Israel seeks to destroy neighbours’ histories and identities


Richard Moore

Israel seeks to destroy neighbours’ histories and identities

By Jeff Goodall | August 12, 2012
This would not be the first time that the Israelis have endeavoured to destroy historical and cultural artifacts in order to bolster their territorial claims and to eradicate inconvenient elements of the past.
In 2003, in an article headed “Pillaging 7000 Years Of Iraq History No Accident” sub-heading “The Sacking Of Iraq’s Museums – US Wages War Against Culture And History”, Patrick Martin wrote in that
“US claims to have been taken by surprise by the ransacking of cultural facilities in Baghdad, Mosul and other cities are not credible. Such a tragedy was not only predictable, it was specifically warned against. . . . Attacking the cultural resources that connect the Iraqi people to 7,000 years of history is part of the process of systematically destroying their national identity.”  (Emphasis added – link to full article).
A little-known event in 1948 during the “Naqba”, was the Israeli theft of books and manuscripts.
Journalist Arwa Aburawa, writing in “Sabbah Report” two years ago, refers to
“the systematic looting of more than 60,000 Palestinian books by Israeli forces and the attempted destruction of Palestinian culture… Between May 1948 and February 1949, librarians from the Jewish National Library and Hebrew University Library entered the desolate Palestinian homes of west Jerusalem and seized 30,000 books, manuscripts and newspapers alone. These cultural assets, which had belonged to elite and educated Palestinian families, were then “loaned” to the National Library where they have remained until now.” (See “The great book robbery of 1948″ here)
Not only does Israel wish to achieve complete domination of the Middle East, it also wants to destroy the history, the culture, and the very identity of its neighbours and those it occupies.
We can be sure that an attack on Iran, one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a massive treasure-trove of historical and cultural artifacts, will include widespread theft and destruction as was the case with Iraq.
The United States, Britain, and all other backers and enablers of “gallant little Israel” are fully complicit in these crimes against humanity.

Foreign-backed armed groups targeting Syrian history

PRESS-TV | August 11th, 2012
Clashes continue in Syria’s largest city Aleppo between the army and foreign-backed militant groups. This time the Aleppo Castle was the target, but the army managed to repel the assaults, and declared the historical building as safe and intact.
Castle of Aleppo, is a large medieval fortified palace in the centre of the old city of Aleppo. It is considered to be one of the oldest and largest castles in the world. Usage of the Citadel hill dates back at least to the middle of the 3rd millennium BC.
Foreign backed armed groups and supporting media outlets emphasized on controlling the castle repeatedly. Press TV crew headed to the castle, the tension was high, Syrian soldiers were almost everywhere fully geared, two tanks on the sides of the roads and a commander waiting for us.
Upon arriving the archaeological building, the traces of mortars were imprinted on the Defensive bridge, the main gate was Booby-trapped by the armed groups upon attempting to penetrate the historic fortifications and several Syrian soldering were assigned to protect the castle being under hours of attack by the armed groups.
Syrians believe this war against Syria, has already targeted all components of Syrian society, and now foreign backed armed groups and their sponsoring countries are after Syrian 7000 years history.

  1. This reminds me of the sacking of the University of Timbuktu and today many Africans do not believe that they descended from a great civilization of learning, order and reverence for human life. The 21st century ethnic composition of the horn of Africa has allowed many European Jews to pontificate that that they have a right to the land of the Palestinians because their forefathers were in the exodus out of ancient Egypt.
    It is the same way that attempts are being made in North America to eradicate the history of the indigenous Indians by not teaching their in the schools. It is the hope that in time to come future generations will not know that this land was once inhabited by Indians.
    Black Africans were systematically eradicated from the horn of Africa and just recently when Libya was attacked, it was the remaining vestiges of black tribal towns that were targeted for bombing. A couple decades from now, no one would believe that black Africans once lived in Libya. During the war in Libya, the black Africans were accused of coming from other countries. In the 21st century no one would believe that black Africans once inhabited north Africa for thousands of years. Black Africans are called strangers/foreigners in their own land. It is the same way that the American Indians now called Mexicans have been driven off of their land and today, they are called immigrants in the land of their forefathers.
    Comment by Ribeekah Grant | August 12, 2012 | Reply