  With the advent of industrial civilization, a wrench has been thrown into anything that used to be “natural”;  add in scientifically premeditated “environmental warfare” and ergo:  the field of complexity we are now experiencing.  The basic pattern is that “natural” events are still happening, but have unusual characteristics concerning where they are happening, their timing, and their higher energetic levels.  Everything humanity does happens within the larger cosmic context.

    Further socio-political anomalies or “coincidences” include the acquisition by the Rothschild interests a few weeks ago of a mega global weather-forecasting system called “Weather Central”;  the behaviour of top government officials in the immediate wake of the Christchurch quake, who almost seemed to be laughing and were preoccupied with the relocation of certain businesses even as rescue teams were risking their lives to find survivors.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but apparently the former Finance Minister of Japan has testified that they were threatened with “earthquake weapons” a year ago if they didn’t comply with certain demands.  What I’d like to know is, who delivered the “threat”?

    Here’s what I saw happening here in New Zealand.  I have no idea of anyone here who may have had fore-knowledge of the September Christchurch quake;  possibly no one, or possibly “key” government, diplomatic, or business people, who would have been invited to witness what may have been a “test” both of tectonic warfare and to see if the “threat” was successful.

    Suppose the “test” went as planned, done in the wee hours with no loss of life but considerable infra-structure damage;  the “leaders” they wished to influence, however, were not convinced, writing it off as a “coincidental” natural quake.  Traditionally New Zealand has not been nearly the “player” that America wanted it to be, particularly with respect to its “no nuclear” policies.  Maybe the goal was to “inspire” New Zealand to be more like Australia with respect to U.S. “foreign policy”, i.e., become another proving ground, strategic outpost, test colony and mine site.

    An integral part of the U.S. Space Command’s Vision for 2020 is something called “Global Partnerships.”  In their own words, “Global Partnerships augments military space capabilities through the leveraging of civil, commercial, and international space systems.”  If we decipher the euphem-speak, what this means is that the U.S. is going to “insist on” the cooperation of whomever it deems necessary for the fulfillment of the control of space, then the world.  Or else.


    On the exact days of February 21 and 22 (date of the earthquake that destroyed down-town Christchurch) an international symposium was being held there.  It was called the “United States – New Zealand Global Partnership Forum.”  And a highly improbable cast of luminaries were in town that weekend, of such high rank and in such specialized areas that you’d think that something BIG and DANGEROUS was going to happen.  Here are a few of the people who were at the Forum:  FEMA Deputy Director Timothy W. Manning (the Federal Emergency Measures Agency is a vast army with the magical ability to be at disaster locations before they occur); Admiral Thad Allen (directed the federal response to Katrina AND was “National Incident Commander” for the BP oil disaster);  Richard Armitage (former Deputy Secretary of State, officially headed the U.S. response to 9/11);  and Janet Napolitano, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security (America’s “Gestapo”, created in wake of 9/11) was supposed to address the forum but cancelled at the last minute.  This is a cadre of extraordinarily dodgy people with direct connections to the highest levels of the biggest “disasters” and “terrorist attacks” in recent years.  They were there ostensibly to discuss matters of “trade and global security.” If a “Ministry of Geo-Terrorism” existed, these would be the leaders.  The only one missing is Brzezinski himself.  And there’s more:   as well, nine members of the U.S. Congress were there for the forum as well, but, due to having reverse-FEMA powers, they suddenly departed Christchurch hours before the quake hit and turned up in Wellington.  I remember reading about a similar group of Israeli “leaders” who turned up at Kevin Rudd’s office shortly after he booted their Mossad chief out of the country.  Within a few weeks Kevin was history.  This envoy of American congress-folk could have been sitting with top Key administration officials at the very moment of the Christchurch quake for all we know, waiting to see what the response was.  The identities of these nine Congress-persons would tell a lot.  Key is still there, so his response must have been what they wanted to hear.  Petroleum exploration drilling off the Canterbury coast began this week, and Bathhurst Mining is buying up vast tracts of land all over New Zealand.  Supposedly huge amounts of alluvial coal lie beneath the Canterbury plain.  I will leave the rest to your imagination.

    I’ve also noticed two more disturbing things in the physical domain.  In studying official reports about the February Christchurch quake, I saw that “the region of maximum displacement happened to coincide with the region of highest population density.”  In other words, two things coincided that wouldn’t necessarily be related, except by design.  In something as purportedly “random” as an earthquake, what is the probability that it just happened that the region where the quake was of greatest intensity at the surface just happened to be the exact center of the cbd?

