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America's Saddam

Jack Wheeler
Freedom Research Foundation
Thursday, Sept. 19, 2002

In light of Janet Reno's concession of defeat in
Florida's primary elections, and as an addendum to
Chris Ruddy and Carl Limbacher's current best seller,
"Catastrophe," America needs to remember the horrific
evil perpetrated by then-Attorney General Reno in the
first months of the Clinton presidency.

In March of 1993, I was the keynote speaker at a
conference of business and civic leaders held in
Indianapolis. One of those attending was a federal
judge named Joe (it's best not to mention his last
name). He seemed a nice, decent fellow who not once
hinted that (as I had been informed by the organizer of
the conference) he was on the short list of candidates
to be the new director of the FBI. The current FBI
director, William Sessions, had announced his attention
to resign as soon as the recently inaugurated Bill
Clinton found a replacement.

Joe and I sat together at lunch and the conversation
was pleasant -- until someone at the table brought up

The ATF had assaulted the Davidian church complex a
month earlier and the standoff was ensuing, with the
final holocaust a month away. When I asked Joe what he
thought of what was going on at Waco, his entire
demeanor and body language changed, his face turned
purple with rage, and he announced: "I'll tell you what
the FBI should do. Those people [the Davidians] killed
federal agents. We should go in there and kill every
last one of them."

Someone responded, "There are children in there, Joe."
Joe brushed the comment aside with a wave of his hand.
"You don't understand. No one can get away with killing
federal agents. They all deserve to be killed in

Joe was passed over in favor of Louis Freeh, but he
exemplified the mindset not just of the FBI but also of
so many in law enforcement in general. As anyone who
has made the mistake of arguing with a police officer
giving them a traffic ticket understands, the most
heinous crime anyone can commit, more evil and depraved
than child molestation, is Contempt of Cop.

You know the joke: A conservative is a liberal who's
been mugged; a liberal is a conservative who's been
arrested. Smart-mouth a cop and you're asking for a
world of grief. Fight back and defend yourself from
police action, no matter what the action is, and your
life is in danger.

This is what happened at Waco. The Davidians tried to
defend themselves from an armed ATF raid, set up as a
pure publicity stunt to better argue for increased
funding. That the raid had a flimsy pretext and was
botched was irrelevant to the federal law enforcement
community, however. No matter how and why, federal
agents were killed and revenge had to be taken. The FBI
man in charge of the siege and final death raid of
April 19, Richard Rogers, thought exactly like Joe.

It is important to grasp that what happened in Waco was
no accident, that the Davidians were killed on purpose
in an act of revenge by the American government. And it
is important to know just how they were killed, that
the method of their killing was as grisly and evil as
anything perpetrated by Saddam Hussein.

On the morning of April 19, 1993, the FBI smashed holes
into the Davidian church complex and began pumping in a
chemical warfare agent known as CS
(o-chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile). It is a solid in
the form of white crystals. The FBI dissolved the CS
powder in an organic solvent so they could liquid spray
it into the buildings.

A lot of attention has been paid to the horror of CS,
but not much on the solvent. It's called methylene
chloride, MC. Ever bought paint remover and noticed the
label warning to use it "only in a well-ventilated
area"? That's because it contains MC.

The effects of MC are exactly the same as those of
chloroform if you use twice as much of it. When a
person breathes MC (or chloroform at half the
concentration) vapor he or she first becomes irritable.
Second, they lose their coordination and judgment,
while their vision becomes blurred. Third, they become
paranoid and hyper-excitable. Fourth, they experience
auditory and visual hallucinations. Fifth, they lapse
into muscular paralysis and unconsciousness.

It is this fifth stage that caused surgeons to use
chloroform as the first anesthetic in the 19th century.
But doctors switched to ether because of uncontrollable
behavior of the patients going through the first four
stages -- and because of a last sixth stage. If you use
only about two times as much chloroform as it takes to
render someone unconscious, the patient suffers
respiratory paralysis, stops breathing, and dies. It is
the same with MC.

The FBI cut off the electricity to the Davidians and
knew all they had for light were kerosene lamps. Yet
they sprayed into their buildings hundreds of pounds of
methylene chloride, which makes people stumble around
like they're drunk, with no coordination, with blurry
vision, hallucinating and excitable: a guarantee that
kerosene lamps would be knocked over and fires started.

In the presence of fire, MC vapor decomposes into
hydrogen chloride, which has the same effect on any
moisture-laden area of the body as sulfur mustard gas
used in World War I: excruciating searing pain in the
eyes, the mucous lining of the nose, and the lungs.

Remember that the FBI used MC as a solvent to dissolve
CS crystals. It turns out that when CS is burned, it
produces hydrogen cyanide, the same gas used to execute
prisoners on Death Row.

During the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein discovered the
most lethal chemical warfare agent was a combination of
sulfur mustard gas with hydrogen cyanide, which he used
in artillery shells to slaughter thousands of Iranians.
It was in effect this same combination that the FBI
used to slaughter 87 men, women and children in Waco.

The question is: Who authorized the CS/MC combination?
CS is not normally dissolved into a solution. Who knew
about MC and could order it to be a solvent for CS? Sit
down, folks, and hold on tight: Janet Reno has a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Cornell
University. Cornell has a very good chemistry
department. MC is used as an organic solvent for many
experiments. There is no question Reno would be very
familiar with it, and was informed of its dangers by
her professors. Janet Reno is America's Saddam Hussein.

Congressman Bob Barr, R-Ga., has a coroner's photograph
taken of one of the Davidian victims entitled "Doe
#57." It is of a little girl around 5 or 6 years old,
her charred body burned beyond recognition and twisted
in the ghastly rictus contortion typical of subjection
to hydrogen cyanide.

There are few more monstrous crimes against humanity
than torturing children to death in screaming pain,
poison-gassing them to death on purpose. That the
perpetrator of this crime wasn't tried and executed for
mass homicide, but was instead lionized by the media,
served out her term of office, and came close to being
elected as the Democrat nominee for the governor of
Florida says something very dark about human nature.

The slaughter of American citizens by their government
at Waco was dismissed by many Americans, because the
people killed were "just cultists" -- like Germans who
excused Nazi pogroms because the people killed were
"just Jews." As America comes to grips with the danger
and evil of Saddam Hussein and gets ready to extinguish
it, America also needs to come to grips with the evil
it condoned at Waco.

America condoned a vast amount of depravity during the
Clinton years. Yet the depravity of Waco was the worst
of all. Unless expunged through public revulsion of
Janet Reno, it will remain an ineradicable stain on
America's soul.

©copyright 2002 Dr. Jack Wheeler and the Freedom Research
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