Israel: ‘No limit to force in any Syria conflict’


Richard Moore

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ŒNo limit to force in any Syria conflict¹
Published: Tuesday, 5 September, 2006, 10:49 AM Doha Time

JERUSALEM: Israel will use full military force in any armed confrontation with 
Syria, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned MPs yesterday, army radio reported.

"In case of a confrontation with Syria, we will lift all limits that we imposed 
on ourselves in Lebanon when it comes to using our force," Olmert was quoted as 
saying by the radio.

Olmert made the remarks in an appearance before parliament¹s foreign affairs and
defence committee.

"Any call for talks with Syria is fiction," the prime minister also told the 
committee meeting.

Olmert has ruled out any resumption of peace talks with Syria - stalled for the 
past six years - as long as Damascus "supports terrorism".

Israel and its US ally accuse the Syrian regime of sponsoring "terrorism" and of
arming Hezbollah.

On August 24, Israel¹s head of military intelligence, Amos Yadlin, warned 
against overconfidence in Syria, which could see Damascus try to recapture the 
Golan Heights, through military or political means.

Peace talks between the Jewish state and Syria have stalled since January 2000 
when both sides failed to reach agreement on territory.

Damascus has repeatedly demanded the return of the Golan Heights, the strategic 
plateau which Israel conquered in the 1967 Middle East war and unilaterally 
annexed in 1981.

On August 15, a day after a UN-brokered ceasefire came into effect between 
Israel and Hezbollah, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad branded Israel the 
"enemy" and stressed that he did not expect peace any time soon. - AFP

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