    On a larger scale, I was looking at some charts showing what a fantastic amount of seismic activity seems to be occurring around the entire Pacific rim.  This guy was pointing out how a whole string of quakes in the vicinity of Indonesia seemed to happen in a uniform linear sequence, instead of more randomly, as you’d think natural earthquakes would happen.  I thought back on what Gordon MacDonald had written about how a major fault could be triggered at some distance by the “phased or timed release of energy from smaller faults…activated through small explosions.”  HAARP could easily create a series of “explosions”, and I thought that this linear sequence of quakes could be the result of a series of slight changes in the aiming and firing of the HAARP array, perhaps even being operated by super-computers programmed to trigger tectonic instabilities around the entire circumference of the Pacific rim.

    We’ve also known for a long time that earthquakes can be influenced by oceanic and lithospheric movements generated by gravitational forces of the moon and planets.  Crustal “tides” could exist in the same way that sea tides are created by lunar influence.

    All of these kinds of things have been known for a long time;  and the military would have researched all these things far more than anyone else, in their quest, of course, to weaponize every aspect of nature and the cosmos.  It would only be logical to assume that the operators of HAARP are acutely aware of the spectrum of terrestrial and heliocosmic conditions existing at any given moment;  it is my belief that they are operating in conjunction with phenomena like the phases of the moon and CME’s from the sun.  The reasons are at least two-fold:  first, the man-made signatures could be concealed within the “great irregularity of nature”, adding to “plausible deniability”;  second, they might be able to “piggy-back” on top of natural energetic conditions in order to achieve even higher power levels than they could on their own, which is really the “secret” of triggering instabilities to begin with.  Once again, it’s “viral engineering”, taking over the processes of something else to make it do what you want it to do.

    Finally, yet another spooky parallel exists.  Remember the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year?  This whole thing, that actually started on Hitler’s birthday, was highly unusual by the standards of previous “industrial accidents.”  I found it highly improbable that out of tens of thousands of oil platforms in existence, the one that “exploded” just happened to be located at what the military would call a point of “strategic influence” for conducting environmental warfare, and whose most immediate human effect would be to impact the same Louisiana coastal populations already affected by Katrina.  

    Deepwater Horizon is located precisely at the origin of the “loop current” which in turn gives rise to the Gulf Stream, one of the largest oceanic “conveyors” of thermo-saline energy on the planet.  The Gulf Stream transports vast quantities of warm equatorial water to the north, and gives western Europe a much more temperate climate than other areas of similar latitude.  If we were to look at the BP disaster not just as an “industrial accident”, but as “a new form of environmental warfare disguised as an industrial accident”, no better location could have been chosen in which the consequences of one explosion could wreak so much damage, both in terms of the crude petroleum spewing into the ocean, and the unbelievably astronomical quantities of the highly toxic dispersant Corexit that were then added to the mix.  The petroleum and the Corexit were dispersed quickly and thoroughly by means of the Gulf Stream, generating negative consequences for aquatic ecology and human health that are only beginning to be mapped.  Despite what Obama and the NOAA told us, all this stuff is still there, being distributed throughout the global ocean.

    Compare the BP scenario with what has just happened in Japan:  another “industrial accident” involving, again, technology designed and built by American-based corporations heavily involved in “defense contracting.”  This time, it was billed as a “natural disaster.”  And truly, when something of this magnitude happens so suddenly, just like with 9/11, how many people are going to see the hand of techno-fascism in operation?  A few..but not that many;  most are going to be in “shock and awe.”  But look at the parallels.  If in fact we look at this as another potentially clandestine military operation, it’s clear that this was the perfect target for wreaking globally apocalyptic environmental warfare:  earthquakes and tsunamis do happen “naturally”, right?  These reactors are old and just happen to be located on the most seismically active region on the planet.  Strategically, Japan is also located smack in the middle of the jet-stream, an atmospheric conveyor of high-velocity winds that transports vast quantities of air and moisture from west to east across the Pacific ocean and around the world.  The most simple-minded of military planners would know that if radiation were released here, not only would it be transported tropospherically, it would sooner or later become lofted in the stratosphere and subsequently distributed world-wide by the jet stream, in the same way that the Gulf stream distributed the petroleum and Corexit brew.  These reactors had already been identified and studied as potential “terrorist targets” by assorted “think tanks”, as has every military and industrial facility on the planet. 

    A footnote here on Chernobyl.  The possibility exists that the Chernobyl meltdown was not “accidental.”  In watching a documentary about it, I noticed two things that struck me as unusual:  first, that the “systems test” they were attempting to run was taking place in the evening, when every primary operator was gone, leaving only the younger, inexperienced ‘B-team’ to do it;  second, what actually triggered the whole meltdown scenario was a sudden and totally unexplained break-down in the communication link between the operator in the reactor room and the other guy at the control desk.  Both of these people were still alive and well when this documentary was made;  could it be that they or other employees were actually “operatives” helping western intelligence agencies to bring down the Soviet Union?  This happened in 1986 when nuclear tensions were high, Reagan was “president” and Bush, former CIA chief, was actually running the show.

