Jamail: Israelis Accused of Using Illegal Weapons


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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 18:59:46 +0300
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Subject: Israelis Accused of Using Illegal Weapons

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       Israelis Accused of Using Illegal Weapons

*Inter Press Service*
Dahr Jamail

BEIRUT, Jul 28 (IPS) - The Israeli military is using illegal weapons 
against civilians in southern Lebanon, according to several reports.*

U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said this week that Israel had 
used cluster bombs in civilian areas of Lebanon, in clear violation 
of international law.

The group said cluster bombs killed a civilian and injured 12 others 
in Blida village in the south of Lebanon last week. Cluster bombs 
disperse hundreds of tiny shrapnel-filled 'bomblets' that are 
"unacceptably inaccurate and unreliable", and should not be used in 
civilian areas, HRW said.

Lebanese doctors, aid workers and refugees are reporting that the 
Israeli military has used the incendiary weapon white phosphorous in 
civilian areas, also in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Dr. Bachir el-Sham at the Complex Hospital in Sidon in the south of 
Lebanon told IPS in a telephone interview that he has received 
civilian patients injured by incendiary weapons.

"We are seeing people that are all blackened, with charred flesh that 
is not burned by normal bombs and flames," he said. "I am sure this 
is a special bomb. They are using incendiary weapons on civilians in 
the south. We are seeing these patients."

The doctor also told IPS that the Israelis are again using suction 
bombs, which they used heavily during the Lebanese civil war.

"They are using suction bombs that implode our buildings," he added, 
"With implosive bombs...instead of the glass blasted out, it is 
inside the building. These kill everyone inside the building. There 
are rarely survivors when they use these bombs."

Bilal Masri, assistant director of the Beirut Government University 
Hospital (BGUH) had told IPS earlier that "many of the injured in the 
south are suffering from the impact of incendiary white phosphorous."

Wafaa el-Yassir, Beirut representative of the non-governmental 
organisation Norwegian People's Aid, told IPS that several of her 
relief workers in the south had reported assisting people hit by 
incendiary weapons.

"The most important thing is that we have an investigation for the 
Israelis' use of banned weapons," she said. "They have used 
phosphorous in Nabatiyeh and cluster bombs in Dahaya district of 

She also told IPS that a doctor at the Bint Jbail hospital, in the 
small city near the southern border of Lebanon where much of the 
fierce fighting has taken place, had told her agency that he was 
certain that white phosphorous had been used against civilians there.

Zacharia al-Amedin, an 18-year-old refugee being treated for 
lacerations from bomb shrapnel told IPS, "I was in a village near 
Tyre, and the Israelis were dropping incendiary bombs all around us, 
even though there weren't fighters near us. So many civilians were 
hit by these weapons."

The Lebanese ministry of interior has officially said that the 
Israeli military has used this weapon.

President Emile Lahoud said recently on French radio: "According to 
the Geneva Conventions, when they use phosphorous bombs and laser 
bombs, is that allowed against civilians and children?"

An Israeli military spokesman told Reuters news agency, "Everything 
the Israeli defence forces are using is legitimate." International 
law requires that the military distinguish between combatants and 
civilians. Incendiary weapons and cluster bombs when used in areas 
where there may be civilians contravene international humanitarian 

"We are a country of humans, not animals," Sham told IPS. "Real 
people are dying here. You must ask this of the world, to please 

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