    Going one step further, we could then ask, so who decided to build these Japanese reactors in these exact locations, and who decided to put Deepwater Horizon exactly where it happens to be?  Again, the answers can be traced back to the same “defense contractors” who designed nuclear reactors and oil-drilling platforms to begin with, the same White House “science advisors”, Pentagon and NGO intelligentsia.  The same people or mentalities who coerced Truman to drop the bomb on Japan, so that the effects of nuclear explosions on a human population could be studied in vivo.  Independent researchers like Leuren Moret and Webster Tarpley believe that the connection between all of these influential decision-makers, over several generations, is their membership in secret societies like “Skull and Bones”, believed by outsiders to be a “death cult” originating in antiquity.  If this is true, not only would these people be victims of malignant self-delusion, but also capable of making decisions or giving orders resulting in scientifically premeditated mass-murder and ecocide.

    Despite the abundance of clear evidence, anomalies, and “coincidences”, people will still ask “But who would do this, and why?”  The true answer is, of course, “us.”  That is, we as humans, as individuals, as members of one species of life on this planet.  We are all responsible for what is going on.

    Within the human system, subsets can be identified…groups, organizations, coalitions, factions, mentalities, personalities…who are known to have engineered and perpetrated atrocities like World Wars 1 and 2, including the fire-bombing of Dresden and the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki;  the deployment of highly radio-active DU weaponry;  false-flag state-sponsored terror like 9/11.  Human life means nothing to these people.

    At this point I direct people to a chapter from William Engdahl’s book Seeds of Destruction, the story of genetic engineering and how it has been developed and implemented as a weapons system to control the global food supply, and ultimately humanity.  The chapter is entitled “The Brotherhood of Death.”  Here Engdahl provides names and details of scientists and researchers, many of them medical doctors, who over the years were employed by Rockefeller-related interests to conduct research in what amounts to “negative eugenics.”  Engdahl’s partial listing of these “players” begins to merge with the roster of Nazi scientists imported into America under Operation Paperclip.  Consider that for every one of these “scientists” who are known to exist, hundreds or thousands more of the same “template” are probably out there right now, working zealously in every possible field of science, engineering, and technology, to “solve the problems of warfare’’ that so concerned Gordon MacDonald, Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller.

    And if we want to learn about exactly what is happening with chem-trails and HAARP, why not consult the CEO’s and administrative personnel of “defense contracting” corporations like Raytheon and Boeing, who are the manufacturers of these technological systems.  Sure, this information may be “classified”…but the reason ANYTHING is classified is not because some “enemy” might find out…they would be sure to know it all already…”classification” prevents the public, the people themselves from knowing what these organizations are really up to.  If enough people DEMANDED the truth, in particular, any stock-holders in these corporations retaining even an iota of integrity, then the truth would come out.  Remember, Brzezinski so respectfully told us that a “genuinely populist democracy…is inimical to imperial mobilization.”  In other words, an accurately informed, politically active, environmentally conscious and socially responsible population represents the biggest obstacle to an elite take-over.  Hence the urgency of waking up and becoming informed.

    The question of “why” these people would do things like this has already been partially answered:  greed and insanity.  These people believe themselves to be the self-appointed over-lords of the planet.  This is not the place for an exposition on the psycho-pathology of megalomania, or why institutionalised mass-murder not only exists but is growing.  Let’s just say for now that, regardless of the deeper reasons, what they’re trying to do is control all the natural resources of the world and consolidate all the various governments into a unified “order” that they will rule absolutely.  Anybody in their way is exterminated using the full spectrum of military technologies;  anyone left gets to become their slaves.

    In terms of the “why” of recent “geo-terrorist” attacks, as always, “follow the money.”  Since the most powerful corporations are those of global energy and extraction, and form a triumvirate along with the Pentagon and the international banking cartel, all these events must be seen as important to them somehow;  each “attack” probably has multiple significances, for example, simultaneously facilitating access to natural resources, helping to “re-locate” any people that might be in the way, and generating instant revenue in the form of criminal scams like “disaster capitalism” insurance and “reconstruction” enterprises.  Apparently, Haiti, Chile and New Zealand (the latter two of which had recent and anomalous “mining accidents”) have vast amounts of unexploited mineral wealth.  As well, each “geo-terrorism” event serves not only as a “test” of the technology, but also as a “warning” to the leaders of the world.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”  Mark Twain

“Politics is the entertainment branch of government.”  Frank Zappa

“Government is the public-relations branch of globalisation.”  K. Rubrick Shreddinger

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